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October 06, 2005

Any Other Means For Me To Listen To Positive Thinking? - Susie, Australia

Hey Sunny
So far i have been unable to be in a position
to get involved in your phone calls,
i was wondering if you have any other means for me
to listen to positive thinking.

I have been doing alot of work on my life
and i feel i need a boost. What would you recommend?

I look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
- Susie, Australia

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Susie ...
Yes, and thanks for writing.

Besides my affirmation CDs, Mp3s & Streaming Audios,

You can also find ...
On my website,
you will find several free audios

There are about 40 sunny-thought-of-the-day recordings
that I created last spring

You can find them by scrolling down my home page to
"categories" on the right side of the page as you scroll down
and if you choose "podcasts" under that "categories" title
you should be able to access all of them

Also ... I have 4 1-hour interviews
from last spring available to you
also under "categories"

If you click on "radio interviews of sunny"
these have fast forward and rewind buttons to help make listening easier

There are other resources I will be sharing with you from time to time as well.
I hope this helps, Susie!

Posted by Sunny at October 6, 2005 09:44 AM


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