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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 30, 2005

Sunny, Your Affirmations Feed My Soul - Dr. Krista - Huna Ho'omaka Energy Healer

Hi Sunny!
I just returned from Kona,
swimming with the wild Spinner dolphin families!
I love The Big Island SOOOOOO much!
I am a wannabe hawaiian.

I had more Huna training, of course,
my career is in metamorphisis and I am definately emerging
as a spiritual leader...
where will I end up next.

I appreciate your special affirmations ...
they speak to me at a deep level
and feed my soul with a sense of belonging.

I have to put my seven year old to bed...
but i will write again soon.
Take care and ALOHA!
Dr. Krista

Hi Dr. Krista!
Sorry for the long delay in responding.
I simply cannot respond to many ...
I receive SO Many letters.
Anyway, very nice to read your letter to me.
Thank You for checking in and letting me know what's going on with you.

How Beautiful that You see yourself as a spiritual leader!
Thank You for your acknowledgment of my affirmations, too.
Feel fre*e to begin them all over again if you like.


Have a SUPER Month Of August.
PS - You ARE Hawaiian - many real Hawaiians have told me
... it's a heart thing, not a blood thing.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 29, 2005

I'm REALLY REALLY Enjoying Your Affirmations - Fe - United Kingdom


Hola Sunny!

Can I just say, I am really, really enjoying
your affirmations

I can feel the good energy
and vibrations you put in them

This particular affirmation I will be chanting
with all of my energy! LOL

People may think I have high hopes,
but I know that
anything is possible
in this universe,
so why not ask
for what you really want,
not what people think you should have.

When this affirmation starts to work for me
and the money comes rolling in,
I'm buying your CD and lots for my friends!

Many thanks!
Peace and Light!

Fe, United Kingdom

Hola Fe!!! :)

Extraordinarily, Exceptionally Beyond All Limitations!!! :)

I KNOW You Will Achieve All of this

Keep Those High Hopes.

When Your "Inner Critical Voice" Speaks Up ...
Thank it for sharing and dismiss it.

The REAL TRUTH is Exactly The Opposite
Of what it tells you.

Fe, You have "hit the nail on the head" ...
most people are afraid to WANT very much.

How Sad.

Anything is possible - AND MORE Than We Can EVER Imagine.
So ... why not ask for it?
Why not expect it?

Thank You for coming into my life, too! :)

PS - please tell your friends about me ... THANKS!
I want the BEST FOR THEM, Too! :)

Your Friend, Always ...

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Sunny, Thank You For All Those Positive Thoughts! - Millie - Orlando, Florida, USA

Thank you Sunny ...
For all those positive thoughts!
I copy them down everyday! :) :)
Take Care
~ Millie - Orlando, Florida, USA

You're So Very Welcome, Millie!
Good For YOU!

I hope they help YOU
in whatever You May Desire!

Much Love to You and To All Who Know YOU!

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Sunny, What Did You Learn From Napoleon Hill & His Book, Think And Grow Rich? - Hortencia - Austin - Texas, USA

I have the book
"Think and Grow Rich"

and did learn a lot of things,
but what 3 things did you learn?

~Hortencia - Austin - Texas, USA

Hi Hortencia,

It looks to me like you downloaded my PDF
on this ---
or at least you signed up for it.

If not, then ...
you can still read about the 3 most important things I learned
from Napoleon Hill's "THINK AND GROW RICH"

by going here:

If you have trouble downloading this file,
it may be because you need ADOBE ACROBAT READER,
which is a fre*e program
you can safely download here:

I hope this helps you.

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Sunny, You Are One Of A Kind - Jeff - Fair Oaks, California, USA

Thanks Sunny!

I really appreciate all you do.
You are one of a kind.

Also, I will be using a new email address
please keep me on your list with -

Thanks again.

Hey Jeff,
So Nice to hear from YOU!
You're SO Welcome, Jeff.

I hope we connect again sometime.
I'm curious about how your consulting biz is going.
Maybe we could talk.

Anyway, I've updated your e-mail address in my system.

Would hate to lose touch with you.
SO ... Thanks for the update!

Have a Super Weekend!

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Those Damn Negative Thoughts - Cutepen - Washington, USA

Hi Sunny,
I am cutepen. I live in the Northwest.
I am up to in my life trying to feel good about where I am.
I love writing, music, singing, dancing & helping others. I volunteer & have started a writers group & lead a group of six or more.
My job is a writer. I love to write because it an expression of myself & nobody can take my words or feelings away from me.
I have been throgh abuse, trauma & depression my whole life. It has set up boulders in my life which I have been trying to knock down all my life. So, I would like to feel good about the things I CAN do. I have been in the Navy, have a bachelors degree, worked most of my life.
I am not able to work or drive like everybody else & would like to be able to work part-time. If that is something I can do.
I am actually my worst critic so my friend has been telling me about positive affirmations for awhile. I just decided that this could be a good idea to knock out
those damn negative thoughts that seem to stagnate & pop up all the time.
Cutepen - Washington, USA

Wow! Cutepen!

You are amazing to have suffered and to have surfaced
and to have become SO CREATIVE
and Teaching - Leading Others, as well.

You have accomplished so much - BA, Navy, etc.

Yes, You CAN knock out those negative thoughts.
that we ALL have them, by the way.

It's human nature.
So, You're Not Alone.

Thank You for writing to me.
I hope You Enjoy My Affirmatations and Encouraging Pep Talks.
Much Love and Joy To YOU!

Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing, My Friend!

PS - My wife & I lived in Eugene, Oregon before we retired
6 years ago to move here to paradise.

Love that Northwest! :)
Love YOU, Too!!!

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*Build Your Business With Positive Thinking* - Interview of Sunny Hills, Maui, By Bob Sommers On Behalf Of UPS Store Owners

* Sunny Thoughts (TM) PRESENTS:
- Sunny Hills, Maui - Interviewed By Bob Sommers,
Of Maui, Hawaii, For United Parcel Service Store Owners*
-- Podcast of "How Can I Build My Business With Positive Thinking?"

~by Sunny Hills, CPCC, Maui, Hawaii
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Here's the Interview Link:
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From Sunny Hills, The Affirmations Coach (TM) - By E-mail HERE At:

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Sunny, Thank You For Your Kindness & Generosity - Janelle - Fountain Hills - Arizona, USA

Thank you for your kindness and generosity,
your enthusiasm is contagious
what a gift!
Mahalo, Janelle - Fountain Hills - Arizona, USA

You're Welcome, Janelle!
I wish I were keeping in better touch
and sending you a weekly affirmation.
We always want to do even better, don't we?

So, I'm very happy to hear from you,
and your very kind expression of gratitude.

Much Love to YOU and YOUR Family,
As Always!
Thanks for staying with me all this time :)
I appreciate YOU, too, Janelle!

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Sunny, You Brighten My Day With Your Warm Personality & Great Affirmations - Linda - Brooklyn, New York, USA

After Affirmation #2
I just have to tell you I really like your Emails
with the affirmations.

You brighten my day
with your warm personality
and great affirmations.
Keep up the great work.
Linda - Brooklyn, New York

Thank You, Linda!
It means a LOT to me to hear this from YOU!
Have A Super Weekend!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 28, 2005

Achieved My Goal - Kimberly - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Hello Sunny,
Thank you for your words of encouragement. It made my day.
I achieved one of my goals last Monday!
A bit of history first.
I've been shy all of my life. In 1989 I quit my first job after the first day and stayed in the house for the next nine years. I pushed myself to get out and find a job to help my mother pay the bills.
I worked in fast food for one month. Housekeeping for three years. Now I am a central service tech(dealing with sterile supplies and instrumentation)
I went back to school to be a surgical technologist. When my instructor informed me that I was no longer in the class because of my grades, she added something else that was 10 times worse than failing. She talked to me about being shy and quiet. It felt like Id just been knocked down and kicked in the stomach for good measure. She made me feel like I was fundamentally flawed and unsuited for the profession.
After a few weeks of crying and cursing, I found a website on how to overcome shyness.
I set a few goals.
Last Monday, I went to a religious commemoration service. This was a VERY BIG DEAL for me. I have been wanting to attend this church for about seven years. I kept putting it off because of fear.
The day before, I used positive thinking to push back the very negative thoughts I was having.
I went and it was a very pleasant experience.
I'm going to go set some more goals for the week.
Have a great day!

Kim ...

This is HUGE.

Congratulations to YOU, Kim!
I'm SO Proud of You.

"10 times worse than failing ..."
that sounds so painful.

Even though I tell people every day that "failure" is a good thing,
I myself am also subject to the horrible feelings it creates
and I also have an impulse to AVOID it.

YOU ... are such an inspiration!
Thank YOU so MUCH for sharing your story with me.
I feel deeply honored to hear it.

GOOD - GREAT - SUPER WOW - for YOU!!!! :)

Please also tell me of the website that helped you so much.
It would be nice for me to see.
Thank YOU again for writing.

Much LOVE and JOY to YOU, Kim!
Way to GO!

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Can I Pay For Teleconferences By Any Off-Line Method? - Kevin

Hello Sunny;
I am enjoying your E-mails very much!
Are there any other options to submit payment
for your telephone discussions,
such as Western Union?

I hope so.
Please advise, as I am unable to use the credit card method.
Best Regards,

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for writing!
All of the 5 programs I started with filled up quickly today.

However, I will be offering more.
Whenever you see one you want to take,
Just write to me here
- at this e-mail address
(from which I send my affirmations)

from the e-mail address
WHERE YOU receive my affirmations
... and I will send you the call-in info right away
to reserve your spot!

And then you can simply mail me a check
for the appropriate amount
Sunny Hills
475 Front St #605
Lahaina, Hawaii
with a note saying what the payment is for.

How does that sound to you?
Simple enough I hope?
Have a SUPER Day!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 27, 2005

Your Energy, My Friend Bob Sommers & A New Doorway For You NOW!

Your Energy, My Friend Bob Sommers & A New Doorway For You NOW!

Please Check Out the above Link.

PS - Bob Sommers Interview and PDFs are On The Way to You SOON!

Hey There, My Friend,

Thank You SO MUCH For Being With Me On This
Incredible Journey Through Life!

YOU ARE A Positive Thinker!

YOU ARE A Source Of Greatness!

It's A Total HONOR For Me To Be In Communication With YOU!

Thank YOU For Allowing Me To Share An Extra Affirmation
With YOU Today ...

Here It Is:


This is the Truth About You - My Friend!
I KNOW It's True - and So Do YOU!

Take This Affirmation Into Your Core Being Today.

It is the TRUTH!

If You Have An Inner Critical Voice,
That Casts Doubt On This To YOU ...
then say 'BYE!' to That Voice.

I have a friend here on Maui,
Whom I feel SO HONORED to Know.

I Really Can't Believe My Blessings
In Having Met Him
and In Being His Friend.

And Wonderfully GENEROUS, WISE & KIND
Individuals I Have Ever Met.

He has a free website
about marketing called:

and he has interviewed some of the most powerful people
in the business world -
all of the Mp3s are FREE

Go to His Site and LEARN!

I was fortunate to be interviewed by BOB
for UPS Stores,
whom Bob is serving at a private PAID website.

He said I could share this brief audio interview
WITH YOU - because you are on my list.

and he got so much good stuff out of me

You can listen to it for fre*e in a few days,
once I put the audio on my site.

I'll write to you about it soon.
My Goal Will be to send it to you in the next 48 hours.

At that time -
feel free to also download my 3 free PDFs
for Entrepreneurs at that location,
if you want.


is opening Today - Right Here Right NOW:

I am offering a New WAY Of Being With ME ...

Please Go HERE to Read About It:

I Would LOVE To 'Meet' YOU!

Much Love and Joy to YOU!

~Your Greatest Fan & Supporter ...

PS - I Sure Hope I Get To 'Meet' YOU on One Of My NEW
Conference Calls!

Woooooo Hoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's Talk!!! :)

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I'm Using Your High Achiever Affirmations CD To Begin Anew - Mollie - Powell, Ohio

I live in Powell Ohio a suburb of Columbus Ohio.
I am a mother of 2 young children and a wife and a business owner.
I am President of an executive search firm.
We specialize in the recruitment of healthcare leaders.

I have been in this business for over 21 years and started my own company in May of 2001.
I hope to achieve a more positive attitude
so that I may first and foremost be a better role model
for my kids and achieve greater results
as a business owner and partner to my clients.

I have many attributes but need to work on my thoughts.
So with your CD and daily affirmations
and other work I am doing I am ready to begin anew.


Hi Mollie!
Thanks for writing!
I'm glad you ordered the CD and I hope you use it often.
It will help you to create momentum and keep you moving forward
and onward to better things - as you wish!

I like your website - especially your picture, although I wish it was
on your home page, too.
I see that your site is much like a brochure and doesn't get much traffic,
but it's very professional looking and I hope it serves you well.

That's a great field you're in.
My wife was in healthcare administrative work, before we met
(& when we met).

Being in business for yourself is certainly challenging and it has its rewards, too.

I just wanted to say "Hi!"
and to Wish You MUCH Continued Success!
Much Love and Joy to You and Your Family!

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What If Visualization Is Hard For Me? - Glenn - Manitoba, Canada


My name is Glenn and I am 41 years old. I live in a northern community in Manitoba, Canada. I am an outdoors person who enjoys fishing, hunting and spending quality time with my girlfriend and her five year old son. We have been together for two and half years and I shortly plan to ask her to marry me.

I have a post secondary education in Structural Technology and am certified in my field. I did not start my education until I was 29 and graduated when I was 35. I have been working this field for the past six years and have found that I still have not found my calling. I started looking for a business I could operate from home to allow more time for my family and the things I enjoy so much in life.

I did my research and decided on Liberty League International (LLI). If you are not aware LLI offers products in Personal Development. I started part time in April and was laid off from my job at the end of May and started full time. It was a blessing in disguise and I believe I attracted this into my life. I have been working hard on my Personal Development, but have had no success in having people join my venture. We are facing financial challenges and as life goes, I have been offered two positions working in my field over the past couple of weeks. I find this puzzling since during my visualizing and affirmation periods all I vibrate on are independence and being an entrepreneur. It makes me wonder if my subconscious is really listening to my thoughts as these opportunities to take me back to my old programming present themselves.

Is this a test? Are you really sure you want to do this Glenn (be an entrepreneur)?

I declined both offers!

During my meditation periods I do not see vivid images of what I want or where I like to be in my quite and happy places. Is the thought simply enough or do I really have to see vividly what I am thinking? I have heard others express this and have heard no conclusive responses.

I truly believe in my business opportunity, but do fight the demons of my old programming and start doubting my beliefs and believing my doubts. I am programming different responses when I start thinking this way, but this seems to be a long road...

My relationship with my son and my girlfriend have greatly improved and for this I am very grateful. I have never been around children and found it hard to cope, at times, with that. I have an affirmation which I use daily and when tension builds between us:

I am taking steps towards having more patience and that makes me happy!

This works 99% of the time with odd old programming outburst. Every time I feel my old programming of impatience, I quietly say this to myself and as if by magic, I am calm. This has been the leading evidence for me this works and I continue to strive forward.

I look forward to your affirmations and have been writing them in my journal. I somehow lost the fourth one; would you be able to send it to me to include in my notes. I understand you are marketing your products and seminars and I appreciate your time. We currently are facing many financial challenges and cannot (at this time) consider purchasing anything beyond what our immediate needs are. I do appreciate you marketing approach and have not at any time felt pressured to purchase. Thank you....

Well you asked for a little insight and you got it. I have been truly endeavoring down a path of a servants spirit by telling people in my circle about the benefits of positive thinking and affirmations. I have been going out my way for people to help in any way I can; this definitely has a fulfilling feeling for me.

Thanks for your time,

Glenn, C.E.T. (Formerly) Now Just Entrepreneur.

Hi Glenn,
Thank You for writing!
Congratulations on your decisiveness about being an Entrepreneur.
It is not an easy road.
It is not for everyone.
There is no security to it, although it does have other rewards
or potential rewards.
Only YOU know what is best for YOU!

Regarding vivid mental images in your meditations ...
You are not alone in having difficulty with this.

Please buy a copy of THINK AND GROW RICH, by Napoleon Hill.
You can get a new or used copy for less than $5.

The key for you,
I believe,
will be writing down your vision of what you want for yourself.
There is an exercise early in that book of creating your
Definite Chief Aim Statement on a single piece of paper
and reading it aloud twice or more times per day.

Nothing is more powerful than this.
A Vital component is including what VALUE you will be giving in exchange
for what you want to receive, and by what specific date.

Want something BIG for yourself.
Create a Burning Desire for it.
Read My Affirmation E-mails.
Your written statement, once you create it,
will help you to visualize something specific in your meditation sessions.

Please let me know if this helps you.
Buying my products is NOT necessary.
I only charge for them because I also believe in being paid for giving something of value.
Also, I find that people value something more, if they pay for it.

If I had charged you $50 for this reply,
you would value it more.
That's just the way things are.

Good Luck to You!
Keep in touch and let me know of your continued successes.
Remember that "failure" is simply "non-success"
and it's only for this time.
Keep going and You WILL Succeed.

I hope this helps.
Much Love & Joy to YOU & Your Family!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 25, 2005

Wow, Wow, Wow, I Enjoy Your Imagination Sunny - Marina - Russian Federation

Hello! my friend, Sunny,
Wow, Wow, Wow, I Enjoy Your Imagination.
I'm glad to hear you again and again.
I feel amazing
after reading your messages every day.

When I get up,
I'm starting with you.
You are lighting the light in my mind,
you are making to smile from heart,
you open the way and show the sun.

When I say "No" you are telling me "look,
this is beautiful,
try one more time and you are gonna
have the success
And I feel,like I have real friend
with a great experience.

Thanks for making me happy
and trying to explain that thing ,
which I didn' know before.

~Sincerely, Marina, Russian Federation

Good For You, Marina!
You Are Very Welcome!

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