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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 31, 2005

J - Fair Oaks, California, USA * Positive Thinking Group Conference Call For Affirmation CD & MP3 Owners

RE: Sunny's Invitation For A
Positive Thinking Group Conference Call
Open To Affirmation CD & MP3 Owners

Thanks Sunny,
Sounds great! What is the agenda?
What will everyone be talking about
or will you be inspiring us with your words?
J - Fair Oaks, California, USA

Hi J!
I'm leaving it open and want to be available.
Only 18 people opened the e-mail so far,
so... I don't think there will be
too many people on the call.

And that's fine.
That's why I only invited those
who have gotten the CD or the MP3 --
the people who are most serious.

My theory ... is that if I'm going to
give my time and energy away,
I want it to be to the people
who have been most supportive of me
and my products.

So, If it's only 1, 2 , 3 or 4 people ...
I'll be sure to find out how each person is doing.
AND ... even if more show up (unlikely I think)
... I would hope to hear from everyone a little bit.

Who knows? It might be just you and me ...
and in that case ... I'm All Yours! : )

I was Hoping YOU would/could make the call J.
I'd like to support you in any way possible.
and ... I think it will be a
special kind of person who makes the call.
I think it will be fun.

Thanks For Writing!
Hope to talk with you again Wednesday, J !!!

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F * The Affirmations Are Helping Me To Make Some Changes


Thanks very much for the daily affirmations.
I really appreciate getting them each morning
and feel that they are helping me
to make some changes.

Hi Frank.
Thanks for writing.
I'm glad you're making progress.
Keep up the good work!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 30, 2005

C - The "Patchwork Poet" - Sunbury, Victoria, Australia * Thank You For All 105 Affirmations!

RE: #105 of 105 - I'm A High Achiever - Focus & Persistence
Hi Sunny!

Thank you and Aloha
C - The "Patchwork Poet"

You're Welcome, C!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 29, 2005

V - Adelaide, South Australia * Missing Affirmations

Dear Sunny,
Hi there!
It is lovely to hear from you again.
I havn't received anymore affirmations since No: 9.

Today you have sent me No: 33.
I don't know what has happened.
I thought maybe something happened to you.
Since we last sent information on each other,
I havn't received anything else.

I look forward to receiving the last ones.
With much love
V - Adelaide, South Australia

Hi V!
Thanks for writing!
I think it's the *spam* filters.
Or something with your Internet Provider,
not allowing them through.

I've sent them to you, and everyone else
is getting them.
So ... Here's an idea.
Why not ... go to
and sign up again.

I've set it up so you can continue with #34
IF it gets through, AND you can start
receiving them again from #1.

I HAVE Re-vamped the first 12 so far
and I'm going to do more tomorrow.

I'm re-writing them to look better
AND to have a better chance of getting thru!

Thank You for Your Warmth!
Have a Wonderful Week!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 28, 2005

A * Reaffirming Messages

Hi Sunny

Thank you very much for sending such
re a firming messages!

I had the huge pleasure
of living in Maui for 9 months!
I look forward to your next messages!

Have a beautiful day!

Pleasant regards, A**

Thank You, A!
I'm glad You're Enjoying them.
You, too!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 26, 2005

J - Fair Oaks, California, USA * I Just Finished Listening to the Affirmations

Aloha Sunny,

It was a pleasant surprise to speak with you.
Thank you for the call.

I am honored that I could contribute
to your important work.

I just finished listening to the affirmations
and a thought came to me that, in the morning,
I especially listen for the words that will motivate me
to be organized, productive,
i.e., 1, 15, 16, 18, 20, 33, 43, etc.

In the afternoon I try to listen to all of them intently.

In the evening, #'s 76 and on
are especially meaningful to end the day.

Also, in using your affirmations,
I wish I could add my own to your MP3 files.
But I don’t have the software yet.
Customized and personalized affirmations
could be another product line for you.

Of course a customer would have to fill out
some sort of questionnaire,
but I would be one of your first customers.

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings.
J - Fair Oaks, California, USA

Hey There, J!
I love hearing from you.
Thanks for thinking of me.

I'm intrigued by the customization idea
and wouldn't know where
value and price might meet on something like that.
I know it's a good idea!

Thanks also for your specific mention
of affirmations #1, 15, 16, 18, 20, 33, 43
and #76 on.

I'd love to talk to you again.
Am thinking of maybe having some kind of study group calls.
Any thoughts on this?

I've had computer problems today,
so, I'm short on time.

Wishing You All the Best, J!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 25, 2005

M - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada * The Subconscious Mind Is Simpy The Spirit Of Humankind

Hi Sunny,
My name is M. I just ordered your CD
and the Think and Grow Rich CD Package.

I am a Realtor and have been achieving great results
from first reading the Magic of Believing
By Claude Bristol...

I'm also a Christian and have found
that all of this boils down to belief..
The Bible says that:

If you confess with your mouth
What you believe with your heart,
You will get what you say
Mark 11:23-24...

I really believe this is all spiritual law...
The heart is your spirit...
I believe that we are spirits
that have a soul and live in a body...

This stuff that we are talking about
is actually spiritual and operates
according to spiritual laws and not physical laws..

Spiritual laws are of a higher order
and can override physical law...

I have been studying this intensely for some time
and have come to the conclusion
that the subconscious mind is
simply the spirit of man and of course operates
according to its own set of laws...

You know that the bible says that faith
is the substance of things hoped for
the evidence of things not seen...
Its a spiritual force...
the Bible also says that the world was created
by a substance which can not be seen...
spiritual substance or force proceeding from the spirit
can today in our lives
effect out outer world of experience
and change circumstances...

I believe that words spoken with the mouth
are containers of spiritual substance(faith)
and create according to belief
in the heart or spirit of man..

Anyways I look forward to hearing your CD
and creating some new beliefs in my heart
that will translate into a changed world
for me by the power of faith..

God Bless
M - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Hi M!
Thank You for writing to introduce yourself.
And thank you for ordering my CD.

It's a SUPER way to elevate your thinking
and Your MOOD.

In fact, the audio Affirmation CD is MY Preferred Way
of Inspiring Myself.
I've been doing it for 24 years.

The *free* daily e-mail affirmations with pep talks
were created as an afterthought.
I think the Audio Repetition is FAR More Effective
and More Powerful.

It's what works best for me.
And I hope you like it, too!

After a few days or weeks of listening,
it's almost like the affirmations go into the background
and YOUR Mind starts "taking off"
with LOTS of Great Ideas Of Your Own, as you listen.

That's the exciting part, I think.

Anyway, It's great that you also got the Napoleon Hill Set.
The principles in there are all true, and they're the basis
for virtually everything that's happened in the development
of positive thinking in the past century.

Of course,
as YOU so pointed out so well,
these concepts go back to the beginning of time
and of spirit itself.

We are but a conception in some vast universal mind.
You are very eloquent
and you obviously HAVE studied and thought about all of this.

Implementation of these ideas is the biggest challenge
for most of us.
I'm happy to hear that your real estate activities are going well.
AND ... I'll be excited to hear how they even improve from here.

Thanks Again for Writing, M.
I'm hoping your CD will get to you by early next week at the very latest.
Let me know if there are any delays beyond that.

And please keep me informed of your progress.
Much Love and Joy To YOU!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 24, 2005

T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA * Practice Positive Thinking With The Greater Good For A Goal

As much snow and cold weather as we have
out here in Wisconsin right at this moment,
just a letter from a guy named Sunny
who lives in Maui is enough to make my day!

Thanks for the present.
When I Googled your Homepage,
I was searching for positive affirmations
and motivational quotes on the web.

In fact, the web resourcers on this subject
seem nearly infinite, but your wonderful response
has convinced me to spend my money with you.

I have a good referral for a truck driving job
that seems to be worth investigating.
I hope the partly frustrated tone
clearly visible in my previous letter
is completely deleted from any more
of my communications.

I am at the height of my powers,
and only need to apply them effectively
to get whatever I desire.

I think that is the real danger
of positive thinking.
We really can have anything our minds
can conceive and believe in.

Philosophically, that was the most difficult concept
for me to master, and I am certainly not
a master of the universe.

My fundamental materialism balked for decades
against such an idealist position.
Now, I realize that positive Humanism,
starting from itself, takes the highest point
reached by either materialism or idealism alone,
and transforms the world in a new transcendence.

That means that we must be careful about our dreams,
because for good or for evil, they can be realized.

My visualization is world peace, and not only
in the sense of a 30 second blurb
for a Miss America competition.

This is a serious proposal that must involve
every man, woman and child in the world.
Can you imagine what kind of a world
we could create if everyone would learn
and practice positive thinking,
with the greater good for a goal.

Each of us has a relationship to the Universal,
and it is a mystery to all.
Anyone who claims more than this is simply
a magician, with a gimmick motivated by greed,
however disguised.

It is my responsibility not to waste
too much time in grief, depression,
or any incapacitating emotional state.

There is too much real work
that demands attention from each of us,
and we can find it if we seek after truth.

Like Diogenes, who sought an honest man,
we can only seek it, never find.
Those who have found it are dead.

Last year at this time,
I aimed my considerable powers at
a six figure income and a
weekly comma paycheck.

The real reason I failed was because
my goal simply wasn't high enough for me.
I met many people in this endeavor
for whom this is enough.
Now, it is difficult for me to imagine
how people can take such powerful ideas
and apply them so miserably.

As Ray Milland, the Man with the X-Ray Eyes,
could see, there are worlds beyond worlds
beyond worlds.
We each arose from the infinite,
and to this we shall all return.

If that is anything to cry about,
it is only because we are not using
our freely given gifts, or
are walking around on mental crutches.
There are many pillows for intellectual sloth;
but, ultimately, nothing comes to a sleeper
but a dream.
T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Hi T!
You're Welcome.
And THANK YOU for writing back
and for sharing your gifts with me!
-- Your Thoughts & Your PDF --

You are quite the well spoken philosopher,
and you obviously have a lot to offer the world.

What I know is that you can make a real difference.
You are a leader.
You are strong.
We are all challenged by BELIEF ...
in the Napoleon Hill sense of
believing what we conceive.

Let's keep practicing ...
and get better and better at it!

Thank You for writing so intelligently
and thoughtfully to me.
~Sincerely, and with gratitude ...

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 23, 2005

N - West Hartford, Connecticut, USA * Looking Forward To Affirmations CD

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for your very sunny email.
I am looking forward to your CD
and just what application it will have to my life.

I know I must be in for some
very exciting changes.
I am also working with Louis Hay on her
CD entitled "You Can Do It".

It has been very wonderful in what I have
received and seen through it.
I have been working with a number of
"programs" for self expansion.

My ability to enjoy life is increasing
as I realize more the reality that
our thoughts govern our experience.

My way seems more clear in finding our purpose.
I beleive that purposes is to
enjoy life and be happy.
And, I believe it is possible.

Everything is created in the thought first,
then transposed into reality.

It is in our thoughts that
everything becomes twisted.
Order is created out of chaos
so it only makes sense that the situations
on this planet between men exist.

Once the reality of thought is realized,
then can mankind morph into
the next level of existence.

It seems as though you have received
valuable information to share with others.

I am looking forward to listening to it.
I will wait to see how it fits into my day.
Have a wonderful, happy day.
N - West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Hi N,
Thank You for writing.
I love your perspective on life.
And it's exciting for you to realize
that everything begins with thought.

I love Louise Hay, too!
And what a wonderful life purpose
-- to enjoy life and be happy.

That means we get to enjoy the journey
while we're challenging ourselves to figure everything out.
(bringing order out of chaos)

I hope you get a lot out of my CD.
I know you will, because of how diligent you are
about working on yourself with several programs all at once.

That's what works for me, too.
As you listen to my voice, and the affirmations on the CD,
you'll begin to hear your own thought process
and it will be exciting to hear what you come up with
when you blend your thoughts with mine.

Please let me know how you are doing as you go along.
I'd love to hear from you again.
I hope you have a great week and month ahead of you!
Wishing You MUCH Continued Joy and Happiness!!!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 22, 2005

Sonya Avery - Albany, New York, USA * The Affirmations Have Been Great For Me

I am a high acheiver.
This is an affirmation that must become apart of you.
A Man is what he believeth....
Click The "Play" Button & Listen to Sonya Avery - Albany, New York, USA

Thank You, So Much ...
for Calling My Testimonial Line, Sonya!

I'm Very Happy That You Are Working Diligently
On Your Affirmations This New Year!

And ... You're Very Welcome!
Keep Up The Good Work!

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T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA * Thank You For The Affirmations

I live in Camp Lake, WI.
I am currently separated, between jobs,
and unable to continue my online masters program
for a 6 months mandatory waiting period.

I am interested in IT,
especially in security and marketing.
At 55, need to start over again.

Thank you for the affirmations.
Perhaps they will help me make the first $30
I will need to buy some material from you.

Will be glad to share the secret of my success
as soon as I crack it.

T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Hi T,
You're Welcome for the Affirmations!
Thanks for writing to let me know you appreciate them!

It's nice to learn a little about you!
You are in a challenging time of your life,
and I know you've been in transitions before.

Remember those times
and remember how well you came through!

The wonderful thing about life
is that we DO often get an opportunity to BEGIN AGAIN!

Here's a gift for you, attached to this e-mail.
It's a PDF of my entire list.
I've never given it to anyone,
even though I've heard a lot of "sob stories."

Somehow, you seem very different to me ...
I know you are going to pull through this time.
You're highly motivated, I can tell.

I usually sell this PDF online for $2.99.
It's no big deal to give it to you,
but I DO think it's a Great Tool to use
in conjunction with the daily affirmations.

Use Both.
Write down your goals.
Think Big!
You're Young, My Friend.

... And I wish You All The Best!
~Much Love and Joy To You Today and Always.

ps... I'm posting this letter on my website
I'm disguising your identity, by only using the 1st initial
of your first name.
Please feel free to make a comment, if you want to.
If you do, I will review it and post it soon afterwards.
Comment on any of the articles or letters you like.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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R -Gainesville, Georgia, USA * There's not a better motivational site on the web

I just wanted to email you
to thank you for the positive affirmations
that you sent me last year.

There's not a better motivational site on the web.
I miss the daily affirmations.
Everything is A-OK in Georgia.

Go Falcons!
R -Gainesville, Georgia, USA

Hi R!
Thank You So Much.

I'm putting your letter on my home page,
although for now I'm only using your first initial = "R"
for your name - to protect your identity.

Please let me know if I may kindly
have your permission to use your full name.
Thank You!

I still have your e-mail address
and will send you occasional updates on things.

But in the meantime,
here are a couple of possibilities for you.
On my home page, where I'm putting this letter right now ...
if you look on the right hand side
you'll see a box called notifications.

If you sign up there,
you'll get 2 or 3 e-mails a week from me
with a brief excerpt of an article or letter I've posted.
Then you can come to the site to read more, if you like.

feel free to sign up for the
whole series of 105 free affirmations again!

This time you can go through them
with a different/new vision
or goal for yourself.
(maybe health/fitness -
maybe financial - maybe something else)

I'll try to keep in touch, R.
I'm sorry if it seems like I've disappeared. : (

I really appreciate hearing from you.
By the way,
Feel free to post a comment
on any of the articles/letters you see
on my home page:

I hope 2005 is Another Terrific Year For YOU, R!

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L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Thank you for this affirmation (= #12 of 105)

Hi Sunny!
Thank you for this affirmation.
(= #12 of 105)
For years, I have felt
that wanting more money is a sign of greed.

With today's meditation,
I can focus on developing a better plan for my business.

Thanks again!
Peace, Harmony and Joy!
L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

You're Welcome, L!
It's nice for me to get this report from you.

Also, I must say, because you wrote to me about yourself
I can see you in your tavern,
I can see you playing piano and cello.

I can see you inspiring your employees, and others!
I also see you getting everything you want in life.
Much Love to You, L.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 21, 2005

H - Ontario, Canada * I'm a brand new hypnotherapist

Hi Sunny,
I'm a brand new hypnotherapist
and I'm in the process of setting up
my new business.

I'm in the advertising process
and I have office space in a wellness clinic.

Any support or information you can provide
for me would be greatly appreciated.

The big thing I need assistance with
is having sufficient appropriate scripts
until I have the confidence to write mine.

I'm doing it a little,
but I like to have a general outline.
E-mail soon,
H - Ontario, Canada

Hi H,
Thanks for writing.

I'm unclear as to what you're asking for?
Are you looking for a copywriter to hire?
Are you looking for a copywriting coach to hire?
A business coach?

I'm not a hypnotist.
I am a coach, and I do telephone coaching for a fee.
Please be more clear. Thank YOU!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 20, 2005

J - Lahaina, Hawaii, USA * Thank you for your affirmations

Thank you for your affirmations.

I would appreciate your allowing me to
access these on my own
rather than receiving them
through an email on a daily basis
Thank you. J - Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

Hi J,

I see that you live here in Lahaina,
where my wife and I live, too!

You can easily do that - get all of the affirmations
at once - by going here
and ordering the Entire
List of 105 Affirmations

It's an easy download.
It's printable - black and white or color.

It's only $1.99 in Word Doc Format.
Or only $2.99 in PDF

An Audio Version Is Also Available:
The MP3 (downloadable is $11.95)

The CD is $23.96 and since you live right here we could arrange for you to
get it without any shipping,
but you'd have to e-mail me your request in that case,
rather than ordering online.

You'd still get the online discount,
instead of the regular $29.95

I hope this info helps.
Maybe we'll meet sometime.

Have a Super Maui Day, J!

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