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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

August 03, 2005

Treasure Affirmations From You, Sunny - Hamizan - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(after completion of 105 affirmations by e-mail)
Hello Sunny

I'm good..thank about you?

Thank you for being with me all this time..
I treasure all the affirmations and wish you well.

Be happy and have a good life


Hi Hamizan!

What an HONOR to know YOU!

Thank You for writing to me.

I also treasure your presence in my life, Hamizan.

Feel free to start the entire series over again from the beginning,
if you wish.

Go here if you would like to do that:

Much LOVE and JOY to YOU and to Your Family!!!

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Positive Thoughts Enrich My Life - Kathleen - Australia

(after completion of 105 affirmations by e-mail)
Thank you so much
for forwarding your positive thoughts.

I am sure they have helped me.
Even just to open the e-mails
& see such positive thoughts has enriched my life.

Once again thank you, MauiSunny!
Kathleen, Australia

You Are MOST Welcome!
Feel free to sign up again and start all over from the beginning
with a NEW GOAL for Yourself.

Maybe you can focus this time on
or envirnoment - where you live
or work
or money
or friends
or exercise / diet ?

who knows?
feel free to start over again here:

PS - Kathleen
here are some products I have -
no obligation on your part to get these ...
want you to know about them
in case you want to MOVE RIGHT NOW
and they are an EXCELLENT Value
so, FYI ...

you can also order my PDF
of the 105 High Achiever Affirmations:
High Achiever PDF


my streaming audio:
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Sunny Thoughts (TM): "I'm Independently Wealthy" Mp3

Or "Independently Wealthy" PDF if you want:
write to me if you want this one,
since I haven't created a product page for this yet.

In any case, It's WONDERFUL to Meet YOU
and I hope to stay in touch with you.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 31, 2005

Sunny, Thank You For Shining Your Love & Light - Smiley - Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand


Sorry its been quite some time since i have written to you.
Please forgive me.
Times are changing
and if you don't move with it you are left behind...

However, I am thankful,
so blessed that i have met you on my journey.

I read your affirmations each and every day
and not only does it help me
but others that need them too.

I write them down
and always mention where they come from,

Thank you Sunny for shining your love and light
on this part of the world (or bigger picture).

Blessed each and every day, we all are!

Keep up the great work for each word you spread,
I help too, we are all part of a jigsaw puzzle
that makes ONE WHOLE.

Smiley - New Zealand

You're Welcome, Smiley!
SO NICE to hear from YOU!
Thank You for your kind words ... !!!! :)

It means a lot to me that you are continuing to DANCE
Your Way Through this Life ...
Giving SO MUCH to ALL who Know YOU!

Have A SUPER MONTH Of August, Smiley!
Much Love and Joy To You and Your Family!

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Achieving My Dreams - Tracy - Vancouver, Canada

Hi Sunny,
Glad I found your website....
Today I was swimming close to where I live
and decided
I need to create more income in my life.

I have had such a block
and it's time to get rid of it
and start make lots and lots of money!

I just started a new job a month ago
selling cars and want to sell over 10 cars a month
and be making over $5000 per month.

Plus I want to start a network marketing business
and believe I have found the right one
and want to be making over $20,000 per month.....

I have wanted to do this
for over 20 years
but have never committed to one.

The time has come and I feel with affirmations
I can go a long way to achieving my dreams!

My last goal is to buy our own home
with lots of space, inside and out
for our cats and dogs down the road!

from beautiful Vancouver!

Hi Tracy!
Thanks for writing.
Vancouver is such a lovely place ...
and YES ...
You CAN achieve anything you can "conceive and believe"!!!

How Super Wonderful It IS
that You have specific monetary goals.

Please also include a DATE by which to achieve them,
and also
the specific value - and/or service
that you will provide in exchange for this payment to you.

I invite you to try my affirmations cds
I'm A High Achiever CD
I'm Independently Wealthy CD

they are also available in Mp3 format if you prefer

Mp3 - I'm A High Achiever

or even in Streaming Audio - I'm A High Achiever
or as PDF printable affirmation lists.
High Achiever PDF
And if not - that's fine ...
I'm really not trying to sell you something,
but rather to let you know something about what is available to you.

Have a TERRIFIC Week!
I hope to be of service to you in some way now or in the future.
Wishing YOU MUCH Continued Success In ALL You Do, Tracy!

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