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July 08, 2005

It's Not About "Get Rich Quick" - Susan - McKinney, Texas

Hi Sunny:

Thank you very much for the three "surprise" gifts.
I recognized the first series of 105,
but the Independently Wealthy affirmations were new to me.

I will do my best to make a change in my life
through reading these daily.
I'll be certain to contact you
if any new and positive changes start happening.

Again, Thank you for the encouragement and God bless you
and your family for motivating others to learn more about
their inner talents and to begin to achieve BIG dreams!

(I'll keep hoping, at this late I've said before,
I am 65. It will be interesting waiting and watching what
each new day will bring.)

- Susan - McKinney, Texas

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

You're So Welcome, Susan.
Yes, I have not really promoted the Independently Wealthy CD
or PDF
, although several have been sold anyway.

The Independently Wealthy Affirmations are not about
"getting rich quick" or anything like that.

They are more about creating a feeling of security
and a good feeling about being wealthy.

So often, even the very rich feel they never have enough.
I believe feeling secure and positive
about what good you will do
with your money are very important,
so that is the emphasis here.

You are 65 years young.
Many very successful people have begun their ventures
at 65 OR LATER!

So, if/when your inner critical voice tells you
that you're too old,
say: "thank you for sharing your perspective"

and then DISMISS it!
go on with your venture, your actions,
your thoughts and plan.
OK, Susan?

You don't have to reply - it's a rhetorical question :)

Anyway - did you successfully get the e-mail
at your other e-mail address that had instructions
on how to get the streaming audio
of High Achiever?
and did you get the e-mail forward of CJ Hayden's newsletter
that I sent you?

Her main article this month was pertinent to your question earlier
about which venture to move forward with.

Thank You for your thank you note.
It makes it all worthwhile - being appreciated.
I appreciate that about YOU! :)

I hope You and Your Husband have a SUPER Weekend!
~Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at July 8, 2005 04:28 PM


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