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July 17, 2005

The 3 Most Important Things I Learned From Napoleon Hill’s Book: "Think And Grow Rich"

The 3 Most Important Things I Learned
From Napoleon Hill’s Book:
"Think And Grow Rich"
~By Sunny Hills, Maui, :) CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
"The Affirmations Coach" (TM)

Today I Want To Tell You The 3 Most Important Things
I Learned From The Book "Think And Grow Rich"
By Napoleon Hill.
The Reason I’m Telling You This Is Because
I Am An Entrepreneur.
I Wasn’t An Entrepreneur Before Reading That Book.
The Seeds Were Planted By Reading That Masterpiece.

Perhaps You’ve Already Read It.
Perhaps You’ve Planted Your Own Seeds.
Perhaps You Already Are An Entrepreneur.
Perhaps You’ve Already Succeeded Beyond Your
Wildest Dreams.
And Perhaps … You’ve Never Even Given It A Thought.
We All Are In Different Places In This Life.

Back In The Mid 1980’s,
I Was Working In Radio, As A DJ,
And A Program Director For Various
Small & Medium Market Radio Stations.
I Worked Hard.
I Worked Long Hours.
I Got Low Pay.

It Was Fun Work,
But The Day Was Coming
When I Would Be Fired For No Good Reason,
Other Than That The Manager Wanted To Save
His Budget Dollars …
And He Was In Control, Not Me.
He Was A Nice Person.
He Didn’t Mean Me Any Harm.

And Yet, I Was A Victim,
Because I Was An Employee.
Fortunately, I Had Read “Think And Grow Rich”
A Couple Of Years Earlier … The Seeds Were Planted,
And I Was Ready.

When I Walked Out Of That Radio Station,
I Told Myself I Wouldn’t Come Back
Until I Could Buy The Station,
And I Could Call The Shots.
I Would Never Have Been Able To Think That,
If I Hadn’t First Read This Wonderful Book.

What Are The 3 Most Important Things I Learned
From Reading The Book?

1) First, Is That Desire Is The Most Important Thing
You Can Possibly Develop For Yourself,
With Regard To Creating Your Own Reality,
With Regard To Creating Your Business,
With Regard To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams,
With Regard To Creating The Future You Desire.

Knowing What It Is You Desire, And
Developing That Desire Into What Napoleon Hill Calls:
“A Burning Desire”
Is Irreplaceable.

If You Have “A Burning Desire”
You Will Persist.
If You Have A Burning Desire,
You Will Focus.
If You Have A Burning Desire,
You Will Go Beyond Every Challenge
That Comes Your Way.

With Desire, Nothing Is Impossible.
Without It, You’ll Be Easily Dissuaded Off Your Path.

2) The Second Most Important Thing I Learned,
Is To Write Down My Goals,
With A Target Date And A Specific Intention
Of What I Was Going To Offer Of Value,
In Exchange For The Monetary Rewards
And Other Rewards That I Desired
And Wanted To Collect.

Put Down In Writing The Specifics Of Your Plan,
And The Date For Each To Be Accomplished,
And Read That Plan Aloud 3 Times A Day,
If Possible.

Put Your Goals In Writing.
Put Down Your Plan In Writing.
It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect.

It’s Funny, But When I Looked Back,
Years Later, I Went Back To My Napoleon Hill Book,
And I Found My Original “Definite Chief Aim Statement,”
Which Is What He Calls It – And I Read It.

When I Had Written It, I Didn’t Believe It Was Possible,
And I Was Even Lax, In That I Didn’t Read It Aloud
Three Times A Day, For More Than A Very Few Days.

In Fact, There Was A Long Period Of Time (Years)
That I Hadn’t Even Looked At It.
But The Very Fact That I Had Written It Down
Was So Powerful, That Years Later,
When I Looked Back On It,
I Was Amazed To Find
That Just About Everything I Had Written Down,
Had Not Only Come True,
But That I Had Far Exceeded Everything On That Page.
That Really Blew My Mind, And Opened My Eyes.

3) Third, Have Unbelievable Goals.

Think Big. Think As Big As You Possibly Can.
If You Think Small,
If Your Goals Are Reachable,
You’re Only Selling Yourself Short.
If A Goal Is Believable, It’s Too Small.

If It Is Unbelievable, It’s Going To Pull You Forward,
And If You Remind Yourself Of It,
And Become Familiar With It,
It Will Become Your Friend,
And You Will Achieve Whatever You Write Down.

Or, You’ll Come Close Enough
That You’ll Be Very Happy With The Result.

What Napoleon Hill Says,
His Main Catch Phrase, In My Mind Is:
”Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe,
It Can Achieve.”

I First Read That Statement And Was Skeptical.
Now, Years Later, As I Stand Here In My Condo,
Looking Out Over My Balcony,
From The 6th Floor, Oceanfront,
With A Full Floor To Ceiling Window,
And All I See
Is Beach And Waves, And A Cruise Ship,
And Whales, And Another Island Across The Way,
And A Beautiful Sunny Paradise …
As I Reflect That My Wife And I Live In This Condo,
With No Mortgage,
It’s Completely Paid Off,
And I Have Absolutely No Debts,
And I Have Total Freedom
In What I Do With My Day,
And I’m Still Young Enough To Enjoy This Life,
And Expand My Dreams
And Go For New Vistas, New Horizons.

As I Reflect On Where I Am,
And Where I Came From,
I Want You To Know That These 3 Elements
Of Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich
Are The Three That Served Me
The Very Best.
… And It’s My Pleasure To Share Them
And Pass Them On To You.
I Hope They’re Helpful.

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