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September 29, 2005

Sunny, Do You Have Affirmations For Children? - Stella, Anambra State, Nigeria

Greetings to you and family in Jesus name,
am very greatful on the letters sending to me.
thanks a lot .
pls u send me a new username
and the password.

pls i dont understand,
I prefer u send the affirmation directly to box.
so dat letter u explin better,
again concerning the call and vcdn
if is possible am in need of it.

pls about the children am in need of it.
pls work on it.
that is
Belief in self?
and Happy with self?
and if theres any other one
write it to my box pls
am yours thank u bye.

- Stella, Anambra State, Nigeria

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hello Sweetheart Stella!!!
Thank You for writing to me.

Don't worry about the username and password.
They only apply if you are starting over with the 105 affirmations.
You are not starting over,
so you are OK as you are !!!

Here are some of the affirmations I have written for my next CD
"I Believe In Myself"

They are written for adults ...
So, Stella ...
please use only the ones you like
please use only the ones you want to use for your children,
please use only the ones you want to use for your students.

Here are some of the ones I have written for you
and the children of Nigeria:

I Believe In Myself
I Believe In My Potential
I Believe In Who I Am Becoming
I Believe In Who I Plan To Be
I'm Creating A Clear Vision Of My Future Self
I Love My Unique Qualities
I Believe In The Power Of My Uniqueness
My Uniqueness Is My Greatest Strength
There Is No One Else Like Me
I'm Amazing
I'm Sparkling
I'm Precious
I'm Gifted
I'm Talented
I'm Wonderful
I'm Totally Unique
I'm A Wonder Of Nature
My Nature Is Wonderful
I Love My Human Nature
I'm Miraculous
I'm A Wonderful Expression Of Life Itself
I Love Who I Am

Much Love And Joy To You & Your Family, Stella, My Friend.
I Love YOU!

Posted by Sunny at September 29, 2005 07:20 PM


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