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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

June 06, 2007

Who Is Sunny Hills - On Maui, Hawaii?

Hi Sunny Who Are You?

Tell Me More About Yourself.


Anonymous ... From The UK (United Kingdom)

I'm just a guy who had a bad life,
and turned it into a good life using positive thinking.

In 1964, I was hit by a car going 70 miles per hour.
I was in the hospital for 5 months.
In a wheelchair for a year.
Many scars - slow to heal.

My parents were poor - I was oldest of 7 children.
I always worked 3 jobs at once.
Paid my own way thru college.
It took 8 years to graduate with a 4 year degree.

In 1980, I became a radio personality and always wanted to create CDs to help others overcome obstacles.

After 7 years in radio - (1987) I started my own business - with no money, no inventory, and no customers.

In 1991, I married my wife Vicky.

It became Pro Sound & Video Corp in 1994.
It grew to become very successful.

One morning in 1999, Vicky woke up in tears and said "I can't do this anymore".
Our business was stressful.

We sold our business, our house and 99% of our possessions,
and retired in a BeachFront Resort Hotel on Maui.
I was 47.

3 Years ago I made my first Affirmations CD.
I've made 6 more since.
I sell them online.
I give away my free affirmations and pep talks to more than 26,000 people in more than 80 countries.
A lot of people have told me I've helped them improve their lives.

I get lots of e-mail and can't keep up with it all.
But I still try.

I hope this helps You a little to know who I am.
Thank You again for making me laugh.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

June 05, 2007

THANK YOU for Your Lovely Daily Sunny Thoughts.

Dear Sunny,
Thank you for sending me today's Affirmation.

You asked me to send you more detail about my self.
I can only answer few questions from the list.

First I live on Mars.
If you don't know that, then it's out of this world.

Secondly I am not up to anything.

Thirdly I lost my intrests i don't have any.

Really, whoever you are ...
I can only THANK YOU for Your Lovely Daily Sunny Thoughts.

~Lovely, United Kingdom

Well, You Certainly Have A WONDERFUL Sense of Humor!
Thank YOU for Making Me Chuckle.
Very Nice!

And YOU are Most Welcome.
You ARE Also Very Deserving Of Receiving My Daily Sunny Thoughts.
Today and Always.

I'm quite behind in my e-mails ... So thank YOU also for Your Patience.
Have A Super Week!
Love YOU!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

June 04, 2007

After Getting Affirmation #53 of 105 - Henry Writes ...

After Getting Affirmation #53 of 105

Hello Sunny,

I have been receiving your affirmations
for a while ... and boy!

Let me tell you its is making the difference.

I am not sure whether
the affirmation is helping my success steps
OR my success steps are one step ahead
and matching with the affirmations
that I receive every day.

Please feel free to comment on it.


Hi Henry,
Thank You for Your Kind Note.

No one can know exactly what causes what.

I suspect it's a combination of my affirmations as a catalyst,
and YOUR applying them in YOUR Life!

So, Congratulations are in order ...

You're On Your Way!

This stuff is NOT "made up" ... or a figment of anyone's imagination.

I liken it to TV and Radio Commercials.
Do THEY Work?

You Bet They Do!
That's Why Big Companies Spend BILLIONS Of $ On Advertising!

Who's Writing YOUR Commercials.

I Care A Whole LOT MORE About YOU than the companies selling
Hamburgers, Soda, Insurance, Mortgages, Stocks, Pharmaceuticals, etc. etc. etc. !!!

But -- the bottom line is that WITHOUT YOUR EFFORT ...
Without YOUR Continuous Effort and Belief ...
Nothing Might Happen.

Some People get the same affirmations You've gotten and it does them no good.
They don't apply them.
They counteract them with more negativity that they create in their minds,
as they read them.

You Are Different.
YOU ARE Applying them.
And NOW there's no stopping YOU!

Anything is Truly Possible for YOU, Henry!
Keep Up Your GREAT WORK!

PS -- You might want to try one or more of my CDs.
They are MUCH More Powerful than the written affirmations and pep-talks,
and they come with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

In 3 years only 1 person has asked for their money back,

But this is not a commercial for my CDs.
You're On Your Way.
I Only Mention Them Because I Want YOU To Have EVERY Advantage.

Love Ya!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

June 03, 2007

Stick your affirmations where the sun doesn't shine.

Dear Mr. Sunny,

Apparently, you are one of God's chosen few
who have been given the first class ticket
on this journey of life.

It would be very easy for me to be happy
if I lived in Hawaii
and had everything in life served to me on silver platter.

I, unfortunately, got thrown in the baggage department.
I am so sick of people like yourself,
Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield
telling me how great life is
if you only think positive.

I have been working my ass off for years
trying to get what you all have
and I have finally figured something out.

You are lucky and blessed.
God loves some of us and some of us he doesn't.

Stick your affirmations where the sun doesn't shine.

Kathy Rau

Hi Kathy,

Actually, I'm sure I was "dished up" a life
much worse than Yours.

At 12 - I was hit by a car
- hospitalized for 5 months
and made a cripple with a body ugly with massive scars
that wouldn't heal for many years.

I was a social outcast -- hated by everyone at school.

My family was so poor - 7 kids
- that I never went to a dentist
and had horrible toothaches
all thru my life with rotten teeth.

My parents couldn't pay even one penny
for my college education.

I was sickly - and a social outcast
for most of my life.

The truth is

I will remove You from my mailing list.

Wake Up!
You're Causing All of Your OWN Pain.
That's the truth.

I hope You can learn and change.
You deserve better than You have received from the Universe so far.
Much Better.

Loving You ...
and hoping for Your New Life filled with Love and Joy.

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Affirmation #46 = Thank you, it fits perfectly!

Thank you, it fits perfectly!
(Affirmation #46 of 105)

You're MOST Welcome, Judith!

Posted by Sunny at 02:12 PM | Comments (2)

You are helping me with my self-esteem and my severe PTSD.


You are helping me with my self-esteem
and my severe PTSD

MIllie, Millie, Millie ...


It is my deepest honor to be of help in ANY way!

Love YOU!

Posted by Sunny at 02:08 PM | Comments (0)