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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 08, 2005

A Miracle of Self-Support! - Kath Quinlan - Nottingham, East Midlands, UK

I began saying this last week when you sent it me
through to my e-mail.

The main problem I have had is with self sabbotage in the past and I had to hand in my last assignment for a degree course.

All week end I kept saying to myself and low and behold I did on time and complete... a miracle
Thank You

Great Kath!

Thank You for this testimonial and report
of Your Success!

Self Sabotage is a natural condition of being human.
I'm happy you're using my free daily e-mails to help
give you Self-Support
to counteract the Sabotage!

Good For YOU!
Keep Up Your GREAT Self-Supportive Efforts.
You Deserve It!
~Sunny :)

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It's Not About "Get Rich Quick" - Susan - McKinney, Texas

Hi Sunny:

Thank you very much for the three "surprise" gifts.
I recognized the first series of 105,
but the Independently Wealthy affirmations were new to me.

I will do my best to make a change in my life
through reading these daily.
I'll be certain to contact you
if any new and positive changes start happening.

Again, Thank you for the encouragement and God bless you
and your family for motivating others to learn more about
their inner talents and to begin to achieve BIG dreams!

(I'll keep hoping, at this late I've said before,
I am 65. It will be interesting waiting and watching what
each new day will bring.)

- Susan - McKinney, Texas

You're So Welcome, Susan.
Yes, I have not really promoted the Independently Wealthy CD
or PDF
, although several have been sold anyway.

The Independently Wealthy Affirmations are not about
"getting rich quick" or anything like that.

They are more about creating a feeling of security
and a good feeling about being wealthy.

So often, even the very rich feel they never have enough.
I believe feeling secure and positive
about what good you will do
with your money are very important,
so that is the emphasis here.

You are 65 years young.
Many very successful people have begun their ventures
at 65 OR LATER!

So, if/when your inner critical voice tells you
that you're too old,
say: "thank you for sharing your perspective"

and then DISMISS it!
go on with your venture, your actions,
your thoughts and plan.
OK, Susan?

You don't have to reply - it's a rhetorical question :)

Anyway - did you successfully get the e-mail
at your other e-mail address that had instructions
on how to get the streaming audio
of High Achiever?
and did you get the e-mail forward of CJ Hayden's newsletter
that I sent you?

Her main article this month was pertinent to your question earlier
about which venture to move forward with.

Thank You for your thank you note.
It makes it all worthwhile - being appreciated.
I appreciate that about YOU! :)

I hope You and Your Husband have a SUPER Weekend!
~Sunny :)

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Reach For The Stars Everyday - Susan - McKinney, Texas, USA

Hi Sunny:

Thank you for your reply and motivation to dream BIG dreams!
I'll do my best to reach for the Stars everyday (with prayer)
and hope I'll "learn how" to dream BIG dreams. I need to
visualize more and actually see myself achieving. That's
why I signed up for your Positive Affirmations
as I knew this
may bring some joy to my later life and they are helping.

Again, thank you so very's such a blessing to know
you. Oh by the way, I did read "Think and Grow Rich"
many years ago. I'll read it again plus will purchase the other
you recommended. (Get Clients Now!)

McKinney TX

Hi Susan,
You're so welcome.
Good for you.

I had to research what address you were signed up at
in my system - which e-mail address - not this one,
and I found you! Yay!

So, I see that you finished the free 105 affirmation series with pep talks.
You might consider signing up again here:

also, I want to send you three gifts,
due to your limited income.

The first is my High Achiever PDF
the second is my Independently Wealthy PDF
and the third is the Streaming Audio Version of my High Achiever CD.
The streaming audio quality is NOT cd quality ...
but it's free for YOU from me.

Your gifts will come in 3 e-mails.
I don't usually do this.
But I really like it that you write so well
and that you are so motivated.
You DESERVE to Succeed, My Friend!

I'll be sending these to you in a few minutes.
Have a SUPER Friday Tomorrow and weekend ahead!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 07, 2005

How Courageous Of YOU! - Jace - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Sunny
My name is Jace.
I'm a recovering addict.
I haven't had a chance to get back to you because
I just recently cleaned up.
I'm in a recovery house In Port Coquitlam Bc Canada.
I'm 33 First Nations "Blackfoot"
I'm A singer Songwritter With an innate fear of success.
I'm Hiv+ Diagnose in 97
I'm Healthy though through faith and the power of intention.
I'm a Worrier Of the Light....
I've read Conversations with God
By Neale Donald walsch
and really see my belief validated
through what I've felt and read.....

I love your Affirmations .....
I am blessed for finding your site
and I am greatful for your input and time

I don't have alot of time right now
"Library and all"
however will make time in the next couple of days
now that I have a little bit of freedom
to look over what I've missed since
I got into this house I'm in....

I appreciate the interest
and again thanx for the interest...

You're So Welcome, Jace!

Congratulations to YOU for the steps
you are taking!

How courageous of YOU!
It takes a real sense of conviction
and belief in yourself to do what you have done
and what you are continuing to do!

You are on your path.
It is a GREAT ONE, too!

Most of us do not believe in ourselves.
That can change.
You have the power.
You have the strength and courage.
Keep up Your Good Work and Progress!

Much Love to You and to All Who Know You!

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New & Enlightening Changes - Susan

Dear Sunny:

Thank you for the wonderful changes
that are starting to take place in my life.

I have taken your 105 positive affirmations
and I am already beginning to feel new and
enlightening changes taking place.

I am 65 and am determined to continue having faith
that I will have a better life with each passing day.
One of the gifts I was
blessed with as a child is creating new ideas
for new products and new businesses,
but have done nothing
but give companies free ideas for years.

They make millions, I make nothing
and now at 65 I am beginning
to realize what low income really is all about.

At my age, I can't expect to be hired by anyone and to find
Clients would be an additional miracle come true.

I have decided to begin a new adventure into business.
I thought what can I do well?
I think I can organize well, so why not start
a professional organizer business.

Start out with the home
and expand as time goes on...what other business should
I consider at my age?

I could go into Avon? or Mary Kay?
or sell Art Prints to stores? or on the Internet,
but I would like to succeed at a business
where all my talents will be used
and where I can actually create a business my grandchildren
can help in eventually.

I was fortunate to have a Grandfather
who owned a food market business when I was a child,
so was brought up in a business-oriented family
and it comes naturally to me,
but never have the additional income
to afford to start my own business.

My husband is not interested
in business, so it will be entirely up to me.
Although my husband is very talented in many areas,
he thinks retirement is retirement
even though we really haven't much money to retire on.

You will not believe this,
after my medicare payment is taken out
of my small Social Security check and I make about
$150 a month.

Any suggestions you can give me will be greatly
I plan to continue on with your positive affirmations.
It, truly has done wonders for me.

Thank you again for caring, sharing and listening.
I pray all your dreams come true. (I hope mine will too)

God bless you and your family,

Hi Susan!
You're Welcome!
It sounds like you are coming to some important realizations,
and you are believing in yourself more.

It's key that you are wanting more for yourself,
and that you want to use your talents and leave something
to your grandchildren, too!

I think your idea of starting an organizing business is super.
You like it, you're good at it.
You can go and grow at your own pace.
It takes low or no overhead.
Sounds perfect.

I encourage you to dream BIG Dreams
Unbelievable Dreams.
Why not?
They are only unbelievable at first.
Then they slowly become reality.

Have you read the book: "think and grow rich"
by Napoleon Hill?

It is very cheap in paperback -- used or new ---
maybe $5
and all success books ever written have mostly come
from that one book.

Check it out!
I like Get Clients NOW!
only 19$
by C J Hayden
You can read it and put it into motion on your own.
One step at a time.
Keep using my affirmations.
Good Luck.
Much Love and Joy to You and Your Husband!

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This Affirmation Came At A Very Good Time - Jill - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Hello Sunny,

I was happy to read that your trip to Alaska was a good one. I've
never been however, I've seen photos from my parents trip there. It is
beautiful landscape.

Thank you for this affirmation; it came at a very good time. I've been
working on clearing out "old stuff and possessions" from my spare bedroom
and basement. I decide if I want to keep it or do I want to clean it up
and donate it to my church's mega "garage sale." Your affirmation is a
good reminder that although the work is slow going -- I'm making progress.


written re:

Super, Jill!

Yes, Alaska was beautiful.
I hope you get to go sometime.

Good for you to take on such a huge project.
Noticing what we HAVE DONE
is often one of the hardest things for us to do.

Keep Up!

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Learning To Breathe - Nancy - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wonderful, Sunny!

Just what I am doing
Learning to breathe!


In reference to this Sunny Affirmation:


Please notice that it has two parts ...
The 1st part is for the INHALE of your breath.
The 2nd part is for the EXHALE of your breath.

Very Powerful Stuff!

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Today Is A Sad Day In London - Amie - Hemel Hempstead, England, UK

Hi Sunny,
I'm working on the

"I love who I am"

Today is a sad day in London
as terrorists have attacked and innocent
people have been killed,
cant fathom why some people
are so messed up,
so your daily affirmations keep me
positive in times of darkness.
hope its sunnier in
hawaii. peace out. **

Hi Amie!
Thank You for writing!
I'm so sorry for you,
and Everyone in London,
and indeed, the world,
that we have such a situation.

I'm happy to hear you're using your 105 affirmations,
and especially the self-love affirmation you mentioned.

Please keep yourself safe and happy
as well as you can.

Much Love to You and to Everyone in the UK!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

July 06, 2005

An Amazing Way To Start The Day! - Lisa

Good Morning, Sunny!

What an amazing way to start the day,
by receiving your emails :-)

Thanks for your response
and I understand that you would be very busy and
unable to reply to all your emails,
just wanted to know how special it feels
to have your emails.

Your positive outlook is fantastic
and I love the way you talk and think and
hope to be more like that.

I always find it interesting how different people
come into your life, how
you meet and how they can change your life forever.

Do you have any affirmations for finding
the right person??

Or maybe its just believing that you derserve someone
that is good to you.
I hope to find someone that
I connect with on many levels, it just seems
hard to meet someone that you click with
and want the same things from life,
but I guess at the moment
I have something more to learn by being alone.
Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day

You're Welcome, Lisa!

Re: your question --
Do you have any affirmations for finding the right person??

None written up that I can send you, Lisa,
however, I have successfully coached several women
in finding their ideal mates,
whom they married a year or two later.

I think the most important thing is to visualize,
list and write down
the qualities and characteristics you want in a mate.

That's what I helped my private coaching clients to do.
I also helped them to believe they were deserving
of having that perfect partner.

You can connect with your perfect partner,
if you make up your mind that
YOU DECIDE on WHAT QUALITIES you want to find.

Keep up Your Attitude And Raise Up Your Belief In Yourself.
~Much Love,

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The Personal Touch That Helps People - Colleen - Canada

Hi Sunny
I just read the letter of success
*from Sharon Richman*(7-1-05).

Wow. You do have the personal touch that helps people.

I do read your e mails because they are short first
and I seem to always lack hours in my day.
I own and operate a licensed daycare,
Work for the school district as an
Special Education Assistant,
Teach First Aid & have first aid business, and
work at the aquatic center one 4 hour shift a week,
have one son still living with me,
am a single mom since my children were ages 2,4,6.
Have a significant other relationship in my life
and am burnt out.
Hope you have a great day.
In Canada we are celebrating Canada Day!
Take care Colleen

WOW! back to You, Colleen!
You ARE busy!

I see that you've gone through
all 105 of my affirmations by e-mail.
Thanks for introducing yourself to me.

I'm not clear if you want anything more of me.
(regarding the "burn-out" or anything like that :)

Sending You Good Thoughts,
and Knowing that YOU ARE Masterful
in Organizing Your Life and Work!

Hope you had a Great Canada Day! :)
~Much Love to You and Your Family!

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Your Daily Affirmations Have Aided Me - Ali Crane - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Sunny ...
You came into my life when it was at its lowest.
Your daily affirmations have aided me
to become more centered and filled with knowingness
that what I affirm manifests ...
and has already manifested ...
~Ali Crane

Hi Ali!

Thank You for Your Kind and Thoughtful Testimonial.
I Wish You MUCH MUCH More Love & Joy
as You continue on Your Journey!

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I've Been Especially Touched - Di - Boise, Idaho, USA

Hi Sunny!
I live in Boise, ID with my husband of 14 years.
We have 3 boys: 11, 7 & 3 who keep me VERY busy! So forgive me for not
a bit about myself with you sooner.
I'm a stay-at -home mom whose trying to be positive and work on
bettering myself.
When I have the time I enjoy cooking, crafts, exercising, gardening,
listening to music,
reading and watching movies.
I have struggled with self-esteem most of my life, spending years being
depressed and
battling eating disorders. A lot of that is behind me now so I've made
much progress from
where I used to be, however I'm nearing 40 and want to make the most of
my life.
I need support in achieving self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance...
I've heard about daily affirmations over the years but never made a
serious attempt at
using them. When I stumbled upon your website I was so excited to have
found what I
was looking for.
I have not been fully faithful so far in practicing them daily but new
habits take time.
I've really loved how you've included other words of encouragement with
each affirmation.
You are very good at what you do and have a gift with words. I've
especially been touched when
you've shared your own personal experiences and I get to learn a little
something about you.
I look forward to your email every day!
Thank you for making a difference in my life...

your friend,

Hi There, Di!
I hope You're having a Wonderful Idaho Day!
Thank You for your patience with me responding to you.
I get so many nice e-mails and seldom get a chance to write back,
simply because there are so many.

YOU ARE Very Expressive Yourself.
I hope my affirmations are helping you the way you wanted them to.

re: being faithful to doing them every day ...

it's fine to do the best you can.
You have your hands full with your family,
and you are very fortunate to have them and for them to have YOU!

I loved reading your letter
and I hope to support you in any way I can.

Sending Much Love and Joy to YOU and to Your Family!
~Sunny :)

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Your Affirmations Have Helped Me Keep My Focus - Sheila Rogers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Testimonial Letter from Sheila Rogers, after completing #105 of 105 Affirmations

Hi Sunny,
I've throughly enjoyed receiveing the Sunny Affirmations. If there is another set that you have please share. It's going to be strange not to havae them come to me. I also wanted to say with a resounding YES!!!, Please send affirmations as often as you would like. They have helped me keep my focus & I appreciate the time you've taken to send them to me.
Sincerley, Sheila

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for letting me know how you feel!
AND, I'm glad my affirmations have helped YOU!

One possible idea for you is to start the entire
series of free daily e-mails over again,
from the beginning by going HERE:

Another possibility is for you to get my PDF of all 105:

or even better,
is my CD:
because it keeps you focused ALL The Time,
simply by playing it in the background.

If the CD is too much money for you,
there is an Mp3 version that is about half price:

or even a streaming version that's easy to use,
but which is limited to use on your computer:

I hope this helps!
Let's stay in touch.
Wishing YOU All The Best of Everything!
~Sunny :)

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I Hope You Continue With It For A Long Time - Kathleen - Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Hi Sunny

Thank you for sending me your daily affirmations. I am not very good at talking about myself but will have a go. Most of the reason for choosing to receive the affirmations is to try and boost my self confidence and self love which has taken a bit on a knock over the past couple of years. I have 2 children aged 8 + 4 and split up from their father (after 15 years) 2 years ago. I then decided I wanted to 'fix' my life so left the office i worked in and started college. I am now a complementary therapist and just graduated yesterday (ye ha) with Diplomas in Stress Management, Clinical Practise and Health Care. I have also just completed my 2nd degree Reiki which I feel has already made a big difference to my life. I am trying to get work voluntary in a local drug/alcohol rehab centre and the local hospice as I intend to return to college next term to study advanced refl exology, after that I hope I will have the confidence to go back out to work full-time preferably in some kind of hospice or rehab setting. I still have a long way to go in getting my life sorted and am trying to stay positive everyday, your affirmations are a great help there.
Well thank-you again for what you are doing and I hope you continue with it for a long time.

With Love
Kathleen x

Hi Kathleen!
Thank You for your patience in waiting for my reply.
Congratulations on going back to college.

Old Ben Franklin said,

"Empty the coins in your purse to invest them in your mind, and your mind will fill your purse to overflowing."

No one is positive all the time.
Just keep doing your best!
I'm glad you're liking my affirmations
and daily pep talks.

My CD is even more powerful,
because it runs continuously in the background
and feeds your mind
with no effort on your part.

Have a wonderful week!
~Much Love to You and Your Children!
~Sunny :)

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Can We Make 10,000 Sunnys? - Cynthia - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Thank you for your gorgeous affirmations and enthusiasm ...... can we put you through a copy machine and make 10 000 Sunny's?
Only kidding but just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am traveling along very nicely and that I listen to your cd and read my affirmations every day. Yes, life is good, business is good and I'm a very happy little lady .... thank you !!!
Love and hugs

You're So Welcome, Cinnie!
Thank You for sending me your update.
I remember your previous writings to me
as ALREADY being Extraordinarily Positive
Yourself, even before you got my CD
or my affirmations!

You are a GIFT to everyone who knows You.
Thank YOU for sharing Your Gift of Self
with me!

Much Love and Joy To You, Cinnie!
And Keep Up Your Great Work!
~Sunny :)

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