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October 07, 2005

Sunny IS ON MY TEAM In Life ~ Wendy Smith, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

"I am a high achiever."
I am on a personal quest.

I have used all of your affirmations
and forwarded some to my friends,
so they know that each day ...

I have someone on my team in Life.

His name is Sunny
and he knows that I must continue my quest
designing for myself.

Thank you Sunny.
I welcome any surprise emails or words of wisdom.
I use daily affirmations.
Thank you for your friendship.

~Wendy Smith, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)


Thank You for your kind words of a testimonial nature!

I Simply Love it that YOU have a clear plan.
Getting rid of ugly debt is SO FREEING.

And yes, I totally believe you can turn your nest egg into a ten fold larger nest egg.

Keep Your Vision Alive, Wendy!
I'm happy you've signed up for the affirmations again,
weekly this time.

Would love more feedback from you when/if you have it for me
via the weekly surveys, when you get your weekly affirmations
and pep-talks.

CLAIM Whatever YOU Want in this amazing life of ours
and you WILL make it happen! :)

You're definitely on the right track thinking of your friends
and being "considerate to humans!"

Love You, Wendy!!!

Posted by Sunny at October 7, 2005 03:13 PM


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