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January 03, 2005

J - Fair Oaks, California, USA * Audio Affirmations, Prosperity CD?

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for the emails.
I find them very refreshing
and a great way to start the day.

My name is J and I live in Fair Oaks, CA.
The reason I am interested in your site
is because I am trying to achieve all I can
in preparation for my being laid off in Feb.

I have been in the solar electric industry
for 7 years now, with a public utility
so the pay and benefits have been good.

I am quite nervous and concerned
about where my income is going to come from
to take care of my family.

I have decided to take the risk
and work for myself
and your affirmations are helpful.

I do not want to put my family
through any uneccesary burdens.

Do you also have audio affirmations
that deal with prosperity?


Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi J,
Thank You for writing!
Yes, that can be an intimidating step to take.

I've started new businesses a few times
and I also am a Certified Professional Business Coach
working specifically with entrepreneurs & executives,
but particularly also - solopreneurs.

I generally find that it takes about 3 years to really get
a new business up and running,
if you're starting out from scratch
with a completely new business
(as opposed to purchasing an existing one).

I know that's bitter pill to swallow,
and I wish it weren't so ...
and of course exceptions abound,
but I just thought I'd share that with you,
not to be discouraging.

In fact, I encourage anyone and everyone
who has the inclination
to start up their own biz.

Anyway, yes, I'm working right now on a new CD
called "Sunny Thoughts (tm): I'm Financially Independent"

I'm really excited about it,
because the affirmations all come from a very real place
for me,
because I have been financially independent
for about 5 1/2 years now.

Even so, it might surprise you to know that I still
have times when my inner critical voice
undermines that truth (i.e. my wife & I being financially independent).

So, this CD was written - the affirmations were written -
to counter this tendency of negative thinking that still
sometimes creeps into my mind ...
but it was written a few weeks ago
during a time of POWERFUL KNOWING (for me)
that I truly am financially independent.

Therefore, I'm excited, because anyone listening to it
will be able to immediately put themselves in my shoes
and (to the extent they allow themselves) be able to
deeply feel this truth for themselves
as a type of preview
or reconditioning of their (or YOUR) mind
to create their/your new reality.

Like Napoleon Hill says:

"What the mind can conceive and believe,
it can achieve!"

So, I'll let you know when it's finished
and available.

In the meantime, getting the audio CD,
(or even Mp3 or Streaming versions)
of Sunny Thoughts (TM): "I'm A High Achiever"
could really help to move you forward as well.

Maybe you'll want to wait,
if you do want that CD, too ...
and have them both sent at the same time to save shipping charges.
Thanks again for your question,
and Happy New Year!

PS: PS - Jeff, I'm leading a 5 week teleseminar/action group
called GET CLIENTS NOW! (TM) starting next monday the 10th.
I'm a certified trainer for Get Clients Now University.
Let me know if you have any interest.

Posted by Sunny at January 3, 2005 07:16 AM


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