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March 25, 2007

A Bonus Affirmation, New Options & Advance Notice Of Things To Come

Hey There My Colleague!

It's been a long time since I've written
a special bonus message to You!

Here's A Bonus Affirmation For You
During This First Week Of Spring:

I'm Great At Taking Time For "ME"

I actually wrote this one for one of my assistants,

She was telling me how hard it is for her to take
time for herself -- with kids, family, work, etc.
Always coming first.

So, The Solution -- This Affirmation ...
Which I Hope Might Have Some Value
For YOU, today, also!

I'm Great At Taking Time For "ME"


Most People Getting My Affirmations - Now Get
Them Weekly.

There's A New Option NOW -- BRAND NEW --

So, If You'd Like To Add Either Daily
Or Weekly Affirmations YOU CAN NOW Do It By

Going HERE:

Scroll Down that page and fill out the Daily
Or Weekly Boxes (with Your Name & E-Mail Address).

And You'll Be All Set.

If You Haven't Gotten The High Achiever Series
For A Long Time Now
-- You Can Use This Same Link
As An Opportunity To Start ALL Over Again -
As A Refresher Course.

Plus, right now ... don't know how long it will stay
this way ... but right now ... You can access ALL 105
Affirmations and pep talks using the links
on the right side of each of the 105 affirmation pages.

I'm putting them there as an experiment to see
if You like it ... in case You want to Go Faster.


Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

And Finally -- the Advance Notice I mentioned ...

Well, I'm Thinking of Doing a Few New Things ---

1) Adding another series of 105 Affirmations
and pep-talks for You - optional of course.

2) ReDesigning My Product Pages - making sure
they work properly and improving the descriptions,
and offering various packages with extra value.

3) Creating a New Affirmation CD Each Month
Rolling Out A New CD and/or Mp3 Of the Month Club,
For Extra Savings With Free Shipping, etc.

Basically, I've been off earning the big bucks
as an advertising consultant this past year,
and now I want to put some of my good energy
into re-activating and expanding Sunny Thoughts.

I'm Hoping This Will Be Of Great Benefit To YOU,
In the Months and Years Ahead!

Happy Spring!
Have A Super Week, AND ... I'll Be In Touch.
Lots of LOVE to YOU & Yours!

Posted by Sunny at March 25, 2007 08:57 AM


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