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January 02, 2005

Rain, Tsunamis and Time To Sing: Happy New Year!


It's only January 2nd,
and here we are ...
ALREADY Having our 2nd Rainy Day
of the year, here on Maui!

Having lived in Eugene, Oregon,
for most of my life ...
I've grown pretty accustomed to the rain
through the years ... BUT NOW --
living on Maui,
I find that even 1 day of clouds
makes me feel pretty depressed.

So, "SUNNY" is under the weather today.

Actually, I think it's the catastrophe
in South Asia, due to the tsunamis
that has really gotten to me this past week.

We know that people are suffering somewhere
all the time ... but to see it
so graphically - and with such focus
as the media is now giving it -
I've found it challenging to be very active
or encouraging, I'm sad to say.

But, time marches on ...
It's a New Year,
and as Rose Kennedy was quoted by Ethel Kennedy,
after the assasination of Robert Kennedy,

After A Storm, The Birds Sing Again ...
So Why Can't We?

That's really a rough paraphrase,
but the point is ...
I'm ready for this rain to end,
and in fact,
I'm ready and eager to start singing again
right now.

Wishing YOU All The Best
For This New Year!

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at January 2, 2005 07:01 AM


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