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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 27, 2005

Your Wonderful Affirmations CD - Jane Masino, California, USA

Thanks so much for your wonderful CD!

I listen to your CD on my way to and from work.
It always lifts my mood and gets my thinking back on track.

I notice the affirmations coming back to me during the day.
I really have noticed I am starting to feel better
about the direction of my life
and that my dreams are actually possible.

- Jane Masino, California, USA



Congratulations on Your Success!

Changing your thinking is a HUGE Break-Through.

You Deserve ALL The Credit,
for actually listening to my CD
and letting the thoughts become YOUR OWN!

Way To Go!
Thanks for Your Report,
AND please write to me again
about your Future Progress!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 10, 2005

Your Affirmations Encouraged Me - J, Canada

Wow Thanks Sunny,

I've missed you too...
Although Great news I've recieved My first Facilitators Certificate on Wednesday 200 Hrs and ...

Your affirmations encouraged me to make the most of the last few months from A low bottom feeding Junkie to The Teacher I know I am....

I've also recieved 3 gigs for my music for the next few months so thats exciting...

I performed a few of my songs the night of my grad wednesday and My students Loved it as well as all my peers.

I have alot of acceptance of this moment.
I'm so not used to what success I AM attaining right now.....

I am so grateful and I'd totally appreciate you keeping in touch with me.

I was also asked for my story For "Bloodlines" A magazine that creates awareness around HIV/AIDS here in Canada.

It will be coming out November 15th of this year 2 days before my birthday.
It's a little un-nerving, I did an interview last year on CBC's The Source radio and My voice left me right after It aired across CANADA.

It's just this time I'm putting my picture with my story a PORTRAIT sooo now everyone who reads that article will know who I AM and That I'm HIV+

Don't get me wrong I'm totally at ease with People Knowing
I just don't want them to look at me and see J whose HIV+ rather There's J
He's Healing and help do his part to create awareness in regards to people who Live with HIV rather than people who choose to Die from it or use it as an excuse to off themselves.

Anyways I guess I'm just asking for a blessing from my Coach and to let you know what I'm up to and just how much you've encouraged me to Change this moment of Now to best create a Life of service

Dr Wayne Dyer said Just do something....right so HERE I AM best wishes...
Beauty,Truth,Peace & Light
With Love speed
~ J

Hey There J!
Thanks so MUCH for letting me know of your recent success.
I know it's only a beginning
and that far more Greatness is Ahead for you.

I know YOU WANT SO MUCH for the world.
I know that YOU are a Teacher & A Leader.

I feel SO Flattered & Fortunate to have "met up" with you!!!
Keep Up Your Self Belief My Friend.
And YES ...
YOU DO DESERVE ALL of this Recognition Of Your Greatness
and Your Inspiration To Others.

Much LOVE & Joy to You J,
and to ALL Who Know YOU! :)

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Affirmation #3 of 105 ~ Dave ~ Broastairs, Kent, United Kingdom

Hi all at Sunny Hills

Thank you for thinking about me and sending me Affirmation #3 of 105.

I never thought of this one. I am now using this daily

Dave ~ Broastairs, Kent, United Kingdom

You're Welcome, Dave!
That's the WAY to Do It!
Good For YOU!!!

Hope all is well today in the UK!!!
(In Kent)

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I've Met Tom Hopkins & Been At His House - Elsie - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Hi Sunny

I answered your 3 questions and was listening to your radio interview. It was interesting to me that you had read Tom Hopkins books because I have met and been at Tom's house some years ago. He is indeed an interesting man. I also sold Real Estate for a number of years.

It sounds like you live in a beautiful spot.

I appreciate the affirmations, thank you.

Elsie - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Hi Elsie!
Thank You SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my survey.
It REALLY means a lot to me! :)

And WOW!
to have been invited into Tom Hopkins' home!
You must be really special.

I know he specialized in Real Estate Sales himself.

Perhaps I ought to let him know how much of an impact he had on my life.
He is TRULY an Extraordinary Man ...
Very Generous & Sincere
Very Caring & Giving.

Thank You for writing & letting me know of this special connection
between us, Elsie!!!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 08, 2005

THE POSSIBLITIES Are Endless - Denise B - Pembroke, Georgia, USA

Sunny, Reading the affirmations every day and chanting them aloud really helps. It's ok if you don't believe them at first (but just keep at it with an open mind of being able to accept them as being true!) "I am a high achiever." I have gotten more done with growing my business and getting things done since I started reading these affirmations -- a $100 dollar order, a $50 dollar, an invitation to an art festival -- THE POSSIBLITIES are endless and I am moving FORWARD! Thanks, Sunny!

Hi Denise!
Thank You for writing your testimonial and sending me your LOVELY Picture!
It's SO NICE to See YOU!!! :)

Thank You, too, for sharing your great progress!

I Love It that you've been chanting the affirmations aloud!
That can be so powerful.
What a glorious way to stimulate your brain and
all of your nerve centers.

The possibilities ARE endless
and YOU ARE On Your Way!
TREMENDOUS Work, Denise!!!

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YOU ARE A Beautiful Creature Of God & Nature ~ Barbara from Palmyra, Western Australia

Hello Sunny,
Yes this is Barbara from Western Australia,
I am writing to tell that yes I have been through a lot the word I am a high Achiever prove the point completely even though these last couple of weeks have been very trying for me, i let my feelings go at the Creator of this earth even though I knew it was not him or her doing it to me, i believe yes there is a devil i also believe that sometimes we give him or her the chance to try and take us over there we make our selves the devil. This too me was a testing time and learning how relax and meditate and feel good about myself.

Today Saturday the 27th August 2005, I feel very empowered about myself and yes it has come full circle. This does not mean the end a cirle has no beginning and no end sometimes to step out of that circle and start making a bigger circle i know i am trying to do just that it hard you have to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone.

I feel that Sunny that your affirmations have kept me focused even though sometimes i was driving myself mad even at one stage contemplating ending it.
Another friend said to me if you can not be good at it I like that one do you like that one Suuny. Thank you.
~Barbara from Palmyra, Western Australia

Hi Barbara!
Thank You for writing.
I'm glad you've made it through your "trying time."

Sometimes life is hard.
Yes, sometimes we can take risks and go beyond our comfort zone.
I don't believe in the devil.
I believe we are all good.

You are GOOD.
Sometimes we have negative voices inside our heads.
They are not bad voices *(I think).
They are merely trying to help us and they are mistaken & misguided.

The truth is YOU ARE A Beautiful Creature Of God & Nature.
You have survived and you have MUCH Goodness to share with the world.

Sending You Lots of Love, Barbara!
Your Friend,

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 07, 2005

Sunny IS ON MY TEAM In Life ~ Wendy Smith, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

"I am a high achiever."
I am on a personal quest.

I have used all of your affirmations
and forwarded some to my friends,
so they know that each day ...

I have someone on my team in Life.

His name is Sunny
and he knows that I must continue my quest
designing for myself.

Thank you Sunny.
I welcome any surprise emails or words of wisdom.
I use daily affirmations.
Thank you for your friendship.

~Wendy Smith, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada


Thank You for your kind words of a testimonial nature!

I Simply Love it that YOU have a clear plan.
Getting rid of ugly debt is SO FREEING.

And yes, I totally believe you can turn your nest egg into a ten fold larger nest egg.

Keep Your Vision Alive, Wendy!
I'm happy you've signed up for the affirmations again,
weekly this time.

Would love more feedback from you when/if you have it for me
via the weekly surveys, when you get your weekly affirmations
and pep-talks.

CLAIM Whatever YOU Want in this amazing life of ours
and you WILL make it happen! :)

You're definitely on the right track thinking of your friends
and being "considerate to humans!"

Love You, Wendy!!!

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Your Affirmations Give Me A Boost ~Bridget Hickish, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I really enjoy your affirmations.
Its a little boost everyday
reminding me to focus on me for just a second.

Since beginning ...

---I have got on
with changing my life for the better.

---Given up a job I hate

---and begun another way of life focusing on family,
home and time for those I love

--- including myself!

~Bridget Hickish, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Wonderful, Bridget!
Thank You for Your Kind Thoughts -- Your Testimonial.

I see that you've started them over again,
weekly this time.

You are special and you deserve the extra success
as you go thru them again!

I hope they help you more deeply this time!!!

What you can do for me ... perhaps is ....
Please help me with my survey questions
each week
if you care to.

Also, feel free to refer your friends &/or family.

Much Love & Joy To YOU and to All Those
fortunate enough to KNOW YOU!!! :)

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Your Affirmations An Inspiration & Helped My Life Intentions ~Jason - First Nations, British Columbia, Canada

Your affirmations have been such an inspiration to me
and totally helped my intentons for my life
and the events in my life take form.

I AM greatful for you time and energy ....
I've saved each and every one of your affirmations
and read them every time I get a chance ....

You have my gratitude and yes
I look forward to hearing from you as well ..
I'll drop you a line now and then if thats all right...

TAKE CARE AND BE BLESSED - For I have been throughout.
All the Best!
~Jason - First Nations, British Columbia, Canada

Hey Jason!
Way to go - completing all 105
and saving them, too!

I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED hearing from YOU
during the process.

to Giving YOUR Massively Wonderful Gifts To The World!

Thank You once again for writing to me.
Feel free to start them over again WEEKLY,

Each week I now have a SURVEY that I would LOVE for YOU to Answer,
if you might be so kind ...
and if not, I totally understand that, too.

Keep ON Keepin' On, Jason!
Every Step ADDS UP To Amazing Accomplishments And Achievements!
YOU have Inspired ME, too!
Aloha, My Friend!

ps - please tell your friends about my free affirmations :)
With Peace & Love and the Knowledge That YOU
are A TRUE Inspirations To ALL Who Meet You!
Your Friend,

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 06, 2005

Audio Testimonial in English - Thank You - Lucia - Riverview, Florida, USA

Sunny, This is one of the great situations of my life ... where "THANK YOU" is a very small word to compare with the spiritual help you have given me with my life! Thank You, Sunny! ...........
Lucia - Riverview, Florida, USA

Hi Lucia,
You ARE Welcome!
and Thank You for writing & calling in your testimonial!

I know english is your 2nd language
and it took a lot of effort to make the call.

So I appreciate YOU even MORE!
Keep Up Your Spirits!

You ARE Doing So Well!
Keep Going!
Much Love to YOU and Your Family!

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Any Other Means For Me To Listen To Positive Thinking? - Susie, Australia

Hey Sunny
So far i have been unable to be in a position
to get involved in your phone calls,
i was wondering if you have any other means for me
to listen to positive thinking.

I have been doing alot of work on my life
and i feel i need a boost. What would you recommend?

I look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
- Susie, Australia

Hi Susie ...
Yes, and thanks for writing.

Besides my affirmation CDs, Mp3s & Streaming Audios,

You can also find ...
On my website,
you will find several free audios

There are about 40 sunny-thought-of-the-day recordings
that I created last spring

You can find them by scrolling down my home page to
"categories" on the right side of the page as you scroll down
and if you choose "podcasts" under that "categories" title
you should be able to access all of them

Also ... I have 4 1-hour interviews
from last spring available to you
also under "categories"

If you click on "radio interviews of sunny"
these have fast forward and rewind buttons to help make listening easier

There are other resources I will be sharing with you from time to time as well.
I hope this helps, Susie!

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I'm on my own path and you're one of the reasons I'm there - Sean - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Sunny,
Sorry once again I won't be able
to attend your conference call.
Thanks for thinking of me.

I'm on my own path and you're one of the reasons I'm there.

I now have to start down that path on my own.
I'll let you know what happens along the way
and what is in store for me at the end.
Hope the call goes well, talk to really soon.
Sean - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Glad to hear or YOUR SUCCESS, Sean!
Please do keep me informed,
and I'll try to stay in touch, too!
Best Wishes For YOU
To Achieve All You Desire AND MORE!!!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

October 05, 2005

Your Wonderful CD - Jane Masino - Tustin, California, USA

Thanks so much for your wonderful CD!

I listen to your CD on my way to and from work.
It always lifts my mood and gets my thinking back on track.

I notice the affirmations coming back to me during the day.
I really have noticed I am starting to feel better about the direction of my life and that my dreams are actually possible.

- Jane Masino - Tustin, California, USA

Hi Jane!


I'm so happy to hear you're using it every day in a time and place
that works well FOR YOU ...
and that the affirmations are coming back to you
in your own mind and with your own voice
at other times of the day and night!

You're On YOUR WAY!!!

And Thank You for Your Kind Testimonial. :)

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Please Refresh My Memory - Tori, California, USA

Hi Sunny,
Please forgive me but I'm not sure who you are and who you are affiliated with. This may be something I signed up for and just can't remember and if so I apologize but if you could refresh my memory , I would be grateful, Thank you.

Hi Tori -
That's my wife's nickname, too!
Anyway, in answer to your question,
... I'm Sunny from
I give out free affirmations and pep talks weekly via e-mail

you might have signed up here:

sometimes well-meaning friends or family members will sign people up
but I highly discourage that

and I NEVER sign anyone up.

I hope this helps.
Wishing You All The Best, In Any Case!

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What Is The Cost Of The Sunny Community Calls? - Kathy

Hello Sunny,

Thank you for the invitation to participate in the calls. I am somewhat reluctant to participate although I imagine it would be a rewarding experience. I will put some thought on the possibility of participating. What is the cost?



No Cost Kathy
= another way for me to give
I love giving
(although I do charge for some things - like my audios, CDs etc.)

- although you'll be calling an Iowa number
and you will be paying for your phone call unless you have free long distance
or something like that.
Would Love to "meet" you on a future call, Kathy!

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