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December 29, 2005

My access to 105 free affirmations - Ruth, Australia

My password is not working so I am not being allowed to access the site.
Ruth - Australia

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Ruth,

I'm Very Sorry You Missed One
Or More Of The Affirmations.

You can either sign up again HERE:

or make a small investment in the entire list HERE:

I hope this helps!

I Do Everything In My Power To
Help These Messages Get Through
The Spa.m Filters.

Unfortunately, There Are Occasions
When All Of My Efforts Fail
For A Few People On Any Given Day.

I Can Assure You That They Were Sent Out
And Received By Others.

I No Longer Resend Them, As I Mentioned
In My Very First E-Mail To You.
It's Simply Not Feasible.

What I Suggested In That Message To You,
Was That If This Should Ever Occur To You,
That You Simply Ignore It And Go On
With The Ones You DO Receive ...

As There Are Many Reasons
They May Not Reach You,
That Are Beyond My Control.

They Go Out To Nearly 4,000 People Daily
In 52 Countries,
And Resending Individual Messages
Is Not Practical.

One Possibility That May Help You
In The Future
Is For You To SAVE My E-Mail Address
To Your Address Book.

You Might Also Wish To Look In Your
"Jun.K" Or "Spa.M" Mailbox.

Another Possibility Is That You
Simply Skip Them, Or If You Wish ...

You May Save Yourself
A Lot Of Time And Effort
And Purchase The ENTIRE LIST
Of 105 Right Now Very Affordably.

My Best Investment
In An Attractive PDF Format List
Of All 105 Affirmation (24 Pages)
Both Black & White AND Color

(=2 Separate Lists Of The Same 105 Affirmations)
That I Have Worked Hard To Prepare For You
For Easy Printing And For Reading Aloud ...
Or Another GREAT Advantage Of Owning This List
Is That You Can Even Record
Your Own Voice Reading The Affirmations Aloud
If You Wish!

This Is Very Powerful! :)


I Hope You Are Enjoying The Fre.e Affirmations
You HAVE Already Successfully Received.

Fre.e Stuff Is Sometimes Not Perfect.
That's Part Of Why It's Fre.e, I Guess.

Otherwise I Would Charge For These.
But With Imperfect Delivery,
That Would Be A Problem For Everyone.

One Person Was Actually Suspicious Enough
To Write To Me And Accuse Me Of
Not Sending Some Messages To Her
In Order To Try To "Trick Her” … Into
Buying My Products! :)

I Couldn't Believe That She Would Really Think
Such A Thing ...

After I Have Poured So Much Love,
Blood, Sweat & Tears Into Sharing These Supportive
Thoughts And Affirmations.

However, I Have Learned That Everyone Looks
At Things Differently And Uniquely,
And I Moved On.

I Assure You That This Is Not A Trick To Try
To Get You To Invest In My Products! :)

I Have Put In Seemingly Endless Hours
Writing And Re-Writing The Affirmations
And Pep-Talks Many Many Times,
Always Trying To Improve Them For You,

And Hoping To Give You Tools
For Improving Your Attitude And Outlook,
Your Habits And Your Powers Of Focus.

I Sincerely Wish You Continued Success,
And I Assure You That Whatever Investments
You May Happen To Make In Any Of My Products
(If You Do Wish To Do So At All ... And Of Course
I Don't Expect It In Any Way) ...

Any Such Possible Investment ...
Will Go To Helping Me Fund The Creation
Of Even More Positive Energy For The World.

That Is My Highest Purpose In Life.

Much Love And Joy To You!

Posted by Sunny at December 29, 2005 03:18 PM


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