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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

March 06, 2009

Beena from India Says: "Hi!"

Hi Sunny,
I am Beena from India.
Really your are doing a wonderful job.
I started to say your affirmations from last week onwards.
I hope this will help me and others
... those who want to change their attitude in good way.

Hi Beena,
Thank You for writing.
Feel free to write again and let me know of Your progress.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

March 05, 2009

Affirmations To Fend Off Guilt & Over-Responsibility - March 5, 2009

I Do Enough
I Am Enough ... (Just As I Am Right Now)

Here Are 12 Tips About Using Affirmations & Positive Thoughts Throughout The Day:
1) Select ANY 2 Affirmations
2) Unify These 2 Affirmations With Your Breathing Throughout The Day
3) Specifically - Inhale & Silently Say To Yourself The 1st Affirmation
4) Then Exhale & Silently Say The 2nd Affirmation To Yourself While Doing So
5) As You Breathe In The 1st Affirmation, Think Imagine & Feel This Thought Coming Into Your Being From The Entire Universe
6) As You Exhale, Send This 2nd Thought OUTWARD From Inside The Center Of Your Being -- Out To The Entire Universe
7) Sometimes, With A Pair Of Affirmations ... One Of Them Will Tend To Be A Better "Fit" For The Inhale - i.e. For Taking IN The Thought
8) Sometimes One Of The 2 Affirmations Will Be Best Suited For Sending It OUT, i.e. For Sending This Thought Outwards From You To Others Or To The World
9) Sometimes This Isn't A Factor, But Always Look For This Possibility, And Arrange The 2 Affirmations In A Way That Works Best For You
10) Really Take The 1st Thought IN & Really Send The 2nd Thought OUT
11) Live These 2 Affirmations For The Entire Day
12) They Are Your Mantra For This Day

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