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This Is Going To Be One Of The Most AMAZINGLY Entertaining
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And It’s Free To The First 99 People Who Show Up On The Call

Sunny Community Call
Thursday, March 23, 2006

(Or March 24 In Some Time Zones)

You Know Who You ARE! :) ... Australia, New Zealand, London, Rome, Hong Kong ... etc.

Our Theme For This Call Is:
"How To Get People To Like YOU!"

Who Also Lives Here On Maui

Little Bobby Sommers, circa 1958

He's A Wonderful, Joyous, Inspiring, Lively, Loving Friend
And I'm So Happy That YOU May Get The Chance To Hear Him Live On This Call!!!

This Is TRULY Going To Be A Real Treat For All Of Us!

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or = FRIDAY, March 24th - 8:59 am Hong Kong
= FRIDAY, March 24th - 11:59 am Sydney


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The Biggest, Most Inspiring, Most Important Sunny Community Call Ever!
BOB Will Be Holding Nothing Back ...
And It’s Free To The First 99 People Who Show Up On The Call

Thursday, March 23, 2006!!!

"How To Get People To Like You"

Bob Sommers owned and operated one of the largest
customer service training companies in America before retiring to Maui.

His company worked with hundreds of thousands of service people
helping them learn how to win over customers
by being competent at what they do
and by becoming exceedingly likable people.

In the process, Bob learned the value of being liked
as it applies to getting a job,
finding and building relationships,
being happy, healthy and connected with the people we share the planet with.

In this call, Bob will discuss the 10 laws of likeability
and how implimenting them in your daily life
will dramatically change the way you look a the world
and how the world looks at you.

According to Bob,
being liked is a skill that most of us were not taught as children.

Fortunately being a skill,
it is something we can learn and use to enhance every aspect of our life.

You won't want to miss this fascinating program!

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