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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 12, 2005

Your Wonderful Amazing Affirmations - Barbie McGowan - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hi Sunny,

I have had such an amazing journey with you
over the last few month's
and have reached the 100th affirmation, just now.

"I am, a high achiever"
by beleiving in my self
and my ability,
and confirming that through your wonderful,
amazing affirmation's ...

I'm back, i'm 'me' again ...
(i'm laughing)
thank you soooo much,
sunny for being there...
from your #1 fan...
Barbie McGowan - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia :-)

Hi Barbie!
My #1 Fan!!!!


Nice to "meet" YOU!
I really appreciate your nice testimonial letter.

I'm so happy you are believing in yourself
and your ability!!!!

Let's Stay in Touch!

You can sign up again and take the series a 2nd time.

By popular demand, I've switched over to ONE Affirmation Per Week.

That could be really good 4 U ...
to meditate on them again SLOWLY.

If you like, you can go HERE:

to sign up.
In any case,, MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!

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Affirmations For Children - Stella, Anambra State, Nigeria

Thanks for your letters sending to me,
but pls write a new affirmation to me again
so dat i can copy it on diskette.

I prefer that way, as u have sending before.

pls if u have anything on children
for them to memorize in the church
because am one of children teacher
Evangelist in my church
on any material for them
pls kindly send to me.

through my E-mail or with these post address.

Hi Mrs. Stella Okoli - Mother of 5!!!

I have now changed over to your new e-mail address,
in my system.

I received your many messages.
Have been busy.
Thank You for your patience!

My CD is only available in CD - Not cassette tape.
Can you play CD?

I also love your request for affirmations for children.
I would like to create some.
What do they need/want help with?

Belief in self?
Happy with self?
Please tell me and I will work on it.

You ARE My Friend, Stella,
and I want to help YOU and Your Children.

and TO THEM!!! :)

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1 More Step In My Vida - Karina, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Thank for send me the affirmation.

In my job they will give me new position
one more step in my vida.

Every time i go back to read the affirmation.
Thank for that made me feel growing up.
Karina, Newark, New Jersey, USA



Woooo Hooooo!!!!!!


Good For You.
Karina, I hear from lots of people.
I love hearing from them.

And YOUR Letter is One Of the Very Best!
Makes Me SO Happy!
Thank You!

Keep Up With Your Good Affirmation Work.
Much Love To You!

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Affirmations 2nd Time Around - Hamizan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How are you?
Hope you are in excellent health
and everything else is fine.

I'm enjoying your affirmations
for the second round ... it is wonderful.

Taking this opportunity to wish you the ALOHA DAY
... have a good day and pleasant weekend
... wonderful week ahead ...
Wishing you a happy life
HAMIZAN, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Very Nice, Hamizan!
Thank You for Making Me Smile!
Much Love and Joy and Pleasantness
In Every Moment To YOU As Well!

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Thank You Ever So Much, Sunny - Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

ever so much.
I really appreciate you responding,
me know you are a real person.
Yes, I know you can't respond to everyone
and to my every email
but I do appreciate you reaching out to me....

I pray that I can find or be found that love
you have with your wife.
I have been on it seems like
such a long journey searching for love and
not finding it.

Through your affirmations you send me,
I pray that my thinking changes,
thereafter my circumstances as well
and that long lost
LOVE will find me.....

Again thank you, Sunny
~ Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

Hi Lisa,
You're so very welcome.
You WILL find your true love.
I know it.
I've helped a few super women to do it.

The main thing for you to do
is to write out
in your own handwriting
a long list
of all the qualities you want in your ideal mate.

Include small details.
How does he talk to you?
What does he give you?
What is it like when he smiles at you?

I'm just thinking in the moment here,
but you get the idea Lisa.

Be creative
and be thorough.
Include everything you want.

Write it out.
And create some affirmations about him finding you.
It can happen.

I hope this helps!
Love Ya!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 11, 2005

Heartfelt Gratitude, Life Has Never Been Sweeter - Sirke - Central Coast, NSW, Australia

(After Affirmation #105 of 105)

Dear Sunny,
Yes,I am on my way.

So much so that I am getting married
and am beginning an amazing new life
and my life has never been sweeter.

Boy, but I'll miss those daily affirmations,
they were so good to read and ...

You must be a very special person
to share so unconditionally
with all of us strangers.


So I just wanted to express my Heartfelt Gratitude
to you.

Shine On You Diamond You!
Sirke - Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Dearest Sirke,
for Your Kind Acknowledgment!

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage
and Your Amazing New Sweet Life!

You are SO Welcome!

By the way, I'm restructuring my affirmations to be WEEKLY
rather than Daily.

Feel free to sign up again to receive them Weekly
starting with #1 of 105 HERE:

or not ?
as YOU Wish My Dear! :)

You are So Exceptionally Expressive !!! :)

Thank You for Your Kind Words!
Much Love to YOU and Your Fortunate Fiance!

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Really Appeciate Affirmations You Send - Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

(After Affirmation #3 of 105)

Lisa, Willowbrook, Illinois, USA

You're Very Welcome, Lisa!
Thanks for writing to me to let me know.
Much Love & Joy to YOU and Your Family!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 10, 2005

These Affirmations Help Me FOCUS & Believe In Myself More & More - Heather - Devon, United Kingdom


These affirmations help me
to focus and believe in myself more and more.

So that instead of saying to myself:

"I don't know how I'm going to do ..."

I say:

"I don't know how I'm going to achieve ...but I know I will."

Heather - Devon, United Kingdom

Hi Heather!

Thank You SO MUCH For Letting Me KNOW


... Breakthru ...

You have had.



You TRULY Deserve All This Success and MORE!
Much Love To You, Sweet One!

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Love Your Affirmations, Sunny - Teresa - Holly, Michigan, USA

Hi Sunny,

I live in Michigan. I am married and have 2 boys.
I have been a stay at home mom for over 15 years
and my self esteem is a bit low.

I like to help people who need to talk.
I also like to travel and be active in my boy’s lives.
I am 40 and my confidence is not the best.

I am in hopes of affirmations and positive feed back will help.
I love your affirmations and read them every morning.Thank you,
Teresa - Holly, Michigan, USA

Hi Teri,

I want you to know that I also had very low self-esteem
and NO self-confidence for MANY YEARS in my life.

One Day a WISE MAN =
a VERY Kind Man told me that I was worthwhile.

I believed him.

He changed my life.

I hope I can help YOU change YOUR LIFE, Teri.

Even though we have never met,
I can "hear" that YOU Have A "Gift" for listening to people and
also for helping them.

Please TAKE IN Every Word Of My Affirmations and Pep-Talks
that you can, my dear, sweet friend.

and For ALL of Those Who
Are Blessed To Know YOU!

Much LOVE and JOY to YOU and Your Family!

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Fully Live Again - Nadine - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Hi Sunny Hills,
I'll admit that I have a bit of a problem believing
that is your real name. But this is not about you,
it's about me. You've asked for this a few times and
I've not responded because I find it difficult to
speak about myself and more difficult to write about
myself. You already know where I live because it was
on the registration and is on every email I receive
from you, Nadine Spurlock, Albuquerque, New Mexico,
USA. This is the high desert of the Great Southwest,
USA. I have many health issues that began prior to my
13th year and have continued; I believe that many, if
not most or all, of these issues are auto-immune
and/or genetic. Prior to about 13 years ago,
however, I had a life, active, happy, productive,
successful in everything I attempted to do.
I was married twice, widowed twice both times while
pregnant, and have 2 adult sons. I had a career as a
medical technologist, working in a clinical lab and
loved it, thought I would be doing it forever. The
last 3+ years I worked, I was working 10-14 hours a
day and didn't have much time for any other life but I
still loved what I did. But about 9 years ago, I went
on medical leave for the 6th surgery on my spine and
was told I would never go back to work again. My
reply was, "Of course, I'll go back to work, I always
go back to work." After 4 months of being bedfast and
some more months in a wheelchair, I finally was able
to use a walker but I've remained using a walker
since. By that time, I finally believed the doctors
and had to apply for disability. From then until
about 6 months ago, I had no life. I was mostly at
home, alone, my sons grown and on their own and my
only trips outside my home were for medical
appointments and church services occasionally. Six
months ago, I began to try to build a Shaklee business
out of my home. Finally about 2 months ago, I began
to understand how written goals and affirmations can
affect one's life and mental health and I began to try
to develop these.
Then I found your site offering 21 affirmations for
or people who want to be high-achievers
and I subscribed. I also purchased 2 of your CDs.
That's where I am now. I'm trying to practice
positive affirmations daily and I know that I am more
than all the diagnoses of my health issues. I know
I've still got a ways to go but I have made a start
and I am beginning to again have a life. My latest
personal affirmation is, "I AM a happy, healthy,
high-achieving businesswoman." I own my Shaklee
business; therefore, I am a businesswoman and I can
help others with health issues because I have been
helped and I know these products work amazingly well
and are safe. They are natural products, produced in
harmony with science and nature and they are safe for
the people who use them, for their children and pets
and for the environment. Shaklee introduced the
words, bio-available and biodegradable into our
My hobbies are reading and needlework, both counted
cross stitch and needlepoint. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat
and I am determined to lift myself out of this
existence-only life and back into a happy, active,
productive, successful life, interacting with many
other poeple on a daily basis. I will again be an
over achiever.
Thank you, Sunny, for the affirmations and pep talks
and your part in helping me to fully live again.
Love and peace to you and yours,

Oh Nadine,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing to me,
even though it's against your nature.

I feel so honored to know you.
I'm happy you have my CDs and I sincerely hope they help you.

Today, I just conceived of the idea of offering a package which includes
monthly call-ins and/or mp3s of the calls. (for $99)

My idea is to "grandfather" in wonderful people like you
who have already invested in my CDs.

We'll see if it happens ...

I have many things in common with you:

1) I went to college in Santa Fe - at St. John's College,
up in the Sangre De Cristos- 4 years and love the southwestern skies!!!

2) I spent a year in a wheelchair
after 5 months in the hospital
(when I was 12 years old)

3) I had my own business, after years of working for others

4) I did try network marketing (although I wasn't any good at it :)

5) I LOVE YOUR LATEST Personal Affirmation:
"I AM a happy, healthy,
high-achieving businesswoman."

The Truth!!!! :)

7) You Are SO WELCOME, Nadine!
You've made my DAY ... if not My Month and YEAR!

SWEET ONE!!!! :)

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 07, 2005

I'm A Shining Star Thanks To Your Affirmations - Shirley - Butler, Georgia, USA


Thank you for the affirmations.

The affirmations have helped change my life to a shining star.

They have helped me to develop
a great positive outlook on my future.

Thanks so much
Be Blessed,

Shirley - Butler, Georgia, USA

You ARE A Shining Star, Shirley!!!!

You are So Welcome.
Good for You!
You Have A VERY BRIGHT Future
and It's Growing BRIGHTER Every Day!

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Re: Affirmation #4 of 105 - Starbey

Re: Affirmation #4 of 105

Hi Sunny!
Thank YOU!


You're SO WELCOME, Starbey!
You are MORE than deserving!

It will make a HUGE Difference to All Who Know You
and to Yourself.

Much Love and Joy To You and Your Family!

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New Online Positive Radio Station - Scott - USA

Hi Sunny,

Things are going better here.
I've finally gotten most of what I need
for the home online radio station
and can now take guests.

Thursday, basically a new launch day,
I'll be able to take listener calls as well.

I'd like to try again
to see if I can get you on as a guest
or if you'd like to host your own time slot.

Thank you,

Hi Scott!
Congratulations on your progress!
Thank You SO MUCH for Your Update.

YES, I'd be happy to help you in any way.
Let's explore the possibility of you interviewing me,
according to whatever timetable suits you best.

How Wonderful that everything is falling into place for you!
I know it's actually A LOT of WORK,
and that you have worked very hard to make it happen.

Keep Going!
Keep Your Spirits Up!
Think Of the bigger picture of how much impact
you are about to have
upon the world!

Way to go, Scott!
Much Love to YOU and Your Family!

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Inspiring Words Are Appreciated - Anne - Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Hallo Sunny,
Thanks alot for all the good and inspiring words
you email to me.

Have got no words to say to you
but Let God take control of everything you do.
Thanks alot Sunny

Though you don't know me
and I don't Know more about you.
Here is a short history about my self.

I am kenyan Lady Aged 22 years.
I did my high school education in the year 2003.
And now I am a computer analyst
but mostly i deal with internet and email.

My mum died when i was only 5 years
that is in the year 1988.
Have been brought by my Aunt
but all the same have had a good life.

Have read mostly all your affirmations.

Kind regards
Your friend Anne

Anne, You Are SO Welcome!
Thank YOU for writing to me :)

You are VERY ACCOMPLISHED at a very young age, Anne! :)
You are an inspiration to all who know you.

I'm sorry you lost your mum so long ago.
There is nothing like a mother's love ...
and You ARE So Deserving.
She would be SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :)

I'm happy you have your aunt and the rest of your family.
Thanks again for writing, my friend.
Stay Positive.
Much Love to YOU and to Your Family!

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Finally Got A Job - Aleta - Spokane, Washington, USA

Hey Sunny
I finaly got a job after looking for 2 years!
I am a house keeper for the econo lodge
its varry hard work

14 to 20 rooms a day
so thanks for the affermation+++++++
its full time
so i have very little time

I have no idea whats going on with this letter
but i have to get ready for work
thanks again!
Your Friend Aleta - Spokane, Washington, USA

Congratulations Aleta!
I know how big this is for you!
A GREAT Accomplishment!
Hard Work is a Good Thing.
Stay Positive.
Stay Healthy.
Much Love and Joy to You, Aleta!

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