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August 12, 2005

Thank You Ever So Much, Sunny - Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

ever so much.
I really appreciate you responding,
me know you are a real person.
Yes, I know you can't respond to everyone
and to my every email
but I do appreciate you reaching out to me....

I pray that I can find or be found that love
you have with your wife.
I have been on it seems like
such a long journey searching for love and
not finding it.

Through your affirmations you send me,
I pray that my thinking changes,
thereafter my circumstances as well
and that long lost
LOVE will find me.....

Again thank you, Sunny
~ Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Lisa,
You're so very welcome.
You WILL find your true love.
I know it.
I've helped a few super women to do it.

The main thing for you to do
is to write out
in your own handwriting
a long list
of all the qualities you want in your ideal mate.

Include small details.
How does he talk to you?
What does he give you?
What is it like when he smiles at you?

I'm just thinking in the moment here,
but you get the idea Lisa.

Be creative
and be thorough.
Include everything you want.

Write it out.
And create some affirmations about him finding you.
It can happen.

I hope this helps!
Love Ya!

Posted by Sunny at August 12, 2005 04:59 PM


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