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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 08, 2005

R - Rockford, Illinois, USA * I've Been Stuck - Please Help Me Come Up With Some Affirmations

Hi Sunny
Your affirmations have been a great help to me
and I am writing to ask
if you could please do me a big favor.

If you could please come up with 20 affirmations
specifically geared toward helping me
to embrace success as a musician
with absolute strength and courage.

I have been trying to come up with some
and have been really stuck.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You
And Have A Great Day
Yours, R - Rockford, Illinois, USA

Hi R,
How Wonderful of You to write
and ask this question!

I'd be happy to talk with you
by phone to discuss what you want
and how we can make it happen.

I recognize that you purchased my High Achiever CD
last August.
That makes YOU very special in my mind.

I have done this type of thing for many people,
and I have a proven method for powerful success
in affirmations coaching, including
customizing affirmations
to any individual and their goals.

I'm certain I can help you.
Please write back to me and let me know
what your weekly time schedule/availability is like.
Then we can set up a NO CHARGE call
to get to know each other better,
and explore the possibilities.

Illinois is in the Central Time Zone, right?
That means 9am Central Time is 5am Hawaii Time.
Please give me your favored availability times
in terms of Central Time
and I'll do the conversion.

I've had coaching clients in 9
different time zones simultaneously.
So, I've had lots of practice
doing the time conversions!

Have A Great Sunday!
Looking forward to hearing from you, R.

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J - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA * All Good and Motivating

Thank you for all of your insight up to now,
I am finding it all good and motivating.

I am a few lessons behind
because I went away for a week at Christmas.
Thank you for You!

(after affirmation #19 of 105 affirmations)

You're Welcome, J.
Take your time with them.
Feel free to focus on the ones
that have the most meaning for YOU.

Since the lessons (pep talks) are easy to read,
another possibility is to pair up some of
the affirmations you're behind on,
and "breathe in" (inhale) one affirmation,
and "breathe out" (exhale) thinking or saying the words
of the second affirmation.

In any case,
You're doing GREAT!

Keep at it.

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S - Toronto, Ontario, Canada * Your Affirmations Have Helped Me Tremendously

Dear Sunny,

Thank You very much for your affirmations!
I have enjoyed them very much
and they have helped me tremendously
on my journey.

S - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(after completing all 105 free daily affirmations)

Wonderful, S!
Thank You for letting me know.
I hope we can stay in touch somehow.

One possibility is for you to visit
once in awhile ...
some people even set it as their sign on page.

I update it almost daily.
You can also look on the right side of the page
and sign up for NOTIFICATIONS.

If you do that,
you'll get an e-mail excerpt of an entry
(no more than one per day though)
so you can see if you wish to read the whole story.

For instance, I'm going to post your comment
to my website right now.

You can see it there in a minute or two.

Some people sign up again and go through the whole
series of 105 affirmations
with a new focus or intention.

You can also do that at

Wishing You ALL THE BEST, S!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 07, 2005

Mary Wehr - Lansford, Pennsylvania, USA * Appreciation For Sunny's Pep Talks


Thank You for the pep talks.
I appreciate them very much.
Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Mary Wehr

You're Welcome, Mary!

I'm Glad They're Helping You!
Thank You for Your Testimonial.

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Pam Palmer * The Affirmations Are Very Helpful

The Affirmations Are Very Helpful.

~Pam Palmer

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C - Silverdale, Washington, USA * Is It Possible To Do 1-on-1 Via E-Mail?

Is it possible to do one-on-one via email?
If so, how would that work
and what would fee be?

Just thinking....some of these are a snap
I will go to your site
and see if I can get a little more information.
:) C

Hi C,
Thanks for writing.
I'd be happy to speak with you by phone
to explore any possibilities for working together.

Do you have a phone number and time/day
you might prefer me to call you?
Let me know.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 06, 2005

Sharon Richman - Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada * Coping Very Well And Calmly Because Of Your Affirmations


Just to let you know
that I have managed to get through
a very difficult time of my life this month,
because I keep saying Your Affirmations
over and over when stressed.

Everyone else thinks I'm coping
very well and calmly,
and I just smile
because I know it is because of Your Affirmations.

Thank You
Sharon Richman - Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Hi Sharon!

Very Nice of You to send me your testimonial
about How Well You've Applied & Used
My Printable List of High Achiever Affirmations!

Good For You!

I'm sorry you've had a difficult time of life
to get through.
But I'm SO HAPPY to hear that You've DONE It
So Well! :)

Wishing You ALL THE BEST for the Year Ahead!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 05, 2005

V - Adelaide, South Australia * Waking Up Feeling Fantastic

Hello Sunny,

My name is V.
I live in Adelaide, South Australia.
I am married to a wonderful man
and I have, 2 beautiful girls, aged 9 and 7.

I have just come back from Christmas vacations,
we had a fabulous time.
Holidays are great
because it is very special time for me
to be with my family.

I also find it a time to reflect
to what is important to me.

I am currently working from home
doing beauty work with clients
e.g. gel nails, waxing etc.

I am also a professional
breathworker - rebirther - counsellor.
I thouroughly enjoy my rebirthing work.
I have just completed a 3 and half year study
doing Wholistic Psychology
with the College of Acutalizing Human Potential.

I have been working with people
for a few years now however,
I would like to extend my work
and run some meditation and breathing workshops.

I have never done this before,
I feel I am ready to do them.

What I like about my work is to help others.
I have recently started doing alot more work
around prayers, affirmations etc.

I came across your web-site and some others,
I am so excited about receiving your 105 daily affirmations.

I wake up every morning
to see what you have sent me.

I was using the first four when I was on holidays.
I used them during the day
and would also repeat them before I went to bed.
I have noticed waking up feeling fantastic.
I am sure the affirmations have alot to do with it.

My interests I enjoy are:
reading, yoga, time alone, esoteric psychology,
philosophy and cooking.

I also love animals. I have a cat
and rabbit that I absoutely adore.

I am also involved with delivering meals
to the elderly in the neighbour hood.
I have always enjoyed talking with elderly people.
I find them very interesting.

One of your questions you have asked me
is what I would like support with.
I guess running these workshops
is making me a little nervous.

I want to formulate them
without making them too complicated.
I think receiving your affirmations
has been a wonderful help.

I especially liked it, when you wrote about
affirmations being short and specific.
It has extended me.

I have used them before, but I feel this time
I am actually putting alot more feeling into them.
As a result of repeating the affirmations,
I feel I am not thinking about negative stuff.

I feel good about myself,
I am so appreciative and give thanks to everything.
I feel more in the present moment.

Thank you for your affirmations.
I wait for your response.
With much love

Hi V!
My wife's name is V, too, (different spelling)
and she spent 6 weeks in Australia, during
the year before we met = 1985-86.

You sound like a wonderful person, V.
I love reading about people who are happy and fulfilled
in their lives, like you are.

And it's great that you're looking ahead to new
growth opportunities, too! (your workshops, etc.)

Thank You for letting me know the affirmations
are already working for you.
It sounds like you REALLY ARE putting a lot into it.
AND THAT IS what will continue to bring you results.
So, Yaaaayyyyy!!!
Good For YOU! :)

What a Super Background You Have!
(breathworker - rebirther - counsellor)

So, V, if you want support with formulating
and running your workshops ...
Why not make THAT the focus of these 105 affirmations

That's the beauty
of this particular series of affirmations.

It can be tailored, customized or applied
to achieving anything you wish.

They are only generic,
until YOU APPLY THEM to something
YOU wish to achieve.

Envision yourself 3 years from now.
Where do you want to be with your workshops?
How many? What kind?
For what kind of compensation?

Write down a few possibilities for yourself.
What could I do?
What might I do?
You don't have to commit to it right now.
Get started envisioning it.

You can change the vision any time you wish,
as it starts to evolve.

Now that you have your vision ...
even if only a beginning vision,
NOW YOU CAN Reference it in your mind
as you go through the 105 affirmations.

and Your New HABITS of taking ACTION
can NOW be applied to Your Evolving Vision.

How about that?
If not, then simply take this same principle
and apply it to any part of your life.

My primary vision the first 6 months I worked
with these daily, by listening to my CD
was ALL FOCUSED on High Achievement
in the area of Weight Loss and Fitness.

I lost 73 pounds in 18 months and have kept it off.
Most of this weight was lost in the final 6 months
when I was listening to I'm A High Achiever,
(not to a Weight Loss CD).

I will probably do a specific weight loss CD,
or perhaps several, in the months and years ahead,
BUT these 105 affirmations are generic enough
that anyone can use them for anything.

The problem with a specific weight loss CD
or set of weight loss affirmations could be
that what works for one person,
may not work for another.
Everybody has different diets, preferences, etc.

Anyway, a specific workshop leadership CD
would be the same way, wouldn't it?

I know you didn't ask about that,
I'm simply rambling on here,
because I think you are an astoundingly
talented and well rounded person
and I want to give you my best support
with the FREE Tools You ARE Already Getting
Right Now = the 105 daily affirmations

So, I hope that helps a little.
Keep up the GREAT WORK!
Have a Happy New Year!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 04, 2005

Sheryl Harper - Cape Town South Africa * Calmer, More Content, More Focused


I have absolutely loved
receiving your daily affirmations!

I feel calmer, more content
and a whole lot more focused on who I am.
Thanks so very much!

I will definitely continue to use your affirmations
as a part of my daily life.

Sheryl Harper - Cape Town, South Africa

Thank You
for Your Wonderful Testimonial, Sheryl!

I'll try to keep you informed of
future developments, too!

I'm posting your testimonial on my website

You might wish to sign up for NOTIFICATIONS
by e-mail, no more than 1 per day.
Look for the sign up box on the right side
of this page.

Let's stay in touch!

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K - Phoneix, Arizona * Wonderful Affirmations

Happy New Year.
Thank you for all the wonderful affirmations.
I really enjoy them.

You're Welcome, K!
I'm so happy to hear you're making good use of them.
Keep with it.
They get even better.
Many people have accomplished great things
in just a few months.

In fact, staying on purpose,
staying positive most the time,
even if NOT all the time,
is quite an accomplishment, isn't it?

Happy New Year to You As Well!

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N - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada * Do More, Think Less

The Following Questions are from Sunny
... The Answers are from N.

Where do You live ?
I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada

What are You up to in life ?
Unlocking, unblocking,
and looking for the true purpose in MY LIFE

What are some of Your interests ?
I am a care giver,
looking for a new way to establish that
in a way that makes it a win-win for me
and everyone around me

What kind of work do You do ?
I have a network marketing business,
A great Product called BarleyLife
(a green powder beverage)
and other amazing products.

What do You like about it?
The product..........It's Green....
Having been involved with this company since 1986

What subjects or activities
might You Like Support With?
Motivating myself....
Staying positive
and learning to be reponsible for me first.

or perhaps ...
What Might You Hope to ACHIEVE
by being on my 105 affirmation list?
Do more -think less


Hi N,
Thank You for writing!
You sound like a very nice person.
It also seems to me that you are well on your way!

Staying positive is a challenge for all of us.
And I think YOU are UP for the challenge!

I think I've heard of your network marketing product.
Not sure.
The fact that YOU have been with it for so long
is a real testament to your belief in the product
and also to the kind of person you are.

I tried and failed at several mlm products/companies
and became very embittered about it.
Then, I finally just let it go,
Realizing it wasn't the kind of marketing for me.

What is most important, I think, is for us to know
(To listen for and attune to) what is really best for us.
We are all unique.

So, I love the part, where you write that you are also
Learning to be responsible for "me first" ...

That can be especially hard for a care giver
... or for a "giver" of any kind, for that matter ...
such as "parent", especially "mother", but even,
"friend" or "partner," too.

I hope you enjoy the Free High-Achiever Affirmations.

Getting one per day is a slow process,
But I really get it that you are already a very persistent person.

So, be patient.
And stick with it.
In the later affirmations.

You can get them all now,
for only $1.99 in a word doc,

If you wish.

I think I'm going to start recommending
A 3-prong approach:

1) The daily free affirmations with pep-talks
2) One of the written printable lists of all 105 affirmations
and 3) One of the 3 available AUDIO Versions of the 105 Affirmations.

Personally, I have always found the audio version
not only to be the most versatile,
to be used at any time, or anywhere,
even in the background (or especially in the background)
While I do other things.

Anyway, enough for now.
Again, thank you for introducing yourself, N.
Wishing you all the best!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 03, 2005

J - Fair Oaks, California, USA * Audio Affirmations, Prosperity CD?

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for the emails.
I find them very refreshing
and a great way to start the day.

My name is J and I live in Fair Oaks, CA.
The reason I am interested in your site
is because I am trying to achieve all I can
in preparation for my being laid off in Feb.

I have been in the solar electric industry
for 7 years now, with a public utility
so the pay and benefits have been good.

I am quite nervous and concerned
about where my income is going to come from
to take care of my family.

I have decided to take the risk
and work for myself
and your affirmations are helpful.

I do not want to put my family
through any uneccesary burdens.

Do you also have audio affirmations
that deal with prosperity?


Hi J,
Thank You for writing!
Yes, that can be an intimidating step to take.

I've started new businesses a few times
and I also am a Certified Professional Business Coach
working specifically with entrepreneurs & executives,
but particularly also - solopreneurs.

I generally find that it takes about 3 years to really get
a new business up and running,
if you're starting out from scratch
with a completely new business
(as opposed to purchasing an existing one).

I know that's bitter pill to swallow,
and I wish it weren't so ...
and of course exceptions abound,
but I just thought I'd share that with you,
not to be discouraging.

In fact, I encourage anyone and everyone
who has the inclination
to start up their own biz.

Anyway, yes, I'm working right now on a new CD
called "Sunny Thoughts (tm): I'm Financially Independent"

I'm really excited about it,
because the affirmations all come from a very real place
for me,
because I have been financially independent
for about 5 1/2 years now.

Even so, it might surprise you to know that I still
have times when my inner critical voice
undermines that truth (i.e. my wife & I being financially independent).

So, this CD was written - the affirmations were written -
to counter this tendency of negative thinking that still
sometimes creeps into my mind ...
but it was written a few weeks ago
during a time of POWERFUL KNOWING (for me)
that I truly am financially independent.

Therefore, I'm excited, because anyone listening to it
will be able to immediately put themselves in my shoes
and (to the extent they allow themselves) be able to
deeply feel this truth for themselves
as a type of preview
or reconditioning of their (or YOUR) mind
to create their/your new reality.

Like Napoleon Hill says:

"What the mind can conceive and believe,
it can achieve!"

So, I'll let you know when it's finished
and available.

In the meantime, getting the audio CD,
(or even Mp3 or Streaming versions)
of Sunny Thoughts (TM): "I'm A High Achiever"
could really help to move you forward as well.

Maybe you'll want to wait,
if you do want that CD, too ...
and have them both sent at the same time to save shipping charges.
Thanks again for your question,
and Happy New Year!

PS: PS - Jeff, I'm leading a 5 week teleseminar/action group
called GET CLIENTS NOW! (TM) starting next monday the 10th.
I'm a certified trainer for Get Clients Now University.
Let me know if you have any interest.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

January 02, 2005

Rain, Tsunamis and Time To Sing: Happy New Year!


It's only January 2nd,
and here we are ...
ALREADY Having our 2nd Rainy Day
of the year, here on Maui!

Having lived in Eugene, Oregon,
for most of my life ...
I've grown pretty accustomed to the rain
through the years ... BUT NOW --
living on Maui,
I find that even 1 day of clouds
makes me feel pretty depressed.

So, "SUNNY" is under the weather today.

Actually, I think it's the catastrophe
in South Asia, due to the tsunamis
that has really gotten to me this past week.

We know that people are suffering somewhere
all the time ... but to see it
so graphically - and with such focus
as the media is now giving it -
I've found it challenging to be very active
or encouraging, I'm sad to say.

But, time marches on ...
It's a New Year,
and as Rose Kennedy was quoted by Ethel Kennedy,
after the assasination of Robert Kennedy,

After A Storm, The Birds Sing Again ...
So Why Can't We?

That's really a rough paraphrase,
but the point is ...
I'm ready for this rain to end,
and in fact,
I'm ready and eager to start singing again
right now.

Wishing YOU All The Best
For This New Year!

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