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August 10, 2005

Fully Live Again - Nadine - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Hi Sunny Hills,
I'll admit that I have a bit of a problem believing
that is your real name. But this is not about you,
it's about me. You've asked for this a few times and
I've not responded because I find it difficult to
speak about myself and more difficult to write about
myself. You already know where I live because it was
on the registration and is on every email I receive
from you, Nadine Spurlock, Albuquerque, New Mexico,
USA. This is the high desert of the Great Southwest,
USA. I have many health issues that began prior to my
13th year and have continued; I believe that many, if
not most or all, of these issues are auto-immune
and/or genetic. Prior to about 13 years ago,
however, I had a life, active, happy, productive,
successful in everything I attempted to do.
I was married twice, widowed twice both times while
pregnant, and have 2 adult sons. I had a career as a
medical technologist, working in a clinical lab and
loved it, thought I would be doing it forever. The
last 3+ years I worked, I was working 10-14 hours a
day and didn't have much time for any other life but I
still loved what I did. But about 9 years ago, I went
on medical leave for the 6th surgery on my spine and
was told I would never go back to work again. My
reply was, "Of course, I'll go back to work, I always
go back to work." After 4 months of being bedfast and
some more months in a wheelchair, I finally was able
to use a walker but I've remained using a walker
since. By that time, I finally believed the doctors
and had to apply for disability. From then until
about 6 months ago, I had no life. I was mostly at
home, alone, my sons grown and on their own and my
only trips outside my home were for medical
appointments and church services occasionally. Six
months ago, I began to try to build a Shaklee business
out of my home. Finally about 2 months ago, I began
to understand how written goals and affirmations can
affect one's life and mental health and I began to try
to develop these.
Then I found your site offering 21 affirmations for
or people who want to be high-achievers
and I subscribed. I also purchased 2 of your CDs.
That's where I am now. I'm trying to practice
positive affirmations daily and I know that I am more
than all the diagnoses of my health issues. I know
I've still got a ways to go but I have made a start
and I am beginning to again have a life. My latest
personal affirmation is, "I AM a happy, healthy,
high-achieving businesswoman." I own my Shaklee
business; therefore, I am a businesswoman and I can
help others with health issues because I have been
helped and I know these products work amazingly well
and are safe. They are natural products, produced in
harmony with science and nature and they are safe for
the people who use them, for their children and pets
and for the environment. Shaklee introduced the
words, bio-available and biodegradable into our
My hobbies are reading and needlework, both counted
cross stitch and needlepoint. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat
and I am determined to lift myself out of this
existence-only life and back into a happy, active,
productive, successful life, interacting with many
other poeple on a daily basis. I will again be an
over achiever.
Thank you, Sunny, for the affirmations and pep talks
and your part in helping me to fully live again.
Love and peace to you and yours,

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Oh Nadine,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing to me,
even though it's against your nature.

I feel so honored to know you.
I'm happy you have my CDs and I sincerely hope they help you.

Today, I just conceived of the idea of offering a package which includes
monthly call-ins and/or mp3s of the calls. (for $99)

My idea is to "grandfather" in wonderful people like you
who have already invested in my CDs.

We'll see if it happens ...

I have many things in common with you:

1) I went to college in Santa Fe - at St. John's College,
up in the Sangre De Cristos- 4 years and love the southwestern skies!!!

2) I spent a year in a wheelchair
after 5 months in the hospital
(when I was 12 years old)

3) I had my own business, after years of working for others

4) I did try network marketing (although I wasn't any good at it :)

5) I LOVE YOUR LATEST Personal Affirmation:
"I AM a happy, healthy,
high-achieving businesswoman."

The Truth!!!! :)

7) You Are SO WELCOME, Nadine!
You've made my DAY ... if not My Month and YEAR!

SWEET ONE!!!! :)

Posted by Sunny at August 10, 2005 02:00 PM


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