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July 29, 2005

Those Damn Negative Thoughts - Cutepen - Washington, USA

Hi Sunny,
I am cutepen. I live in the Northwest.
I am up to in my life trying to feel good about where I am.
I love writing, music, singing, dancing & helping others. I volunteer & have started a writers group & lead a group of six or more.
My job is a writer. I love to write because it an expression of myself & nobody can take my words or feelings away from me.
I have been throgh abuse, trauma & depression my whole life. It has set up boulders in my life which I have been trying to knock down all my life. So, I would like to feel good about the things I CAN do. I have been in the Navy, have a bachelors degree, worked most of my life.
I am not able to work or drive like everybody else & would like to be able to work part-time. If that is something I can do.
I am actually my worst critic so my friend has been telling me about positive affirmations for awhile. I just decided that this could be a good idea to knock out
those damn negative thoughts that seem to stagnate & pop up all the time.
Cutepen - Washington, USA

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Wow! Cutepen!

You are amazing to have suffered and to have surfaced
and to have become SO CREATIVE
and Teaching - Leading Others, as well.

You have accomplished so much - BA, Navy, etc.

Yes, You CAN knock out those negative thoughts.
that we ALL have them, by the way.

It's human nature.
So, You're Not Alone.

Thank You for writing to me.
I hope You Enjoy My Affirmatations and Encouraging Pep Talks.
Much Love and Joy To YOU!

Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing, My Friend!

PS - My wife & I lived in Eugene, Oregon before we retired
6 years ago to move here to paradise.

Love that Northwest! :)
Love YOU, Too!!!

Posted by Sunny at July 29, 2005 03:39 PM


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