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March 18, 2009

An Old Friend, A Bonus Affirmation & Your Future

Hello ...

Have You ever run into an old friend or read about
an old friend ... only to discover that they are doing something
You Yourself have thought of doing, but You didn't?

You know YOU could have done that same thing.
You thought of it, but You didn't do it ...
and now that You've seen them do it,
You kind of wish You had done it?

Well this happened to me yesterday,
and this morning I woke up with a BONUS Affirmation
that I wanted to share with YOU.

Here it is:

"I'm Highly Efficient & Effective ...
At Everything I Do!"

I'M Highly Efficient & Effective ...
At Everything I Do!

I'm HIGHLY Efficient & Effective ...
At Everything I Do!

I'm Highly EFFICIENT & Effective ...
At Everything I Do!

I'm Highly Efficient AND Effective ...
At Everything I Do!

I'm Highly Efficient & EFFECTIVE ...
At Everything I Do!

I'm Highly Efficient & Effective ...
AT Everything I Do!

I'm Highly Efficient & Effective ...

I'm Highly Efficient & Effective ...
At Everything ---- I-----Do!

I'm Highly Efficient & Effective ...
At Everything I DO!

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Why not use Your Breath today ...
to help You Breathe & Believe this affirmation,
all throughout the day ... ?

Simply inhale saying the first half silently to Yourself.
Then exhale saying silently the second half of the affirmation.

Tomorrow, or the next day ...
or next year ...
it will be YOU - that others "stumble across" ...
and think to themselves - "Wow!
Look At That Success!
I Could Have Done That!!!"

... and ... YOU ... will have done it!

Breathe It & Believe It ...
and Make It Be So!

Lots of Love -- to YOU
and Your Loved Ones!
~Sunny :)

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August 26, 2006

I Use Positive Affirmations Every Day To Magnify My Vision

Today's Sunny Thought (TM):

I Use Positive Affirmations Every Day To Magnify My Vision

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

The More Positive We Are -- The More Chance We Have Of Countering The Negativity Which Our "Inner Critic" Wants To Share With Us.

Our State Of Mind Is A Daily Choice
and Indeed ...
A Momentary Choice.

What Do You Choose For Yourself Now?

I Use Positive Affirmations Every Day To Magnify My Vision

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April 18, 2006

"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small" - Sunny Hills, Maui

You Can Quote Me On This:

"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small"

There are so many wonderful quotations floating out there
in the universe ...
and I sometimes think about what I'D LIKE TO BE QUOTED FOR.

Well, this is it.

"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small"

I'm a strong proponent of HAVING UNBELIEVABLE GOALS.
They are the best kind.
The believable ones are nearly worthless.

It's when we stretch ourselves with the "Unbelievable"
that real magic happens.

After time passes - if you hold onto your unbelievable goals,
they ACTUALLY become Familiar AND Beleivable.

AND ... they eventually become REALITY.

Then It's time to "up the ante" and raise them again
into the realm of something NEWLY Unbelievable.

What A Life!
What Fun!
Go For It My Friend!
Love Ya!

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"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small" - Sunny Hills, Maui

You Can Quote Me On This:

"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small"

There are so many wonderful quotations floating out there
in the universe ...
and I sometimes think about what I'D LIKE TO BE QUOTED FOR.

Well, this is it.

"If Your Goal Is Believable, It's Too Small"

I'm a strong proponent of HAVING UNBELIEVABLE GOALS.
They are the best kind.
The believable ones are nearly worthless.

It's when we stretch ourselves with the "Unbelievable"
that real magic happens.

After time passes - if you hold onto your unbelievable goals,
they ACTUALLY become Familiar AND Beleivable.

AND ... they eventually become REALITY.

Then It's time to "up the ante" and raise them again
into the realm of something NEWLY Unbelievable.

What A Life!
What Fun!
Go For It My Friend!
Love Ya!

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July 17, 2005

TOP TEN TIPS on How To Market To Your Prospects With Ease, by Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii

on: "How To Talk To Your Marketing Prospects
With Ease - Immediately."

1. Always Imagine Their Concerns Before Talking to Them. This is the Secret to Making an Instant
Connection with Your Prospects Even Before You Begin a Marketing Conversation. Try to get inside their head,
put Your heart in their place, try to stand in their shoes. If You were them, what would You be feeling and
thinking? What would Your concerns be today? What questions or thoughts would be in Your mind? Being
"over there" with them, is a HUGE advantage to have, before You even begin ... AND ... it will take the focus and
the pressure off of You. It will begin Your forward momentum.

2. Always Imagine that You are Talking to a Friend. This is the Key to Real Communication in a Marketing
Conversation ... even if it's a complete stranger. Remember that even Your Very Best Friend was once a stranger.
What happened to change that relationship, to help it evolve to what it is today?
What might be possible someday in the future between You and this person that You're talking to now?
If this person were in fact Your Very Best Friend, how would You talk to them?
If You can truly imagine that You are talking to a friend, You won't be "telling" or "selling."
You'll be listening, caring & sharing. Rather than "closing a sale," You'll be "opening a relationship!"

3. Always Begin with an "Attitude of Gratitude." This is the Best Attitude You could possibly have during aMarketing Conversation.
Express how much You appreciate them not only at the beginning of the conversation,
but also in the middle and at the end.
Be sincerely grateful (as You begin) that they have made this time for You ... (in the middle)
that they are sharing their ideas so openly,
and (at the end) for everything nice that has occurred in the conversation,
for their generosity and consideration in speaking with You.

4. Always Ask: "Is this a good time to talk (about this)?"
This is the Most Important Question for You to ask,
before starting any Marketing Conversation
... especially when You're calling someone on the phone,
and even when You're talking to someone in person.
Remember that a phone call is always an interruption.
Asking this question is the courteous thing to do.
Remembering to ask it, will separate You from the crowd,
it will gain You instant respect,
and it will also save You from annoying someone.

5. Always Begin by Asking them What they Want? or What they Think?
This is the Best Way to Begin a Marketing Conversation.
Why not get them talking as soon as You can?
This will not only take the pressure off of You,
but it will tell You a LOT about THEM,
which is the Key to learning exactly HOW You can best serve them.
Doing this is far more important than anything You could possibly say in a prepared script or sales talk.

6. Always Ask Them Their Concerns (Doubts or Misgivings) and then Ask Them What Other Concerns They Have, Before You Tell Them Anything About Your Services or Offerings.
This is the Secret to Learning Exactly What to Say to Any Particular Person
in a Marketing Conversation.
Try to get as many concerns as possible out in the open,
and when You think they've listed them all, then ask them for more!
Rather than being afraid to hear these, welcome them with open arms.
These are Your Guideposts for knowing exactly what to say
to this unique individual.

7. Always WANT for Them, What They Want for Themselves,
and "Let Go" of The Attachment to Getting YOUR Desired Results.
This is the Most Freeing Thing You Can Do For Yourself in a Marketing Conversation.
You aren't there to convince them of anything or to sell them anything.
You're there to help them achieve their desired goals and objectives.
Tell them what You want For them ... AND, sincerely want for them
what they want for themselves.
Simply say: "What I want for You is ... "
By doing this You'll FREE Yourself up to speak openly and candidly,
and they'll appreciate it.
You'll know exactly what to say, when they feel Your sincerity & desire,
they'll want to work with You.

8. Always Ask "What if … ?"
This is the Most Effective Way to Move Them Forward with You,
to the Place Where You Want to Take Them in a Marketing Conversation.
Ask: "What if that concern could be dealt with?"
Ask: "What if that doubt could be addressed?"
or Ask: "What if that misgiving could be handled?"
Use "What if ...?" to help them imagine and feel the results
You're going to help them achieve.
Let them feel and own those results now, in their imagination.

9. Always Ask for What YOU Want, and then "Shut Up" until They Give Their Answer.
This is the One Thing You Must Promise Yourself to ALWAYS DO
in Every Marketing Conversation.
If You've done steps (1) - (8),
then You've set the stage,
and You've earned the right to ask for what YOU want ...
Whether it's for another appointment, for a referral, or for their business.
You truly have their interest at heart,
and now You get to ask for what You want.
Ask it in a short & simple sentence,
and then say nothing until they answer,
no matter how long it takes for them to speak.
Always ask, even if YOU imagine the answer will be no.

10. Always Let Go of Any Attachment to Hearing Them Say "Yes",
and KNOW Deeply ... that IF They Say "No" ... it's NOT about YOU!
This is the Most Effective Way to Keep Your Enthusiasm High
and Your Momentum Moving Forward in a Marketing Conversation.
It's also the Absolute TRUTH!
The most common reason people say "No" is that the timing isn't right for them.
It's about THEM and their lives.
It's NOT about You. You did nothing wrong.
You've EARNED the right to speak Your Truth
and to Ask Your Questions.
Congratulations on doing it!

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."
~Sir Winston Churchill.

“If You think You can do a thing … or think You can't do a thing,
… You're right!”
~ Henry Ford

Copyright © 2003, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Affirmations For Professional Sales People - By Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii

Affirmations For Professional Sales People

If You Are Involved In Sales Or Marketing
In Any Way ...

Here Are Some
"Mental Performance" Statements
You Can Use And Practice
To Put Yourself In A Comfortable Frame Of Mind,
Before Talking To Your Prospects ...
To Help You Get Started And To Stay Motivated.

· I'm A Master Of Marketing
· Talking To Prospects Is Easy For Me
· I'm Talking To A Friend
· I Really Care About This Person
· I'm Great At Asking Questions
· I'm A Wonderful Listener
· I'm Much Better Than An Ordinary Salesperson
· My Skills Go Far Beyond What A Salesperson Does
· I'm Caring, Real And Human
· I Want To Know Your Concerns
· If I Know Your Concerns, I Know What To Say To You
· I Want To Know What You Think
· I'm Great At Asking "What If?"
· I'm Unattached To Getting My Result
· I Imagine My Success
· I Feel My Success
· I Trust Myself
· I Trust Myself To Know What To Say
· I'm Ready To Share My Talents And Gifts With The World
· I Always Ask For The Business
· After Asking, I Shut Up & Wait
· I'm Grateful
· I'm Grateful That You’re Taking The Time To Talk With Me
· I'm Grateful That You’re Sharing Your Thoughts & Concerns
· I'm Grateful That You’ve Allowed Us To Have This Time Together
· The More No's I Get, The More Yes’s I Know I Will Get
· I'm Really Good At What I Do
· I Love Talking To People
· Hearing The Word No, Energizes Me
· I Get Energized By "No" Because It Brings Me Closer To Hearing My Next "Yes"
· I Learn Something From Every Conversation
· I'm Getting Better & Better Each Time I Use Sunny's Method
· I'm Generous & Gracious
· It's Easy For Me To Tell People What I Want For Them
· It's Easy For Me To Tell Them What I Want For Myself
· It's Easy For Me To Ask For What I Want
· I'm Unattached From Hearing "Yes" Or "No", I Just Ask & Wait
· I'm Succeeding More & More With Every Call, Regardless Of The Outcome
· I Like This
· I'm Good At This
· I'm Going To Keep Going
· I'm Persistent
· I Believe In Myself
· I Believe In My Abilities
· I Believe In My Skills
· Everybody Likes Me
· Everybody Likes Me Whether They Know It Or Not
· The Entire Universe Loves Me
· I Love Myself
· I'm Proud Of Myself
· I'm Successful
· I'm Enthusiastic
· I'm Naturally Enthusiastic
· I'm Positive & Happy
· I'm On My Way
· I'm Enjoying The Journey
· I Can Do This

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Recite These Statements Out Loud
OR Silently To Yourself
Right Before Making A Prospecting Call


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The 3 Most Important Things I Learned From Napoleon Hill’s Book: "Think And Grow Rich"

The 3 Most Important Things I Learned
From Napoleon Hill’s Book:
"Think And Grow Rich"
~By Sunny Hills, Maui, :) CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
"The Affirmations Coach" (TM)

Today I Want To Tell You The 3 Most Important Things
I Learned From The Book "Think And Grow Rich"
By Napoleon Hill.
The Reason I’m Telling You This Is Because
I Am An Entrepreneur.
I Wasn’t An Entrepreneur Before Reading That Book.
The Seeds Were Planted By Reading That Masterpiece.

Perhaps You’ve Already Read It.
Perhaps You’ve Planted Your Own Seeds.
Perhaps You Already Are An Entrepreneur.
Perhaps You’ve Already Succeeded Beyond Your
Wildest Dreams.
And Perhaps … You’ve Never Even Given It A Thought.
We All Are In Different Places In This Life.

Back In The Mid 1980’s,
I Was Working In Radio, As A DJ,
And A Program Director For Various
Small & Medium Market Radio Stations.
I Worked Hard.
I Worked Long Hours.
I Got Low Pay.

It Was Fun Work,
But The Day Was Coming
When I Would Be Fired For No Good Reason,
Other Than That The Manager Wanted To Save
His Budget Dollars …
And He Was In Control, Not Me.
He Was A Nice Person.
He Didn’t Mean Me Any Harm.

And Yet, I Was A Victim,
Because I Was An Employee.
Fortunately, I Had Read “Think And Grow Rich”
A Couple Of Years Earlier … The Seeds Were Planted,
And I Was Ready.

When I Walked Out Of That Radio Station,
I Told Myself I Wouldn’t Come Back
Until I Could Buy The Station,
And I Could Call The Shots.
I Would Never Have Been Able To Think That,
If I Hadn’t First Read This Wonderful Book.

What Are The 3 Most Important Things I Learned
From Reading The Book?

1) First, Is That Desire Is The Most Important Thing
You Can Possibly Develop For Yourself,
With Regard To Creating Your Own Reality,
With Regard To Creating Your Business,
With Regard To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams,
With Regard To Creating The Future You Desire.

Knowing What It Is You Desire, And
Developing That Desire Into What Napoleon Hill Calls:
“A Burning Desire”
Is Irreplaceable.

If You Have “A Burning Desire”
You Will Persist.
If You Have A Burning Desire,
You Will Focus.
If You Have A Burning Desire,
You Will Go Beyond Every Challenge
That Comes Your Way.

With Desire, Nothing Is Impossible.
Without It, You’ll Be Easily Dissuaded Off Your Path.

2) The Second Most Important Thing I Learned,
Is To Write Down My Goals,
With A Target Date And A Specific Intention
Of What I Was Going To Offer Of Value,
In Exchange For The Monetary Rewards
And Other Rewards That I Desired
And Wanted To Collect.

Put Down In Writing The Specifics Of Your Plan,
And The Date For Each To Be Accomplished,
And Read That Plan Aloud 3 Times A Day,
If Possible.

Put Your Goals In Writing.
Put Down Your Plan In Writing.
It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect.

It’s Funny, But When I Looked Back,
Years Later, I Went Back To My Napoleon Hill Book,
And I Found My Original “Definite Chief Aim Statement,”
Which Is What He Calls It – And I Read It.

When I Had Written It, I Didn’t Believe It Was Possible,
And I Was Even Lax, In That I Didn’t Read It Aloud
Three Times A Day, For More Than A Very Few Days.

In Fact, There Was A Long Period Of Time (Years)
That I Hadn’t Even Looked At It.
But The Very Fact That I Had Written It Down
Was So Powerful, That Years Later,
When I Looked Back On It,
I Was Amazed To Find
That Just About Everything I Had Written Down,
Had Not Only Come True,
But That I Had Far Exceeded Everything On That Page.
That Really Blew My Mind, And Opened My Eyes.

3) Third, Have Unbelievable Goals.

Think Big. Think As Big As You Possibly Can.
If You Think Small,
If Your Goals Are Reachable,
You’re Only Selling Yourself Short.
If A Goal Is Believable, It’s Too Small.

If It Is Unbelievable, It’s Going To Pull You Forward,
And If You Remind Yourself Of It,
And Become Familiar With It,
It Will Become Your Friend,
And You Will Achieve Whatever You Write Down.

Or, You’ll Come Close Enough
That You’ll Be Very Happy With The Result.

What Napoleon Hill Says,
His Main Catch Phrase, In My Mind Is:
”Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe,
It Can Achieve.”

I First Read That Statement And Was Skeptical.
Now, Years Later, As I Stand Here In My Condo,
Looking Out Over My Balcony,
From The 6th Floor, Oceanfront,
With A Full Floor To Ceiling Window,
And All I See
Is Beach And Waves, And A Cruise Ship,
And Whales, And Another Island Across The Way,
And A Beautiful Sunny Paradise …
As I Reflect That My Wife And I Live In This Condo,
With No Mortgage,
It’s Completely Paid Off,
And I Have Absolutely No Debts,
And I Have Total Freedom
In What I Do With My Day,
And I’m Still Young Enough To Enjoy This Life,
And Expand My Dreams
And Go For New Vistas, New Horizons.

As I Reflect On Where I Am,
And Where I Came From,
I Want You To Know That These 3 Elements
Of Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich
Are The Three That Served Me
The Very Best.
… And It’s My Pleasure To Share Them
And Pass Them On To You.
I Hope They’re Helpful.

By The Way,
I Lead A Marketing Program
That Comes From Another One Of My Favorite Books,
Called “Get Clients Now”.

It’s A Very Effective 5-Week Marketing Program,
Which I Still Lead 4 Times Per Year.

It’s Based On The 6 Marketing Strategies For A Service Oriented Business,
AND You Also Learn To Master “The Universal Marketing Cycle.”
If You’d Like To Know What Those 6 Strategies Are,
In The Order Of Their Importance, Go Here:

When You Do This, You'll be able to download that PDF.

For More Information About Where You Can Learn More
About How To Get Clients Now (TM),
Including Info About My Next Program, Go Here:

Get Clients Now Is A Trademark Of Wings Business Coaching.

In Any Case ...
Here Are Three Bonus Affirmations For You:


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April 21, 2005

Broadcasting Mp3 Audio Via Computer, The Looney Tune World Of Podcasting - By Sunny Hills, Maui

Podcasting Is A New Form Of Fun Stuff
To Do On The Computer.
The Ipod Was Made For Music Downloads,
But The Reality Is That It Has Created
A Launch Of Mini Shows,
That Are Uncut And Cheap To Produce.

Every Event You Can Imagine Is A
Potential Contender As A Reality Radio
Broadcast Show From Rio To Cape Cod,
And From Boston To Broadway.

CB Radio,i.e. Ham Radio, Was Developed
As Radio For The People, But
Now Another Page In The Consumer Notebook
Of Modern History Has Turned.

Any Music Concert Can Become An Mp3,
Whether It’s By Players Like Eminem
& 50cent Or Country Music And
Guitar Songs Dedicated To Andy Griffeth.

Mp3 Audio Can Include A Report From
A Reality TV Show To A Las Vegas Show,
To A Looney Tune Review,
And It Can Range From Humor To Commentaries
On The Weather, Oprah Winfrey & American Idol,
The Titanic, The Da Vinci Code,
Or Even A Live Sex Show In Harmony Hall.

They’re All Now Available As A Downloadable
Music Composition, A Video Or Even A Slide Show
On Your Computer,
And I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If
Some Of These Shows Show Up On Sirius Radio,
XM Radio Or Other Satellite Radio Shows,
Conventional Radio Or Even On TV.

The Ipod Is A Creative Way To Download
Digital Music Automatically Via Computer
Around The Clock, By Virtue Of Podcasting.

This Is Not About Downloading Online Music
Onto Your Computer Via Music File Sharing.
This Is About The Bone Thug Across The Street
Writing A Music Lyric On His Computer
Calling It A Skin Tune
By Frankie J & Lil Jon Luny Mas,
And With No Harmony Or Melody,
Having A Ball, Because Some Stranger
In Central Louisville Looking For
Cheap Music Downloads Records It
To His Mp3 Player While Waiting
For A Pizza Delivery.

The Apple Ipod Is Not A Technology
Whose Life Is Limited To A
Trade Show Display.

It’s In The Hands Of The People.
Podcasting Is Way Bigger Than
Two Way Radio Or Any Online Computer Game,
And It’s Not Limited To The
Ipod Mp3 Player Or Even The Rio Sport
Mp3 Player.

Newer Models Are Creating Competition
And Getting Cheaper, Just Like All
Computer Technology Always Does.
Just Look At The DVD Player.

Ipod Is Getting The Credit,
But Adam Curry, Former Music Video DJ
And MTV Host In The 1980’s,
Is The Central Player In RSS
(Real Simple Syndication).

A Music Download To A Mini Portable
Mp3 Player Is Not New, The Ipod Buzz Is.
Podcasting Is Going To Be Big.

I Feel Lucky To Have Gotten In On It
At An Early Stage,
With My Daily Podcast Sunny Thought Of The Day.
It Supplements My Free Affirmations By E-Mail.

So Now You Have 2 Free Ways To Get
Positive Thinking From Me.

I Was Interviewed Last Month
In The Honolulu Star Bulletin,
Who Told Me I Was The Only Daily Podcaster
In The State Of Hawaii.

Since Then I’ve Found Out I’m One
Of Only A Handful Who Podcast Daily
In The Entire World.

And My Radio Interviews – I Was Interviewed
By Positive Purpose Radio Host Kevin Mcdonald,
On KLAY AM Radio In The Seattle Area,
5 Times – 1 Hour Each – Those Shows
Were All Podcast Internationally, Too.

Welcome To The Future!
It’s Evolving One Day At A Time.
Why Not Hit The Computer Airwaves Yourself?
And Start Podcasting Today!

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