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January 04, 2005

N - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada * Do More, Think Less

The Following Questions are from Sunny
... The Answers are from N.

Where do You live ?
I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada

What are You up to in life ?
Unlocking, unblocking,
and looking for the true purpose in MY LIFE

What are some of Your interests ?
I am a care giver,
looking for a new way to establish that
in a way that makes it a win-win for me
and everyone around me

What kind of work do You do ?
I have a network marketing business,
A great Product called BarleyLife
(a green powder beverage)
and other amazing products.

What do You like about it?
The product..........It's Green....
Having been involved with this company since 1986

What subjects or activities
might You Like Support With?
Motivating myself....
Staying positive
and learning to be reponsible for me first.

or perhaps ...
What Might You Hope to ACHIEVE
by being on my 105 affirmation list?
Do more -think less


Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi N,
Thank You for writing!
You sound like a very nice person.
It also seems to me that you are well on your way!

Staying positive is a challenge for all of us.
And I think YOU are UP for the challenge!

I think I've heard of your network marketing product.
Not sure.
The fact that YOU have been with it for so long
is a real testament to your belief in the product
and also to the kind of person you are.

I tried and failed at several mlm products/companies
and became very embittered about it.
Then, I finally just let it go,
Realizing it wasn't the kind of marketing for me.

What is most important, I think, is for us to know
(To listen for and attune to) what is really best for us.
We are all unique.

So, I love the part, where you write that you are also
Learning to be responsible for "me first" ...

That can be especially hard for a care giver
... or for a "giver" of any kind, for that matter ...
such as "parent", especially "mother", but even,
"friend" or "partner," too.

I hope you enjoy the Free High-Achiever Affirmations.

Getting one per day is a slow process,
But I really get it that you are already a very persistent person.

So, be patient.
And stick with it.
In the later affirmations.

You can get them all now,
for only $1.99 in a word doc,

If you wish.

I think I'm going to start recommending
A 3-prong approach:

1) The daily free affirmations with pep-talks
2) One of the written printable lists of all 105 affirmations
and 3) One of the 3 available AUDIO Versions of the 105 Affirmations.

Personally, I have always found the audio version
not only to be the most versatile,
to be used at any time, or anywhere,
even in the background (or especially in the background)
While I do other things.

Anyway, enough for now.
Again, thank you for introducing yourself, N.
Wishing you all the best!

Posted by Sunny at January 4, 2005 01:41 PM


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