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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 29, 2005

Sunny's Affirmations Energize Me - Ar Lena - Houston, Texas, USA

Sunny's Affirmations energize me with power of the spoken word and positive thinking. My negative thoughts are replaced with optimistic solutions, stumbling blocks become stepping stones, and deferred dreams get a focused wake up call

Thanks for Your Testimonial Ar Lena!
To ALL Who Know YOU!

to Know YOU! :)

Much Love & Joy To YOU, Ar Lena!

Posted by Sunny at 04:43 PM | Comments (1)

Your daily affirmations via email have been really good - Gordon


I have been getting your daily affirmations via email and they have been really good. I was hoping for some advice however...I am making an affirmation CD for myself and was wondering if you have any pointers (ie: make it specific, don't use more than 100 affirmations, etc)

I would appreciate any advice.

Best Regards,


Hi Gordon,
Thanks for Writing.

Anything YOU DO Will Be MUCH Better than Nothing.
So --- Go Forth!
Do IT!

Sending You & Yours LOTS of LOVE & JOY!

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Hi Sunny I really wanted to make this community call - Carlo, Perth, Australia

Hi Sunny

I really wanted to make this community call this morning but I didn't get up in time.
Actually my alarm clock didn't work !
Can you believe it !
Just to let you know we are 2 hours behind Sydney time
which would make this mornings call .
Any chance to make it 5am next time Perth Time or
Midnight our time ?

Look forward to hearing from you
- Carlo, Perth, Australia

Hi Carlo,
I was thinking it was pretty early for you.
I was thinking maybe 4 am your time.

The November call is set.

I wasn't sure of the time zone for you,
because I don't know it you guys
"spring forward" and "fall back" for daylight savings.

Hawaii doesn't, but most of the world does.
I know the zones in the USA that do,
and I know England does.

Do you in Perth?

The timer countdown on this page:

is correct.
Perhaps you can use it to judge the time for you in Perth
in November.

If not, I will schedule future calls to be better for YOU! :)

I hope this helps!

Keep Up The Good Work Carlo!!!
Lots of Love & Happiness to YOU and Your Family!!!

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I had a great time on the conference call, thank you - Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

I had a great time on the conference call, thank you.
- Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA


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My access to 105 free affirmations - Ruth, Australia

My password is not working so I am not being allowed to access the site.
Ruth - Australia

Hi Ruth,

I'm Very Sorry You Missed One
Or More Of The Affirmations.

You can either sign up again HERE:

or make a small investment in the entire list HERE:

I hope this helps!

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I Can Assure You That They Were Sent Out
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I No Longer Resend Them, As I Mentioned
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It's Simply Not Feasible.

What I Suggested In That Message To You,
Was That If This Should Ever Occur To You,
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With The Ones You DO Receive ...

As There Are Many Reasons
They May Not Reach You,
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They Go Out To Nearly 4,000 People Daily
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One Possibility That May Help You
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My Best Investment
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Or Another GREAT Advantage Of Owning This List
Is That You Can Even Record
Your Own Voice Reading The Affirmations Aloud
If You Wish!

This Is Very Powerful! :)


I Hope You Are Enjoying The Fre.e Affirmations
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That's Part Of Why It's Fre.e, I Guess.

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To Write To Me And Accuse Me Of
Not Sending Some Messages To Her
In Order To Try To "Trick Her” … Into
Buying My Products! :)

I Couldn't Believe That She Would Really Think
Such A Thing ...

After I Have Poured So Much Love,
Blood, Sweat & Tears Into Sharing These Supportive
Thoughts And Affirmations.

However, I Have Learned That Everyone Looks
At Things Differently And Uniquely,
And I Moved On.

I Assure You That This Is Not A Trick To Try
To Get You To Invest In My Products! :)

I Have Put In Seemingly Endless Hours
Writing And Re-Writing The Affirmations
And Pep-Talks Many Many Times,
Always Trying To Improve Them For You,

And Hoping To Give You Tools
For Improving Your Attitude And Outlook,
Your Habits And Your Powers Of Focus.

I Sincerely Wish You Continued Success,
And I Assure You That Whatever Investments
You May Happen To Make In Any Of My Products
(If You Do Wish To Do So At All ... And Of Course
I Don't Expect It In Any Way) ...

Any Such Possible Investment ...
Will Go To Helping Me Fund The Creation
Of Even More Positive Energy For The World.

That Is My Highest Purpose In Life.

Much Love And Joy To You!

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Would love to purchase some cd's - Lucy - Australia

Dear Sunny

Thank you for your emails I look forward to receiving them however I
have one concern I do not like ordering things over the internet. I
would love to purchase some cd's is there any other way that I can
purchase these?
Lucy - Australia

Hi Lucy,
Sorry for the slow reply.
I only found your e-mail today - in my spa*m folder.

Anyway - the internet is the best way to order.
I can give you a 20% discount that way - it's easier for both of us.
And I Pay Big Fees monthly for the HIGHEST Totally Secure Order Process.

But if you still don't want to do it that way, here is the alternative.

I KNOW You'll like the CDs.
I never get refund requests - and MANY people have had big changes
due to repeated listening.

The more you listen, the more impact they have.
Sending You Lots of Love & Joy Today & Always!

Posted by Sunny at 03:11 PM | Comments (0)

l really appreciate you thinking about me - Dee - Tottenham, London, UK

Hi Sunny

I really appreciate you thinking about me. You are always
in my thoughts as well.

God bless yes
- Dee - Tottenham, London, UK

Thanks Dee ... and YOU ARE MOST Welcome!
Have a Super Week!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 13, 2005

A SUPER conference call! - N.J. Sacramento, California, USA

Aloha Sunny:

Congratulations on a SUPER conference call!

It would be GREAT if you could share a phone number with me.
I have a vision that I would like to discuss with you.

The long distance operator was not successful
in securing a phone number for you in Maui
or for your Inc., in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Happy Holidays,

N.J. Sacramento, California, USA

Hey There!

Thanks N.J.!
It was a good call.
I appreciated YOU joining us!

I have unlisted numbers.
I used to have an 800 number with voice mail
for people to be able to call me,
but I got so few calls that I seldom checked it.

The other MAIN reason I don't give out my number,
is because of the time zones.
The Hawaiian time zones seem to be especially
challenging for people.

My wife & I have been awakened at 4am far too often.

So, why not drop me an e-mail letting me know
a little about what you're thinking,
and if you want me to call you,
let me know your number and a good time to call.

I generally cannot return such calls,
simply because there are so many requests.

I now have more than 10,400 people on my
Sunny Thoughts List.

However, because I met you on a "Sunny Community Call"
I will do my best.
Thanks for writing, N.J.!

Posted by Sunny at 05:47 PM | Comments (0)