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February 18, 2005

J - Doncaster, South Youkshire, United Kingdom * Sunny Hills Maui - Daily Free Positive Affirmation #12 of 105

Hi Sunny,
Just a quick note,
I don't seam to have recieved affirmation number 12.
Could you please send this to me
so I can keep up the good work and succeed.

J - Doncaster, South Youkshire, UK

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

I usually can't do this John,
just because EVERYONE ... all 2800 of us,
including me, did not get it.
The system failed.

But since you ordered my CD ...
I'm happy to do it for YOU!
Also, did you get the WORD doc list of all 105
that I sent to you in an e-mail attachment last weekend
... when your first order didn't go through?
You have all of them there.
Anyway ... here's #12

#12 of 105

Hello John,

Are you ready for another challenging affirmation?
One that might stretch you a little?

Here it is:


How does this one sit with you?
Is it true?
Or is it a big stretch?
Or is it actually NOT true for you?

We're ALL different,
and not everyone has even a tiny desire
for financial success.

For years and years,
money was NEVER a consideration for me.
I was happy being destitute and in debt.

I considered myself to be
a seeker of knowledge, of wisdom, of "The Truth."

From an early age we're often taught
that money is evil.
That greed is a sin.

Well, maybe so.
And, maybe not.

I highly recommend you embrace this affirmation
- even if it isn't true for you now.

A strong desire will get you moving.
It will sustain you in times of challenge.

It's OK to have big goals.
It's OK to want abundance.
Wealth doesn't have to equate
to greed or preoccupation.

It can afford you a means of enjoying life
without stress or worry.

It can allow you to express your generosity.

It can be a big help to making your dreams
and the dreams of your loved ones come true.

So, I challenge you to be BOLD today,
and take this affirmation into your heart and mind
as your meditation for this day.

Wishing YOU Total Abundance and Joy!

Posted by Sunny at February 18, 2005 09:16 AM


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