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March 11, 2005

*We Live In Paradise* Deb Festa - Los Osos, California, USA

Hi Sunny

We live in Paradise. We live in Los Osos, California, half way between
LA and San Francisco on the ocean. I see the ocean from my window and
also beautiful mountains out the other way. We live with clean fresh
air. We have foggy days sometime, which I have come to enjoy. The
temp.all year is between 60 and 80. I am a mother of two incredible
talented children, A boy and girl, ages 27, and 25. They are the best
and I have enjoyed watching them grow. I have learned so many wonderful
things from them. The best of all is my husband of 31 years. I don't
know if is is luck, hard work, or what, but he is my best friend and I
enjoy every day together as the best day of my life.
I retired two years ago. I worked 17 years with special education
children and just loved it. One day I started getting back into my
paint. Guess what. It just took off. So I now am painting full time
Selling my art and just love what I do.
Check out my web site.

I give thanks to my husband
for saying go with your passion.
I think I like the flexible I have with owning my own
business, but it is also a lot of work.
I have so many thinks to be thankful for. I am not saying life is
perfect. We have had some sad time in our live, but it only make the
good times that much better.
I would like to stay focused on staying healthy. The older I get, the
more I realize how important it is to stay Positive, and healthy.
Thanks for having such Sunny Thoughts to send to all of us.
I sent you love and peace.

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Deb!
I went to your website and saw all of your beautiful art ...
of so many styles ...
when you first wrote to me ...
however, I've been so deluged with so many e-mails
and activity that I must apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Please forgive me.
Silly to say that, as I KNOW you will.
You have such a FANTASTIC Family.
Very Rare.
I've heard from you, Ray, Stephanie and your son, however,
I'm forgetting his name right now ...
so sorry ... I know I could find it ...
and I think he was the first to write to me.

Unfortunately, you are the first I'm writing to,
other than responding to Ray's nice recent note of yesterday.

Anyway, without going on too long ...
I want you to know that I am deeply grateful to you for writing.
To your whole family, too.
It is truly a wonder to "meet" you.

I would love to put some kind of link or reference to your website
on my site,
however, since I cannot do it in a way that protects
your anonymity,
I'd like to ask your permission,
and whether you would allow me to share your letter and my response
with a posting on the web.

I often do that with a few of the letters I receive,
but I protect identities by using only the first initial of their first name.
In your case,
I think it would be best to give your name.
Would that be OK?
Would that be of service to you in some way.
I'd be happy to do it ... or not ... as you may wish.
Personally, I'd like to support you and give you a link on my site.

Anyway ... I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
I, too, enjoy a full ocean view and fresh air.
There's really nothing like it.

Much Love and Joy to You and Your Family, Deb!

Posted by Sunny at March 11, 2005 03:04 AM


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