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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 15, 2005

L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA * I Do Use These Positive Thoughts

Hi Sunny!
Thank you for all of the positive affirmations.
I do use these positive thoughts
throughout my hectic day.

I am also relaying each thought to my employees,
and it is helping all of us
to remain focused on the tasks at hand.

Thanks again!
Peace, Harmony and Joy
L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wonderful, L!
Thanks for this.
Super Idea.
I really like you.
It was fun reading your intro to me.
I like Las Vegas.
Have a GREAT Weekend.

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L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA * Your Positive Thoughts From The Website

Hi Sunny!
Here is a little bit
of my personal information.
I am a third generation native
of Las Vegas, Nevada.

My family has been here a long time
and I love my hometown!
Gambling is not the only game in town,
although, it does provide
a great deal to the economy!

I am a professional musician.
I am an accomplished pianist and cellist,
currently have 26 students,
play cello with the --- --- ---,
do lots of accompanying around town,
and play piano for a --- Church.
I also own and operate a neighborhood tavern.
(for 18 years)

I left my music for several years
while I was married.
(Some choices we make are not the best.)
During that time,
I became someone that I did not know.
Once I left the marriage for good,
I returned to my music
and began the long journey back
to finding the real L.

I am a tremdous fan of Louise Hay,
and that is how I found your website.
I am working on improving my outlook
on life and to be a better human being.

As an owner of a tavern,
I am surrounded by negativity.

Your positive thoughts from the website
have helped me to get through
the tough spots during my day. (and nights!)

Thank you for letting me share a little
about myself.
There is nothing better
than feeling and acting positive!

Peace, Harmony and Joy!
L - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

You're Welcome!
You certainly sound like a High Achiever already,
and I fully support you
in staying positive as much as possible.

Everybody is challenged by this,
including me.
I suppose you already know that ...
Sometimes I think it's important to realize
that we are not alone
in our quest for self-improvement.

I worked for years in a bar scene environment -
having been not only a Radio DJ -
but also DJing in many nightclubs,
large and small.

By being positive in an environment like that,
you can do at least as much good
as anywhere else, right?!
It's GREAT to "meet" You, L!

Keep up the Good Work!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 13, 2005

D - Austin, Texas, USA * Try to Make the Best of Life

Hello Sunny
I live in Austin, Texas
and have off and on since 1947.
I graduated from school here in Austin.
I married a service man
( US Air Force) in 1953
and moved from Austin to several different
cities and countries.

I had 2 children. A son and a daughter.
I divorced this man in 1968
and remarried my soul mate in 1968.
He too was in the Air Force
and we were married for 36 years
after traveling to many different countries
and cities here in the US.

We moved back to Austin
when he retired in 1973.
My children graduated from school
here in Austin.
I have 2 granddaughters -
one out of school the other is a sophomore.

My husband passed away
on February 18, 2004.
I have not gotten over this yet.
Plus the last of June 2004
both of my children came over
and really slapped me in the face
about things I have done or do
that they don't like about me.

They loved their stepdad
and I thought they loved me as well
but it turns out that they think
I am not a good person.

I don't understand why
as I have always done all I knew
to do for them.
This has hurt me so bad
and even though I am seeing a counselor
I have not gotten over this.
It has made me feel
very unworthy of even living.

As far as what I am up to in my life
- I am trying to go on without
my husband and children
and not spend the day in tears.
This is pretty hard to do.

My interests - Hoping to get my kids
straightened out and fix any problems
that I can that make them feel
the way they do about me.

Other than this I have to little dogs
that I love to play with and spend time with.

Work - I have not worked since
my last marriage -
I had gone through nurses training
just before I married
but so many of the countries
we were in only hired locals
and after awhile I felt that so much
had changed and so many new med's
that I would have to go back to school
before I could get another job in nursing.
So I have been a homemaker for 36 years.

I like being at home.
It gave me more time with my husband
and kids when they were still in school.
Now I am lonely and try to make the best
of life in making new friends
at a swimming exercise class
I have joined and the dogs here at home.

I hope to achieve the ability
of being by myself and not being depressed.
I hope to achieve the ability
of getting my children back in my life again.

I might say that one of the reasons
that my son was so hard on me was
the fact he lost his 43 year old wife
about a month before my husband died.

She had a fast moving cancer
and was only sick for about 10 days.
He thought at my age of 68
at the time I should have been
the one to die instead of her.
Now I kinda agree with him.

I hope to achieve to keep my chin up
and be a sweet ole grey headed
lady and mother.

I have enjoyed the few affirmations
you have sent.
Thank you for your help so far.
D - Austin, Texas, USA

Hi D!
Thank You for writing.
You sound VERY NICE to me,
and I support you in all you are up to!

Your son is wrong.
He's still in pain and his lashing out at you
is NOT really about You ...
sadly, it's about him and his suffering.

Life is cruel and unfair sometimes.
I know.
I lost my mother and 2 of my sisters to the same disease.

So, please continue to be KIND to Yourself.
It's great that you are getting exercise and socializing
with the others in your swimming class.
I'm also glad you have your dogs to love.

I don't know that you can "fix" your kids.
It seems that we often want to solve other people's problems.
Most of the time THAT is NOT what they want.
Listening and giving them "time and space"
to solve their own problems is usually better,
although it may be a challenge for you.

I'm sorry that you've been depressed,
AND I think it's good you're seeing a counselor.

Anyway, I'm happy you wrote,
and I hope you can give yourself lots of self-love
as you move through my 105 daily affirmations.

Have a Wonderful Day/Evening, D!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 12, 2005

Identity Protected - USA * Sometimes I Feel Like Commiting Suicide

Hi Sunny,
It's been nice taking your affirmations
in my life.
They have been very helpful to me.

But still some times negative thinking
comes in my mind
& I try not to have negative thinking,
but my mind does not change.
Please help me out.

Sometimes I feel like commiting suicide.
But that I don't want to do.

My in-laws also trouble me a lot.
My husband also does not listen to me.
That's why I feel more depressed.

Please tell me what to do.
Help me out please Sunny.
I share with u each & every thing.
Please help me out.

Apart from these affirmations,
if there's any suggestion u can give me .
love always- (Identity Protected) - USA

Hi (...) !

I am not trained to help people
when thoughts of suicide are involved.

I know nothing about it.
It's beyond the scope of my training.

This is a situation that is best handled
by a professional therapist.

I wish I could help,
but I cannot.

I recommend you try to get counseling
from a professional therapist,
or from a counselor trained in psychology.

I'm sending you my thoughts and prayers
for an improvement in your situation.

Sunny :)

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 11, 2005

R - Walterboro, South Carolina, USA * My Biggest Goals

Hey Sunny,
My name is R, and I live in Walterboro SC.
I work at US Waste environmental.
I'm a consultant there.

I love to go hunting,
to ride motor cycles,
and to work on trucks.
I am 20 years old.

Some of my goals for 2005
are to buy to a truck,
and save 50,000 up this year.
Those are my to biggest goals.

I love everything about my job.
It's hard to explain what's so fun about it.
I guess because I love what I do.
~Sincerely R. - Walterboro, South Carolina, USA

Hey There R!
Thanks for writing.

You sound like you are doing REALLY WELL
at a very young age!

You're very fortunate to love your job!
I hope these affirmations help you reach your goals!

Even though it might be a challenge,
You might want to stretch yourself even more
and think about your 3 year goals ...
or maybe even your 5 or 10 year goals.

Having goals and working towards them
can be very powerful for you.

you can revise those longer term goals
ANY TIME You Want.

Goals are there FOR YOU...
You are not there for your goals :)

Thanks again for introducing yourself to me, R.
Have a Great Week!

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K - Boise, Idaho * I Want To Be A More Positive Wife And Mother

First of all thank you
for all the affirmations
I have received so far.

I can’t wait to turn on my computer
in the morning just to see
what the affirmation is today.

A little about myself,
I am a mother of 6,
2 boys and 4 girls.
They range in age from 17 to 9.

I am a stay at home mom,
the thing I like most about it
is being able to be here for our children.
I love to be here when they get home from school
just to talk about their day.

I also coach my 11 year old daughters soccer team,
and am a part time taxi driver (for the kids).

I like to workout and take some time for myself
while the kids are at school.

I think the thing I have been having
the most problems with this last year
is having a positive attitude.
I want to be a more positive wife and mother.

Sometimes having 4 teenagers is a challenge
and sometimes I feel like all of my time
is spent on everyone else
and I get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t get me wrong,
I really love what I do
and the opportunity that I have
to be able to stay home.

I just need a little reminder
that I am a person not just a mom or wife.

I live in Idaho
where it is very cold this time of year.
I love Hawaii and have been there once
and would like to return someday.

Thanks again for the affirmations!

Hi K!
Thank You for writing.

Being a stay at home wife and mother
is both a privilege and a challenge, isn't it?

The very fact that you're aware
and desirous of having a positive attitude
is "more than half the battle."

The series of free affirmations you're receiving
by e-mail are on the theme of "I'm A High Achiever"

You might want to think about:
"What does it mean FOR ME to be a high achiever
as a stay at home wife and mother?"

How could it include time and space for ME?
How can I develop my own positive attitude
while also instilling a positive attitude in my children?

What could I read to support this?
What is my ideal day like?
What does it include?
What does it exclude?

How can I be extra kind to myself TODAY?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself.
AND it's YOUR answers that really matter.

Rome wasn't built in a day.
Take small steps and enjoy the journey.

Much Love and Many Good Thoughts To You, K!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 10, 2005

Fred - New Zealand * Concentration, Focus & Repetition

Re: Your Affirmations

Out of all the qualifications.
I would say that concentration or focus
and then repetition are the most important.

Thanks For The Feedback, Fred!

I really appreciate you taking the time
to write and share your thoughts.
Wishing YOU All The Best for the New Year, too!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 09, 2005

A - Auburn, Alabama, USA * On An Outrageous Adventure


I currently live in Alabama
On a outrageous venture being a full time student

Interests: Photography, golf, sports, relaxing,
Work: Full Time Student
I like being able to learn new information
love being enlightened.
Would Like Support With; Self Confidence, Self Love

Being a full time student at 42 is
much more difficult than I expected,
as well as being in a somewhat foreign place
and so far from the familiar.

So I hope to achieve the ability
to continue with this goal
and realize that I can do it
and that I will succeed.
Hope to achieve, mental strength, happiness, success.
Thank You, A - Auburn, Alabama, USA

Hi A!
Thanks for writing and telling me a little about yourself!

We share some common interests,
and I went to college until I was 26.

I realize that's not 42 ... but I was older than many.

What a wonderful place to be in life!
Good for You!
I think the 105 free affirmations are going to help you.
Just take them one at a time, day by day
as you go through your daily adventures in this
new school environment.

I'll be thinking of you!

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