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July 07, 2005

New & Enlightening Changes - Susan

Dear Sunny:

Thank you for the wonderful changes
that are starting to take place in my life.

I have taken your 105 positive affirmations
and I am already beginning to feel new and
enlightening changes taking place.

I am 65 and am determined to continue having faith
that I will have a better life with each passing day.
One of the gifts I was
blessed with as a child is creating new ideas
for new products and new businesses,
but have done nothing
but give companies free ideas for years.

They make millions, I make nothing
and now at 65 I am beginning
to realize what low income really is all about.

At my age, I can't expect to be hired by anyone and to find
Clients would be an additional miracle come true.

I have decided to begin a new adventure into business.
I thought what can I do well?
I think I can organize well, so why not start
a professional organizer business.

Start out with the home
and expand as time goes on...what other business should
I consider at my age?

I could go into Avon? or Mary Kay?
or sell Art Prints to stores? or on the Internet,
but I would like to succeed at a business
where all my talents will be used
and where I can actually create a business my grandchildren
can help in eventually.

I was fortunate to have a Grandfather
who owned a food market business when I was a child,
so was brought up in a business-oriented family
and it comes naturally to me,
but never have the additional income
to afford to start my own business.

My husband is not interested
in business, so it will be entirely up to me.
Although my husband is very talented in many areas,
he thinks retirement is retirement
even though we really haven't much money to retire on.

You will not believe this,
after my medicare payment is taken out
of my small Social Security check and I make about
$150 a month.

Any suggestions you can give me will be greatly
I plan to continue on with your positive affirmations.
It, truly has done wonders for me.

Thank you again for caring, sharing and listening.
I pray all your dreams come true. (I hope mine will too)

God bless you and your family,

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Susan!
You're Welcome!
It sounds like you are coming to some important realizations,
and you are believing in yourself more.

It's key that you are wanting more for yourself,
and that you want to use your talents and leave something
to your grandchildren, too!

I think your idea of starting an organizing business is super.
You like it, you're good at it.
You can go and grow at your own pace.
It takes low or no overhead.
Sounds perfect.

I encourage you to dream BIG Dreams
Unbelievable Dreams.
Why not?
They are only unbelievable at first.
Then they slowly become reality.

Have you read the book: "think and grow rich"
by Napoleon Hill?

It is very cheap in paperback -- used or new ---
maybe $5
and all success books ever written have mostly come
from that one book.

Check it out!
I like Get Clients NOW!
only 19$
by C J Hayden
You can read it and put it into motion on your own.
One step at a time.
Keep using my affirmations.
Good Luck.
Much Love and Joy to You and Your Husband!

Posted by Sunny at July 7, 2005 02:58 PM


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