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February 13, 2005

R - Long Beach, California, USA * 105 Affirmations Reader Intro - My Ultimate Goals Are Pretty Intense and Require A Lot of Focus

Hello Sunny,
is this a real live person our an automatic response? see answers below.

Maybe things like ...
Where do You live? I live in Long Beach California
What are You up to in life?
What are some of Your interests? Oriental Medicine, house repair, finance, stocks (do not know much but want to know a lot) and am currently studying Spanish.
What kind of work do You do? I am an Acupuncturist
What do You like about it? I love it. I like seeing it work, making people feel better and am fascinated with its level of complexity.
What subjects or activities
might You Like Support With? I want to learn to toss away negative outside influences and just learn to be always optimistic.
or perhaps ...
What Might You Hope to ACHIEVE
By being on my 105 affirmation list? A boost for sure. I want to find a good audio to go to sleep with. My ultimate goals are pretty intense and require a lot of focus. So motivation to stay in line regardless is KEY. And it is also very important to me to learn how to motivate others to accomplish their desired results.

R - Long Beach, California

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi R -- yes I'm a real person --
I just can't keep up with all the e-mail.

The daily messages go out by auto responder ...
but I did read your nice answers!

I hope all is well in Long Beach!

It's wonderful to have intense goals!
Good for You!

Accupuncture is a Great Science.
How Cool!
My sister died of cancer last summer and she LOVED her accupuncturist

I hope you're liking the affirmations and pep talks.
I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

I get way too many e-mails.
There are now more than 2800 people in 43 countries getting my affirmations.

I wish YOU all the best, R!
Much Love To You and Your Family!
(ps ... you might want to try my CD to fall asleep to ...
maybe not? ... I don't know ... I've done it ... real quietly -- low volume ...
it's the 105 affirmations against background of ocean waves ...

today L wrote this to me ...
Hi Sunny!
Yes, I have received your CD and I have been playing it over and over. I listen to the affirmations in my car ... it helps with all of the goofy drivers in this town .... and at home while I am doing things around the house. I really love the ocean sounds behind the affirmations!

I hope that you have a wonderful day!
Peace, Harmony and Joy,
L - Las Vegas, Nevada

anyway ... I find that the affirmations weave their way creatively into my dreams ... it's pretty fun and amazing ...

otherwise ... lots of good music and positive thinking out there for you to try.

Have a terrrific week!

Posted by Sunny at February 13, 2005 02:57 PM


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