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September 28, 2005

Asking For Words Of Comfort ~Identity Protected by Sunny - Bealeton, Virginia, USA

Hi Sunny:

Thank you for writing back to me. I read your email several times before responding because I didnt know how to response or if I should respond. I send blessings to you and your family and will include you in my daily prayers and meditation.

My life pattern has been quite different from you as I have travelled many paths and had continuous challenges. I am a 56 years old black female and I have three children (all adults) and five grandchildren. I have been married twice and both times the marriage didnt work. My first husband was and continues to be an alcoholic and very abusive and my second husband is a crack addict. I left him in 1999 with an enormous amount of debt. By professional training, I am a licensed clinical social worker. For many years, I have marketed adolescent residential treatment programs. Because of many years of not being successful in this field, I finally gave it up this past July. My supervisor was very abrasive and disrespectful to me and accused me of lying and not doing my job (It's a long story and I will give you more details later). I resigned because my spirit did not feel good working with this company. I may be many things, but I am not a liar nor theft. Prior to this, I had taken and past the real estate exam and received my real estate license. So since July 18th, I have been doing real estate full time. However, it has not been fruitful for me as has no job in the past. Right now, I am really scared. Scared because I dont know how I will pay bills. I have been using my credit cards and cant continue to do this. I dont want to look for another job as I want my career in real estate to be prosperous and successful.

Also, my youngest daughter is dealing with a mental illness. It is so frustrating because I cant get anyone in a professional position to help her (that too is a long story and I will give you more details later). My oldest daughter, her husband and myself now have legal custody of my youngest daughter's two girls, ages 13 and 14.

I need someone to pray for me and my family. I have never known true love and happiness. Until the past few years, it was something that I rarely thought of. I just took for granted that some people were not born to know true happiness and love. I have never know financial stability and I so need all of these things in my life right now. Most importantly, I need prayer for my daughter. I need someone to recognize the urgency in psychiatric treatment for her and may it possible for that to happen. I need financial security, not just for myself but for my family and others. I pray and meditate daily. And, I have been doing this for years. I believe in what I ask God for and often it is not for me but for others.

What I am asking from you Sunny is words of comfort and encouragement. No matter what happens, I will give wander from my faith and belief in God and will always trust that he will provide for my family and myself. I have given him all that I have and left it with him. I try not to worry but it is quite difficult sometimes. I take each day, one moment at a time believing that all is good not just for me but for my family in particular.

One thing I havent mention is that on May 10th, my youngest brother's, youngest son died. Daniel was only 11 and a great kid. The police ruled his death a suicide but myself and my family knew that Daniel was not the type to take his own life. What we have more recently found out is that he was playing a game called "The Choking Game." There are lots of stories about it on the internet. My brother and sister-in-law and my nephew(Daniel's only sibling) are in so much pain right now. They do a good job of covering it up but I can see the pain and I pray for them a lot.

So Sunny, you have a small snapshot of my family and what is going on. That is why I am asking for your prayers. I'm not sure why I shared all this with you. Maybe it is because God has opened a special path between you and I. I dont know. I just know that God is my life and my life belongs to God. I know this is true of everyone whether they know and accept it or not. I spend my life reaching out and touching all that I can and always with praises to God. Sometimes I try to cry and its hard for tears to come. Crying to me is a sign of weakness and most importantly, lacking faith in God. I pray for continue strength for myself and the courage and strength to go faithly with whatever challenges I encounter. I spent a lot of time talking with God and he ensures me all is well. And, I truly belief that. He told me he would guide to me someone whom I could talk with that would understand and be on the same path and for some reason Sunny, I think that someone is you.

So again, thank you for reading my email and responding to me. When you have time, write back. Take care and blessings to you and yours.

~Identity Protected by Sunny - Bealeton, Virginia, USA

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Thank YOU, My Friend!

Thank You for placing your trust in me to share your story.
Thank You for Your Blessings.
You Are VERY KIND and Sweet!

I'm sorry to hear of all your struggle and strife.

I'm happy to hear you want to get off of the credit card train.

REAL ESTATE is a wonderful career,
with lots of upside potential.

It can REALLY Be Helped by positive thinking

I hope you can get a book from Tom Hopkins
called "How to Master the Art of SELLING"

It is a little formulaic and some of it is stiff
and unnatural ... but mostly it's about the mindset
of a CHAMPION salesperson
and there are MANY Gems!!!

I met Tom Hopkins a couple of times in the 80's
and I could NOT have succeeded without him,
that is without his books.

I know it's hard to let go of the past,
and of the unfairness of life.

But if you hold onto it,
it will only hurt you more.

Thank God that your old boss and the other people
are no longer in your life.

Think about WHAT YOU WANT
for yourself and your loved ones

We Get What We Think About.

Think about what you want
and it will appear.

This is REALLY True.

For YOU and Your Family!

Posted by Sunny at September 28, 2005 03:40 AM


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