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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 05, 2005

I - Madison, Wisconsin, USA * These Affirmations Help Me Live My Highest Vision

Just wanted to let you know how helpful
these affirmations are for me,
they help me live my highest vision,
which we have such a tendency in this life
to give up on.

I - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Fantastic, I!
I'm so happy you are keeping your highest vision alive!
You can do it.
I Know You Can.
In fact, you ARE doing it ... you're on your way ...
Keep up the good work/play!

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L- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA * (Re: Affirmation #26) - Powerful!

(Re: Affirmation #26)

Hi Sunny!

Wow...this is powerful!
Thank you, Sunny!
Have a wonderful day!
Peace, Harmony and Joy,

L- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Thank You, L!
You Too!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 04, 2005

V - Belfast, Northern Ireland * What You Focus On - Grows!

Thanx for the reminder Sunny ...
(about listening to my new CD from you)

Yes you are right.
I listened to it once
and it is sitting on top of the stereo.

I do believe all that you say
though and presently I am recovering from a type of flu.

So although emotionally I am a wee bit raw
my mind is positive about success
and being that high achiever.

What you focus on grows.

I'd imagine living in a sunny part of the world
is great for mental health.
Northern Ireland views and weather
where I am here in Belfast
takes a lot more hard work and positive self-love

- hard slog but worth the effort I know.

"We were born with wings,
and we are meant to spread them.
Anything less will hurt us,
will deny love to ourselves and others,
and will mean that we end our lives
not having flown the flight of spiritual glory.
Let us fly."
~~~Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change

love V xxxxxxx - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hi V!

You're Welcome!
Yes, it's true that weather can really effect our outlook.
I moved here from Oregon,
which is green, but cloudy much of the time.

Maui is a vast improvement.
The change for me ... began in my mind ...
and then, suddenly ... we sold everything and retired (early)
- I was 47.
Kind of a surprise that it happened so soon.

You're right that we do get what we think about and believe.
I think tuning in to our higher purpose
for being here on earth
helps, too.

Anyway ... take good care of yourself.
Be patient with yourself.
It's ok to be exactly as you are ...
in fact, it's perfect.

Start from here.
Begin again.
Keep Your Big Vision Alive.

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M - Sugar Land, Texas, USA * I'd Like The Independently Wealthy Affirmations CD

Hi Sunny,

I think i'd like the independently wealthy CD.
That can help with a lot of things.

I've joined Weight Watchers and
am achieving consistent weight loss.

Thanks so much.
M - Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Good for You, M!

It takes patience and persistence,
just like everything else.

I'll let you know when the
Independently Wealthy CD is available.

Keep up the good work/play!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 03, 2005

M - Sugar Land, Texas, USA * Re: Affirmation #96 of 105

Re: Sunny Affirmation #96 of 105


M - Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Hi M,


Way to go, M !!!! : )

You wrote to me awhile back about weight loss
and my cd.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you!
I am so far behind on all my e-mail.

I only have one cd
It's the I'm a high achiever cd

I DID use it myself to focus on weight loss.
I lost 73 pounds - going from 257 to 184 in 17 months
by listening to it while I walked, ran and worked out at the gym.

I used it to become a high achieving "exerciser"

So, you could try that.

My 2nd cd is recorded
and in post-production right now

It's called: "I'm Independently Wealthy"

I'm considering my 3rd CD
and am undecided on the topic as of yet.

The thing about weight loss is that everyone's on a different diet
and/or exercise program
and it's challenging to include good specific statements
without including something that won't quite fit somebody/everybody.

I also have a new idea of possibly helping you
create your own affirmations
and recording them for you on a toll free phone number
and turning it into an mp3 that that I can put on a special web page
just for you ... where you can listen to it any time you want
for a year.

Would you have any interest in that?
Let me know ...
Or let me know how else I might be of service to you.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 02, 2005

D - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia * Your Affirmations Were Awesome!!!!!!

(After Getting Affirmation #105)

Dear Sunny,
Just a quick note to say thanx a heap
4 u affirmations.
They were awesome!!!!!!

They have helped me very much.
Oour time has come to a close
and i am a bit sad.

My finances have got better
my life has got better and my well being
is much better.

God bless u and u familly.
D :) - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

You're Welcome, D!
Thank You for writing.
I'm so happy for all of your progress.

After the 105 affirmations,
I've just kind of let people go
and so I've been thinking about what I could do
to keep in contact.

Maybe send a weekly pep talk e-mail
to GRADS like you?
I don't know.
Maybe a conference call on occasion?
Not sure.

Do you have any ideas for me on this?
If not, that's ok.
But, if you can think of a way
for me to be of further service,
please let me know your thoughts.

One idea, is: you could consider
signing up again and starting over with #1
--- maybe focusing on a different goal this time.
I've revamped them ... to have a new "look"
anyway ...
let me know.
Thanks again!

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L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA * #23 Is A Wonderful Affirmation

Hi Sunny!
Thank you for this wonderful affirmation.
#23 of 105 -- (as well as all the others)

I will really work this one today...
as I have resigned from my church position...yikes!

Have a wonderful day and I will talk to you soon!
Peace, Harmony and Joy!
L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Congratulations, L!
You're Very Welcome.
I'm so happy you're letting things be EASY for Yourself.
You CAN do it!
Keep up the good work (play!)

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

February 01, 2005

26 People Have Signed Up For My Sunny Thoughts Affirmations Today!

This is a New Record.
26 People Have Signed Up For
My Sunny Thoughts Affirmations Today!

I'm getting so many wonderful letters
from SO MANY People that I cannot nearly keep up with
replying to them.

Let me say


Plus I have a call -- a conference call scheduled
for people who've invested in my High Achiever CD
and Mp3 for Tomorrow.

That's pretty exciting, too!
To be able to hear how people are using the audio
and to see if I -- or other people on the call
can share successes and suggestions
on how to even get more out of using the audio.

Personally, I find it to be the most empowering
way to effect change and increase my own motivation.

Anyway ... good things are ahead.
Have a Wonderful Week!
~Sunny :)

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 31, 2005

J - Fair Oaks, California, USA * Positive Thinking Group Conference Call For Affirmation CD & MP3 Owners

RE: Sunny's Invitation For A
Positive Thinking Group Conference Call
Open To Affirmation CD & MP3 Owners

Thanks Sunny,
Sounds great! What is the agenda?
What will everyone be talking about
or will you be inspiring us with your words?
J - Fair Oaks, California, USA

Hi J!
I'm leaving it open and want to be available.
Only 18 people opened the e-mail so far,
so... I don't think there will be
too many people on the call.

And that's fine.
That's why I only invited those
who have gotten the CD or the MP3 --
the people who are most serious.

My theory ... is that if I'm going to
give my time and energy away,
I want it to be to the people
who have been most supportive of me
and my products.

So, If it's only 1, 2 , 3 or 4 people ...
I'll be sure to find out how each person is doing.
AND ... even if more show up (unlikely I think)
... I would hope to hear from everyone a little bit.

Who knows? It might be just you and me ...
and in that case ... I'm All Yours! : )

I was Hoping YOU would/could make the call J.
I'd like to support you in any way possible.
and ... I think it will be a
special kind of person who makes the call.
I think it will be fun.

Thanks For Writing!
Hope to talk with you again Wednesday, J !!!

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F * The Affirmations Are Helping Me To Make Some Changes


Thanks very much for the daily affirmations.
I really appreciate getting them each morning
and feel that they are helping me
to make some changes.

Hi Frank.
Thanks for writing.
I'm glad you're making progress.
Keep up the good work!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 30, 2005

C - The "Patchwork Poet" - Sunbury, Victoria, Australia * Thank You For All 105 Affirmations!

RE: #105 of 105 - I'm A High Achiever - Focus & Persistence
Hi Sunny!

Thank you and Aloha
C - The "Patchwork Poet"

You're Welcome, C!

Posted by Sunny at 03:29 PM | Comments (0)