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July 06, 2005

Your Affirmations Have Helped Me Keep My Focus - Sheila Rogers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Testimonial Letter from Sheila Rogers, after completing #105 of 105 Affirmations

Hi Sunny,
I've throughly enjoyed receiveing the Sunny Affirmations. If there is another set that you have please share. It's going to be strange not to havae them come to me. I also wanted to say with a resounding YES!!!, Please send affirmations as often as you would like. They have helped me keep my focus & I appreciate the time you've taken to send them to me.
Sincerley, Sheila

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for letting me know how you feel!
AND, I'm glad my affirmations have helped YOU!

One possible idea for you is to start the entire
series of free daily e-mails over again,
from the beginning by going HERE:

Another possibility is for you to get my PDF of all 105:

or even better,
is my CD:
because it keeps you focused ALL The Time,
simply by playing it in the background.

If the CD is too much money for you,
there is an Mp3 version that is about half price:

or even a streaming version that's easy to use,
but which is limited to use on your computer:

I hope this helps!
Let's stay in touch.
Wishing YOU All The Best of Everything!
~Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at July 6, 2005 10:12 AM


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