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February 18, 2005

How To Get A Positive Sunny Thought Without Using E-mail


Yesterday, I had a talk with my friend Kim Black.

She's a really brilliant computer programming expert
who is always on the cutting edge of everything geeky.
(Right Kim?)

Anyway, I think she's helped me get into action
to solve a big problem I've had ever since I started
sending out e-mails to hundreds and thousands of people.

Here's my problem -- exemplified with a story:

I'm a nice guy.
You know that.
Everybody knows that.

I've spent hours and hours for months and months
setting up my series of 105 daily positive affirmations
... which as you may know ... also includes ...

Daily pep talks and encouragement to each of my readers.

It's been a lot of work.

I don't charge anything for it.

I get a LOT of gratification from the letters
and notes and audio testimonials sent to me

I pay a big company a lot of money
to send my daily e-mails out to
more than 2,800 people in 44 countries.

Sometimes, that company fails.

Hey, I hate to admit this ...
but computers, servers, e-mails ... sometimes fail.

I do my best to write to each person,
individually - you know with YOU --
or someone like you -- in mind.

I really care about you and my other readers.

But, when this e-mail company fails ...
I end up looking pretty bad.

On those days I get lots of letters
that are NOT Fun to read.

On those days, Sunny GETS BLUE

: (

That's not a pretty sight.

One day a reader wrote to me saying I was a creep
for stringing her along with all these
*free* daily e-mails, only to leave 1 or 2 or 3 out
... here and there ... so she'd have to buy my CD
... or one of my printable affirmations lists.

That was a really sad day!
I moped around for quite awhile after that one.

Well ... here's where my friend Kim comes in.

Yesterday, when we were talking,
she said why don't you podcast your affirmations?


So, I played around and came up with a NEW
Sunny Thought For The Day.

It's different from my daily e-mails.

It's there EVEN when the e-mails are NOT there!

So, it's another way to get positive thoughts
out to YOU and to the world ...

Even if you're not an ipodder ...

Even if you can't download RSS audio feeds,

You Can Still Hear A Brand New
Sunnny Thought for the day ... every day ... (I hope)

... Remember ... there are no guarantees with
the *free* stuff in life!

Just go to my home page at:

and look for the Sunny Thought of the Day.

Then just click on the link ...
and the affirmation audio will play
right then and there on your computer.

And if you're Mp3-able ...
you can even download the podcast
to your computer or your Mp3 player.

So, now ...
I'm hoping that neither YOU nor Sunny
need to feel BLUE any more ...
unless it's some of that Blue Sky Feeling
coming Through Your Speakers!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Posted by Sunny at February 18, 2005 09:08 AM


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