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July 17, 2005

Affirmations For Professional Sales People - By Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii

Affirmations For Professional Sales People

If You Are Involved In Sales Or Marketing
In Any Way ...

Here Are Some
"Mental Performance" Statements
You Can Use And Practice
To Put Yourself In A Comfortable Frame Of Mind,
Before Talking To Your Prospects ...
To Help You Get Started And To Stay Motivated.

· I'm A Master Of Marketing
· Talking To Prospects Is Easy For Me
· I'm Talking To A Friend
· I Really Care About This Person
· I'm Great At Asking Questions
· I'm A Wonderful Listener
· I'm Much Better Than An Ordinary Salesperson
· My Skills Go Far Beyond What A Salesperson Does
· I'm Caring, Real And Human
· I Want To Know Your Concerns
· If I Know Your Concerns, I Know What To Say To You
· I Want To Know What You Think
· I'm Great At Asking "What If?"
· I'm Unattached To Getting My Result
· I Imagine My Success
· I Feel My Success
· I Trust Myself
· I Trust Myself To Know What To Say
· I'm Ready To Share My Talents And Gifts With The World
· I Always Ask For The Business
· After Asking, I Shut Up & Wait
· I'm Grateful
· I'm Grateful That You’re Taking The Time To Talk With Me
· I'm Grateful That You’re Sharing Your Thoughts & Concerns
· I'm Grateful That You’ve Allowed Us To Have This Time Together
· The More No's I Get, The More Yes’s I Know I Will Get
· I'm Really Good At What I Do
· I Love Talking To People
· Hearing The Word No, Energizes Me
· I Get Energized By "No" Because It Brings Me Closer To Hearing My Next "Yes"
· I Learn Something From Every Conversation
· I'm Getting Better & Better Each Time I Use Sunny's Method
· I'm Generous & Gracious
· It's Easy For Me To Tell People What I Want For Them
· It's Easy For Me To Tell Them What I Want For Myself
· It's Easy For Me To Ask For What I Want
· I'm Unattached From Hearing "Yes" Or "No", I Just Ask & Wait
· I'm Succeeding More & More With Every Call, Regardless Of The Outcome
· I Like This
· I'm Good At This
· I'm Going To Keep Going
· I'm Persistent
· I Believe In Myself
· I Believe In My Abilities
· I Believe In My Skills
· Everybody Likes Me
· Everybody Likes Me Whether They Know It Or Not
· The Entire Universe Loves Me
· I Love Myself
· I'm Proud Of Myself
· I'm Successful
· I'm Enthusiastic
· I'm Naturally Enthusiastic
· I'm Positive & Happy
· I'm On My Way
· I'm Enjoying The Journey
· I Can Do This

Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

Recite These Statements Out Loud
OR Silently To Yourself
Right Before Making A Prospecting Call


Posted by Sunny at July 17, 2005 04:16 PM


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