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December 18, 2004

J - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA * On A Spiritual Journey

Greetings Sunny,
My name is J
I found your site while looking
at materials for Louise L. Hay,
and am glad to see you are on a path
that interests me
and will invest in the future of many.

I just turned 50,
and I mention that so that you can understand
where I might be,
or could be,
or should be on my "journey".

And as a matter of fact I just celebrated
my Birthday in Hawaii with my daughter.
I lived there as a child,on Oahu, and when I went
I visited one of my childhood homes
which had wonderful memories,
and had not changed much
which made it very eerie.

But none the less it was one
of the last "things"
I could "go back and visit"
which makes it apparent
I have no choice but to go forward now.

So I am on a search for more tools
to do just that.

I have been seeking enlightenment,
spiritualness and wholeness
for some time now.

All is interesting and good,
I even changed "careers",
to try a more holistic approach to life.

Time will tell how that will all play out,
but, for now, I am growing most days,
some days I take a few steps back
and Life is good!

My Life is long and drawn out
but probably before all of the drama
I was a similar person
that I so much want to get back in touch with.

Thak you for all you contribute,

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi J!
You're Very Welcome!
I hope you get lots of value
out of this series of affirmations.

This series is not particularly spiritual in nature,
HOWEVER ... it is adaptable to ANY GOAL or Desire
You May Have for Yourself ... including Spirituality

... and including getting back to yourself.
I can see that you are already
very far along your path
and that you have learned much along the way.

You have gained much experience,
many tools,
several allies,
and a multitude of keen insights.

Always remember that you have them
available to you, OK?

Anyway, Thank You, J
for writing so expressively about yourself
and where you are.

Have You Ever Heard of The Hero's Journey?
It was a series on PBS in the 80's
done by author, Joseph Campbell.

It's a fascinating study about how all cultures
across the ages
have told stories, and myths
epitomized by The Hero's Journey.

Your tale, reminds me of it.
You are the Heroine of Your Life.
You are on a Noble Quest.

I sincerely hope I may be of help
in some small way.
Wishing You An Abundance Of Love and Joy
Along the Way!

Posted by Sunny at December 18, 2004 07:19 AM


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