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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 22, 2005

Sonya Avery - Albany, New York, USA * The Affirmations Have Been Great For Me

I am a high acheiver.
This is an affirmation that must become apart of you.
A Man is what he believeth....
Click The "Play" Button & Listen to Sonya Avery - Albany, New York, USA

Thank You, So Much ...
for Calling My Testimonial Line, Sonya!

I'm Very Happy That You Are Working Diligently
On Your Affirmations This New Year!

And ... You're Very Welcome!
Keep Up The Good Work!

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T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA * Thank You For The Affirmations

I live in Camp Lake, WI.
I am currently separated, between jobs,
and unable to continue my online masters program
for a 6 months mandatory waiting period.

I am interested in IT,
especially in security and marketing.
At 55, need to start over again.

Thank you for the affirmations.
Perhaps they will help me make the first $30
I will need to buy some material from you.

Will be glad to share the secret of my success
as soon as I crack it.

T - Camp Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Hi T,
You're Welcome for the Affirmations!
Thanks for writing to let me know you appreciate them!

It's nice to learn a little about you!
You are in a challenging time of your life,
and I know you've been in transitions before.

Remember those times
and remember how well you came through!

The wonderful thing about life
is that we DO often get an opportunity to BEGIN AGAIN!

Here's a gift for you, attached to this e-mail.
It's a PDF of my entire list.
I've never given it to anyone,
even though I've heard a lot of "sob stories."

Somehow, you seem very different to me ...
I know you are going to pull through this time.
You're highly motivated, I can tell.

I usually sell this PDF online for $2.99.
It's no big deal to give it to you,
but I DO think it's a Great Tool to use
in conjunction with the daily affirmations.

Use Both.
Write down your goals.
Think Big!
You're Young, My Friend.

... And I wish You All The Best!
~Much Love and Joy To You Today and Always.

ps... I'm posting this letter on my website
I'm disguising your identity, by only using the 1st initial
of your first name.
Please feel free to make a comment, if you want to.
If you do, I will review it and post it soon afterwards.
Comment on any of the articles or letters you like.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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R -Gainesville, Georgia, USA * There's not a better motivational site on the web

I just wanted to email you
to thank you for the positive affirmations
that you sent me last year.

There's not a better motivational site on the web.
I miss the daily affirmations.
Everything is A-OK in Georgia.

Go Falcons!
R -Gainesville, Georgia, USA

Hi R!
Thank You So Much.

I'm putting your letter on my home page,
although for now I'm only using your first initial = "R"
for your name - to protect your identity.

Please let me know if I may kindly
have your permission to use your full name.
Thank You!

I still have your e-mail address
and will send you occasional updates on things.

But in the meantime,
here are a couple of possibilities for you.
On my home page, where I'm putting this letter right now ...
if you look on the right hand side
you'll see a box called notifications.

If you sign up there,
you'll get 2 or 3 e-mails a week from me
with a brief excerpt of an article or letter I've posted.
Then you can come to the site to read more, if you like.

feel free to sign up for the
whole series of 105 free affirmations again!

This time you can go through them
with a different/new vision
or goal for yourself.
(maybe health/fitness -
maybe financial - maybe something else)

I'll try to keep in touch, R.
I'm sorry if it seems like I've disappeared. : (

I really appreciate hearing from you.
By the way,
Feel free to post a comment
on any of the articles/letters you see
on my home page:

I hope 2005 is Another Terrific Year For YOU, R!

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L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Thank you for this affirmation (= #12 of 105)

Hi Sunny!
Thank you for this affirmation.
(= #12 of 105)
For years, I have felt
that wanting more money is a sign of greed.

With today's meditation,
I can focus on developing a better plan for my business.

Thanks again!
Peace, Harmony and Joy!
L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

You're Welcome, L!
It's nice for me to get this report from you.

Also, I must say, because you wrote to me about yourself
I can see you in your tavern,
I can see you playing piano and cello.

I can see you inspiring your employees, and others!
I also see you getting everything you want in life.
Much Love to You, L.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 21, 2005

H - Ontario, Canada * I'm a brand new hypnotherapist

Hi Sunny,
I'm a brand new hypnotherapist
and I'm in the process of setting up
my new business.

I'm in the advertising process
and I have office space in a wellness clinic.

Any support or information you can provide
for me would be greatly appreciated.

The big thing I need assistance with
is having sufficient appropriate scripts
until I have the confidence to write mine.

I'm doing it a little,
but I like to have a general outline.
E-mail soon,
H - Ontario, Canada

Hi H,
Thanks for writing.

I'm unclear as to what you're asking for?
Are you looking for a copywriter to hire?
Are you looking for a copywriting coach to hire?
A business coach?

I'm not a hypnotist.
I am a coach, and I do telephone coaching for a fee.
Please be more clear. Thank YOU!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 20, 2005

J - Lahaina, Hawaii, USA * Thank you for your affirmations

Thank you for your affirmations.

I would appreciate your allowing me to
access these on my own
rather than receiving them
through an email on a daily basis
Thank you. J - Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

Hi J,

I see that you live here in Lahaina,
where my wife and I live, too!

You can easily do that - get all of the affirmations
at once - by going here
and ordering the Entire
List of 105 Affirmations

It's an easy download.
It's printable - black and white or color.

It's only $1.99 in Word Doc Format.
Or only $2.99 in PDF

An Audio Version Is Also Available:
The MP3 (downloadable is $11.95)

The CD is $23.96 and since you live right here we could arrange for you to
get it without any shipping,
but you'd have to e-mail me your request in that case,
rather than ordering online.

You'd still get the online discount,
instead of the regular $29.95

I hope this info helps.
Maybe we'll meet sometime.

Have a Super Maui Day, J!

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J - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA * I get "caught up" in one affirmation for many days

As I've mentioned before, I get "caught up"
in one affirmation for many days,
because I so badly want to live these lessons NOW.

Should I just keep going from day to day?
Will there be a review?
Or will I just be able to go through them again?
What do you suggest?

Thank you again for your wonderful insight!
I'm enjoying the process!

J - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA

Hi J,

What a GREAT Question!
It shows that YOU are really applying yourself
to these affirmations and to your own growth,
which is FANTASTIC and RARE!

You are separating yourself from the crowd, J. :)

There is not a review in the free series
of affirmations.

I DO Have a printable WORD DOC List of Affirmations -
all 105 of them,
that you can download for only $1.99
by clicking HERE:
Get the List of 105 Affirmations or Sunny Thoughts - Printable List

Also, you can get my voice affirming them
back to back over the sound of ocean waves
from outside my condo here on Maui.

It takes 7 min and 15 sec to hear all 105.
That track is then repeated 9 times.
It's a SUPER way to elevate your thinking
and Your MOOD.

In fact, the audio Affirmation CD is MY Preferred Way
of Inspiring Myself.
I've been doing it for 24 years.

It's a big factor in what got me to retire
here on Maui at age 47,
but it did take a long time from beginning to end.

Nothing is instantaneous.

These e-mails were created as an afterthought.
I think the Audio Repetition is FAR More Effective
and Powerful.
It's what works best for me.

Maybe I could tell people that and be more clear about it.
I probably fear they'd think I was just trying to sell them

I am.
But that's NOT Really the purpose, point or reason
for the CD.
The purpose is EFFECTIVENESS.
Audio is SO Powerful.

"In the beginning was the word"
and the word goes into the mind
SO Effectively through the ears! :)

OK ... enough on that.

J, You can do whatever YOU like Best.
You can stay with ONE Affirmation.
You can keep moving through 1 per day.

You can repeat the entire free e-mail sequence
over and over again as many times as you like.

I hope this helps.
Keep up the good work.
Persistence is the key.

Belief ... Feeling ... Focus ...
You are doing all the right things.
Add Patience and Trust.

Enjoy the Journey.
Look for little tiny signs of progress.
Notice those.
Pat Yourself on the back.

Ask yourself at the end of the day,
"What did I do right?"

Keep Up My Friend! :)

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 19, 2005

Anonymous Writer From IBM Systems and Technology Group * Your Affirmations Are WONDERFUL!

Your affirmations are WONDERFUL!

Do you have any that would assist
in pushing past financial limits
or financial ceiling
or success limits/ceilings?

Thank you in advance.
~Anonymous Writer From IBM Systems and Technology Group


Yes, I do.
I'm working on a new CD called
Sunny Thoughts (TM): I'm Independently Wealthy

I'm not planning any free daily e-mails on this theme,
but, when the CD is finished ($23.96)
I will also make available a Word Doc
printable list of them for only $1.99

By the way,
The series of daily affirmations you are now receiving
can be applied to ANY topic.

You Can Focus on Your Specific Vision of Success
OR WEALTH and Apply The High Achiever Series
To Achieving That Vision.

These Affirmations are currently available on CD,
Mp3, and in printable lists.

If you stay subscribed to the free daily
, I will be announcing the new CD
and financial series,
as soon as it's available.

I hope this helps!
And thanks for your inquiry.

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