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December 25, 2004

Gwendolyn Beauregard - Santa Cruz, California, USA - Sunny, I Love Your Affirmations

Hi Sunny
I love your affirmations!

Thought you might enjoy what I create with them.
Merry Christmas to you!
Peace on Earth and Joy to the World

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Gwen,

Thanks for writing, and for your Christmas Wish!
Thank You also for sending the GREAT Article
About You and Your Salon.

I've been experimenting with putting some of my letters
on my website, (letters from readers & my replies) ...
disguising their names by using only an initial letter of their first name
(unless they tell me it's a "testimonial" and approve use of their whole name).

Anyway, I'd be happy to post your note,
AND a link to this article on my website if you like.

I'm only mentioning it, and asking, because obviously
if I post the article too, I can't disguise your name! :)

Want some extra PR?
Let me know ... and have a Merry Christmas Yourself!

Posted by Sunny at December 25, 2004 10:25 AM


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