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March 22, 2006

More Affirmations & More Reasons To Be On Tomorrow's Call

I Hope This Day Finds You Well & Happy.
I've received nearly 100 kind and thoughtful e-mails,
since writing to you yesterday.
Thank You!

Lisa sent me some additional affirmations,
which I've tweaked and which
I'd also like to share with YOU!

I enjoy taking care of my fitness

It's easy for me

Everyday I'm looking and feeling better and better

I'm choosing to allow myself to have the gift of a phenomenal body

I deserve to be healthy & happy

I'm finding loving and healthy ways to comfort myself every day

A Footnote Concerning Our March 2006 Sunny Community Call
Featuring Bob Sommers:
"How To Get People To Like You"

The call is tomorrow and I've asked my good friend Bob,
to say a bit more about what you can expect to get out of
this free call.

The details and registration page are HERE:

Here's what he wrote:

You'll learn the 3 most important things to remember
when meeting someone new.

You'll learn the secret to connecting with people immediately.

Bob will identify why it's important to never let anyone
think they've hurt you.

By the end of this call you will know how to
grab and hold the attention of others effortlessly.

You'll be able to significantly improve your chances
of getting the job or position you desire.

You will be able to avoid the 4 biggest
conversational mistakes that cause people to disengage.

And by joining us on this call, You'll Discover Why
Scarlet O'Hare and other Southern ladies intentionally
dropped their handkerchiefs and what you can learn from them.

Further, Bob Says that If you simply implement only one
of the 10 laws of Like-Ability You'll find that the
overall quality of your life and your relationships
will improve dramatically.

I hope YOU will be joining us tomorrow!

The details and registration page are HERE:

~Sunny :)

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at March 22, 2006 02:57 PM


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