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June 04, 2007

After Getting Affirmation #53 of 105 - Henry Writes ...

After Getting Affirmation #53 of 105

Hello Sunny,

I have been receiving your affirmations
for a while ... and boy!

Let me tell you its is making the difference.

I am not sure whether
the affirmation is helping my success steps
OR my success steps are one step ahead
and matching with the affirmations
that I receive every day.

Please feel free to comment on it.


Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Hi Henry,
Thank You for Your Kind Note.

No one can know exactly what causes what.

I suspect it's a combination of my affirmations as a catalyst,
and YOUR applying them in YOUR Life!

So, Congratulations are in order ...

You're On Your Way!

This stuff is NOT "made up" ... or a figment of anyone's imagination.

I liken it to TV and Radio Commercials.
Do THEY Work?

You Bet They Do!
That's Why Big Companies Spend BILLIONS Of $ On Advertising!

Who's Writing YOUR Commercials.

I Care A Whole LOT MORE About YOU than the companies selling
Hamburgers, Soda, Insurance, Mortgages, Stocks, Pharmaceuticals, etc. etc. etc. !!!

But -- the bottom line is that WITHOUT YOUR EFFORT ...
Without YOUR Continuous Effort and Belief ...
Nothing Might Happen.

Some People get the same affirmations You've gotten and it does them no good.
They don't apply them.
They counteract them with more negativity that they create in their minds,
as they read them.

You Are Different.
YOU ARE Applying them.
And NOW there's no stopping YOU!

Anything is Truly Possible for YOU, Henry!
Keep Up Your GREAT WORK!

PS -- You might want to try one or more of my CDs.
They are MUCH More Powerful than the written affirmations and pep-talks,
and they come with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

In 3 years only 1 person has asked for their money back,

But this is not a commercial for my CDs.
You're On Your Way.
I Only Mention Them Because I Want YOU To Have EVERY Advantage.

Love Ya!

Posted by Sunny at June 4, 2007 04:14 PM


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