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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

September 12, 2006

You ARE A Winner !

Letter to Sunny - Unsigned:

I really wish that I could think postive about things, but it seems every time I do things just seem to get worse. I am at apoint in my life right now where I think dying is the best thing for me and my kids. I can't support them the way I should be, and because Iam so depressed I am making thier lives missriable. I've been taken in by all this so call home base busines, and taken by contracters for fixing my house. Iam tried of being made a fool of and most of all it always seems to hurt my kids and that's the worse for me. When I saw your ad I thought I'd give it a try but then I realized I can't afford it so here is another disapointment after I thought I found something to help me. I really believe no matter what I do I will fail, because I do believe I try the best I can do but it is never enough. I don't mean to dump on you, you want to help and that made me feel good, so thank you, even for a brief moment I found someone who cared. You do wonderful work and you help many people I read them all on the web page. God Bless you and keep helping those who deserve your help. Iam just a looser. I want help but Iam afraid, truly afraid.

I got this response to one of my surveys today.

It saddens me very much to read this.

When YOU read it, doesn't it make Your heart Sink?

My survey form apparently doesn't have a name or e-mail field,
or perhaps I could write back to this lovely person.

We are all haunted by inner critical voices, that often imitate
the voices of our parents from years past.

Sigmund Freud called this the Super Ego.

It is a voice that is actually trying to keep us safe, but ...
unfortunately it IS MISGUIDED.

Everything it says is wrong.
The Opposite is the actual truth.

So, You, My FRIEND Who Wrote This ...

Living Is the Best thing for YOU!
You Can and Will Support Your Kids Wonderfully Well!
You are Happy!
You Are Making Your Kids lives Wonderful!
Nobody Can Fool You Ever Again!
You CAN Afford Whatever You Want In Life!
No Matter what You do, You will succeed.
Whatever You Do, It is ALWAYS Enough!
You Are A Winner!
Help Is All Around You!
You Are Courageous.
That is the TRUTH.
Love YOU!

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