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August 12, 2005

Your Wonderful Amazing Affirmations - Barbie McGowan - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hi Sunny,

I have had such an amazing journey with you
over the last few month's
and have reached the 100th affirmation, just now.

"I am, a high achiever"
by beleiving in my self
and my ability,
and confirming that through your wonderful,
amazing affirmation's ...

I'm back, i'm 'me' again ...
(i'm laughing)
thank you soooo much,
sunny for being there...
from your #1 fan...
Barbie McGowan - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia :-)

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Barbie!
My #1 Fan!!!!


Nice to "meet" YOU!
I really appreciate your nice testimonial letter.

I'm so happy you are believing in yourself
and your ability!!!!

Let's Stay in Touch!

You can sign up again and take the series a 2nd time.

By popular demand, I've switched over to ONE Affirmation Per Week.

That could be really good 4 U ...
to meditate on them again SLOWLY.

If you like, you can go HERE:

to sign up.
In any case,, MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!

Posted by Sunny at August 12, 2005 06:27 PM


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