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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 05, 2007

How Do I Stay Positive? - H J W, San Diego, California

Dear Sunny,
I think your work is great
and I am happy to be on your mailing list.

I write you now because I need your advice
on how to keep going when
shortly after my b'day last year
which was April 3
and only three days after my twin's 20th birthday.

April 19th one of my sons (twins)
was shot and killed on the 22nd.

Yes I must Keep on going
and being positive
but my other son has taken a turn for the worst.

He is negative
and can not see that it would hurt me
to see him die too,
or go to jail.

He needs help
but is not ready to recieve help
and I am in pain in spite of the positive reinforcement.

Can you help me
even though you can not help my remaining son?

In all honesty
lately I have been ignoring all your emails
until today.

The twins were all I had.
The one that died was a mama's boy.

I do now have grand daughters
by both sons since S's death.

J. is only 5 months old.
~H. J. W. - San Diego, CA

Dear H,

I'm sorry ... I cannot imagine how You feel.
I've lost my mother and two sisters to cancer
-- but that is nothing like the loss You have suffered.

I know the kind of love my mother had for us - her 7 children.
I know that love is incomparable to any other.

I'm sorry about Your other son.

I do know that parents are NOT responsible for the choices
made by their grown children.

I do know that Your other son's choices
are outside of Your control.

What is inside of Your control ??
Well, Your Thoughts, Your Feelings, Your Choices.

How can You nurture Yourself?
How can You free Yourself from unspoken blame or responsibility?
How can You turn negative thoughts into positive?

1) Write down all of Your negative thoughts.

2) then look at the list and write a new list.

3) on this new list -- take each statement and turn it into the COMPLETE
OPPOSITE of the negative.

4) Now You'll have a new list of positive thoughts.

5) this NEW List is The REAL TRUTH.

6) read this new list aloud every day -- (3 times if possible).

I hope this helps, H.

Sending You LOTS OF LOVE!!

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