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February 27, 2009

Positive Subliminal Pictures - Morin Bernard - Morocco

Dear Sunny,
A little time to acclimate, and now,
I really appreciate your Sunny Thoughts.
At the beginning, I received your mail on the afternoon,
and did not practice the autosuggestion as well
as I would like to do.

I start now to open your Sunny Mails in the early morning
and it's a better way to enjoy.
By luck, I'm only at the third affirmation.

Thank you anyways for this clever idea.
(I have resisted to uncover the 102 others...)

I created a sort of affirmation like yours in the 70ies.
I call them "Positive Subliminal Pictures".
The word "Happyness" for example,
written so many times in all directions,
that it becomes illegible.
The subconscious catches the idea contained
and the seed of the "happyness" begins to grow...

I can offer you the possibility to make
them downloaded by your customers-readers.
Once a week as a free gift?
I shall make 52 of them.
You can have a look, if you want, on my web site:
-Morin Bernard

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Bon Jour, Morin!
Thank You for Your Kind Letter!
Thank You also for Your Patience with me.

I checked to see that You are now on Affirmation #15 of 105,
of the weekly affirmations.

I hope You are doing well.
Your artwork is BEAUTIFUL!
You are Extremely Gifted!

I put a link to Your Site and Your Positive Subliminal Pictures
here for others to explore.

Your message to me was truncated (cut short) --
so, I could not read all You wrote.
Plus, so much time has passed!

I don't know what to say of Your Generous Offer.
I am open to it, with perhaps a link to Your Site,
so You may possibly make some sales?

Anyway, Thank You!
... and it is very nice to "meet" You!
Have a Wonderful Day!
~Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at February 27, 2009 10:09 AM


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