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February 19, 2005

D - San Jose, California, USA * Sunny, I can't tell you enough how refreshing your CD is!


Regarding "how the first CD has helped" ...
I love "I'm a high achiever" for many reasons.

It is simple.
A lot of self-help material
makes you wade through a hundred pages
or two hours of talk
before the author cuts to the chase ...

Your CD just GOES. It' short. It's to the point.
It does what it is supposed to do,
and doesn't waste a lot of time
going on and on about
how it is "going to" help me.
Instead, it gets right to the helping.

I can't tell you enough how refreshing that is.
Not only do you cut to the chase,
you don't even waste a moment
TELLING me that you are cutting to the chase.
You just DO IT. Ahhhhhhhhh!

The CD doesn't go on and on as to WHY
it will work.
You just stick it in
and get engaged by the affirmations.
No dilly-dallying.

One source of pain for many of us
is having been told so many times
that something will help us
and then being let down, again and again.

In that way, just HEARING the author tell me
"This is going to help you"
causes me anxiety because it FEELS like
those other times
where I was asked to believe and was disappointed.

Your CD is different.
It just gives you what you need
and let's the healing/growing begin.

Thank you again.
You know, my habits are changing
and starting to look more and more
like the affirmations.
That is great.

Little by little is ok with me.
It's probably the only way.
And it feels good.

D - San Jose, California, USA

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

This is just SUPER, D!
You really are getting it, aren't you?
That's a REAL Accomplishment, D.

Not everyone can do what you are doing.
You deserve FULL Credit for what YOU Are Doing.

May I please use some or all
of what you wrote on my CD sales page?

You're so right ... that me telling people
something tends to be doubtful
and a turnoff.
I fear that I won't be believed,
no matter what I say.

You are speaking your truth
and you are a REAL Person,
getting Real Results.

Much more believable and potentially helpful
for many others to read,
if it will help them trust themselves
and trust the process enough to give it a try.

I'm asking for your permission,
not so much to increase my sales ...
as to truly help as many others
as possible to take advantage
of this one catalyst (of many possible catalysts)
that could be available to them
if they are willing to give it a try.

Anyway ... feel free to say no.
I expect nothing from you.

What is really true for me ...
is Full Joy At Seeing What YOU
have done so far with this tool.

I'm close to getting the next CD
out to my list ...
and I'm considering a VERY SPECIAL offer (in my mind)
to people who are already on my
105 daily e-mail list ... including you.

Congratulations, D.
And Thank You.

Keep Up the GREAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!! WORK!!!!!!!!!!!
With Deep Gratitude,

Posted by Sunny at February 19, 2005 10:45 AM


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