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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 23, 2006

Wow!!! ... What A Great Sunny Community Call !

Wow My Friends
What A Great Community Call!!!
Thank YOU! :)

I Want To Send A Big HUG & A Big THANK YOU!
To Each & Every One Of You, Who Showed Up. :)

If You Want Support In Applying The Principles
We Covered ... and a Personal Invitation To Join
Our Sunny Thoughts (TM) INSIDERS GROUP ...
To Deepen and Improve Your Understanding
Of These Concepts ...
Of 'Push Button Positive Thinking' HERE:

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Sent To You,
You Can Get It HERE:

If You Were On The Call
Or If You Got Value From It ...
Perhaps You'd Like To Call My Toll-Free Line
& Tell Me What You Thought Of The Call ...
and/or Send My Your Picture - HERE:

I'd LOVE TO GET To Know You Better Friends!
It Was A Real Thrill To Share This Special Time
On Our Community Call Together.

Next Month's Call MAY EVEN Be MORE Exciting
and Useful To YOU!

I Hope You Can Join Us Then!

Sunny Thoughts TO YOU!
Much Love & Joy To Y0U!
~Sunny :)

PS -- Anybody In Canada Can Make Long Distance Calls
ANYWHERE In The USA OR CANADA for only 5 cents/min

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 22, 2006

An Excellent Question Came Up Today - Do You Have A Question About Negative Thinking?


An Excellent Question Came Up Today In My Sunny Thoughts
Insiders Group:

How Can I Stay Positive
When Those I Love
Are Negative?

Excellent Question ... I'll Be Answering It
Tomorrow On Our Sunny Community Call,
Along With Many Other Questions About
'How To Stop A Negative Thought Dead In Its Tracks'

Do You Have A Question You'd Like Me To Answer
On Tomorrow's Call?

If So, You Can Submit It To Me HERE:

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We Have Room For 99 People On This Call.

Here's Another Bonus Affirmation From My Newest CD
Sunny Thoughts: (TM) 'I Love Feeling Positive':


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If You Aren't Joining Us Tomorrow On The Call,
Would You Like To Get The Mp3 Recording?

If So, Go HERE:

Sunny Thoughts To YOU My Friend!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 21, 2006

How To Conquer Negative Thinking And Break Free In Your Life! = FREE Sunny Community Call Thursday, February 23, 2006

How To Conquer Negative Thinking And Break Free In Your Life!
= FREE Sunny Community Call Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hey There Friend!

I Hope ALL IS WELL With You ...
I Want To Personally Invite You To The Biggest,
Most Powerful, Most Important Sunny Community Call Ever!

I'm Holding Nothing Back ...
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can YOU Join Me?
I HOPE SO My Good Friend!

This Month's Sunny Community Call Is:

'How To Stop Any Negative Thought
DEAD In Its Tracks Every Time!'

'How To Conquer Negative Thinking And Break Free In Your Life!'

I'll Give You The Single Most Important Strategy
For Stopping Any Negative Thought Dead In Its Tracks!

In Fact, I'll Give YOU A Simple 3-Step Formula
That Works EVERY TIME!

No Longer Let Negative Thinking Hold You Back In Your Life!

Learn How To Conquer Negative Thinking ...
Negative Thinking Holding You Back?

Not After This 60 Minute Call!

Uncomfortable With The Negative Thoughts That Come Into Your Life?
How Would You Like To Conquer Them In 60 Minutes Flat?!!!!

After This Call,
You'll Know How To Conquer Negative Thoughts
AND Exactly How To
Deal With Any Negative Thoughts

I'll Give You Valuable & Incredible Specific Strategies
For How You Can Conquer Thess Demons Once And For All!!!

This Will NOT Be An Intellectual Entertainment Call …

By The Time You Get Off This Call:

-You'll Know Exactly How To Stop Those Negative Thoughts
Dead In Their Tracks!

-How To Take Control Of Your Life And YOUR MIND!

-And Have A Formula To Break Free
From All Those Negative Patterns At Any Time In The Future!

-I'll ALSO Give You The 5 Specific Reasons
Why Your Previous Attempts
(And Even Your Current Attempts)
To Stop Negative Thinking Have Failed ...
And Are NOT Working!

-I Know Why People's Attempts
To Stop Negative Thinking DO NOT Work.

-I'll Give You The 5 Deadly Mistakes
That No One Knows About Or Speaks About ...

-Any One Of Which Is Likely To Completely Undermine You
In Your Attempts To Stay Positive
No Matter How Hard You Try!!!

-I'll Give You A Simple 3 Step Formula To Correct
These First 3 Mistakes ...

-And I'll Tell You What To Think About

-And How To Speak ...
In Order To Eliminate Mistakes #4 & 5 Completely Forever!

So, PLEASE JOIN ME For This Once In A Lifetime
FREE Sunny Communuity Call.

Simply Go Here To Register Today:


Love YOU!
And ... Of Course ...
Sunny Thoughts to YOU My Friend!

~Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii, CPCC
'The Affirmations Genius' (*TM)

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