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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

June 22, 2005

Michael - Oxford, Connecticut, USA - What Else Can I Do?

Hi Sunny,
I really latched onto this one.
I wrote it on a 3x5 card and repeat it many times during the day.
I repeat it at night , like counting sheep.
I've been doing this since the 7th. Today is the10th.
What else can I do with it?

Hi Michael,
What You are doing is GREAT!
This affirmation is on my "I'm Independently Wealthy" CD

Sorry I haven't written up a good description of it yet.
It does have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, though.

Also I have a PDF of 105 "I'm Independently Wealthy" Affirmations
for $3.99,
but no product code for it yet in my system
so, the only way to get it would be to write to me asking for it.

I will try to put up a product code for it immediately, if you are interested.

I sent out my wealth survey yesterday,
and plan to use the info gathered,
to help me develop a comprehensive set of materials to support you.

I hope this helps.
Keep Up The Great Work!
~Sunny :)

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