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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 18, 2004

S - Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada * Extremely Beneficial

Thank you for the excellent programs you are offering!

They are extremely beneficial to me
as I gain strength and purpose
towards the goal of Sales Director
with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Each day is a welcome daily boost to me personally
and the thoughts just keep popping into my head
throughout the day.
S - Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

Super, S!
I saw your order and your nice comment!

Thank You.
and You're Welcome.

You are Right On Track, I can tell!
Keep Up the GREAT Work.

Sending You Much Love and Support!

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C - New York, NY, USA * Regain Discipline

Hi Sunny!
I like your emails.
I live in NYC and i am going to be 30 next year.
i feel stuck -- in terms of work.
i have a job that i dislike - real estate.
i made a film and desire to make another.
i feel so alive so often, so inspired but find that work can whack me
out of feeling good.
i want to regain some of the discipline that i feel that i once
possessed. this way i can do creative things again.


Hi C!
Thanks for writing.
It's GREAT that you can see that the real estate work is draining
and that the film-making is your inspirational work.

I'm glad you're beginning to use my positive affirmations
to help you get back your discipline.

The truth is that it never went anywhere ...
It's there - dormant - as you know,
and YES,
simply by focusing and desiring,
I'm sure you can resurrect it.

I encourage you to believe in yourself and in your dreams.
Napoleon Hill said:
"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe
It can achieve."

Pretty much what Jesus said, too, about faith and moving mountains.
It's a challenge.
The daily affirmations will help you in this regard.
Do your best with them,
and let's see where it takes you!

Wishing You All the Best!
Today and Always!

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C - Philo, Ohio, USA * Great Affirmations Every Day!

Hi Sunny,
Thanks for all the Great Affirmations
you send me everyday!
I really appreciate them.
Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

You're Very Welcome, C!
So nice of you to write!

I plan to send out a holiday greeting to everyone on the list
in a few days ...
but until then,
I, too, wish YOU ALL THE BEST for this Holiday Season
and Throughout the New Year!

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J - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA * On A Spiritual Journey

Greetings Sunny,
My name is J
I found your site while looking
at materials for Louise L. Hay,
and am glad to see you are on a path
that interests me
and will invest in the future of many.

I just turned 50,
and I mention that so that you can understand
where I might be,
or could be,
or should be on my "journey".

And as a matter of fact I just celebrated
my Birthday in Hawaii with my daughter.
I lived there as a child,on Oahu, and when I went
I visited one of my childhood homes
which had wonderful memories,
and had not changed much
which made it very eerie.

But none the less it was one
of the last "things"
I could "go back and visit"
which makes it apparent
I have no choice but to go forward now.

So I am on a search for more tools
to do just that.

I have been seeking enlightenment,
spiritualness and wholeness
for some time now.

All is interesting and good,
I even changed "careers",
to try a more holistic approach to life.

Time will tell how that will all play out,
but, for now, I am growing most days,
some days I take a few steps back
and Life is good!

My Life is long and drawn out
but probably before all of the drama
I was a similar person
that I so much want to get back in touch with.

Thak you for all you contribute,

Hi J!
You're Very Welcome!
I hope you get lots of value
out of this series of affirmations.

This series is not particularly spiritual in nature,
HOWEVER ... it is adaptable to ANY GOAL or Desire
You May Have for Yourself ... including Spirituality

... and including getting back to yourself.
I can see that you are already
very far along your path
and that you have learned much along the way.

You have gained much experience,
many tools,
several allies,
and a multitude of keen insights.

Always remember that you have them
available to you, OK?

Anyway, Thank You, J
for writing so expressively about yourself
and where you are.

Have You Ever Heard of The Hero's Journey?
It was a series on PBS in the 80's
done by author, Joseph Campbell.

It's a fascinating study about how all cultures
across the ages
have told stories, and myths
epitomized by The Hero's Journey.

Your tale, reminds me of it.
You are the Heroine of Your Life.
You are on a Noble Quest.

I sincerely hope I may be of help
in some small way.
Wishing You An Abundance Of Love and Joy
Along the Way!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 17, 2004

Terry Logan - Walnut Grove, California, USA * The Word Doc Affirmations List

I have purchased the 105 affirmations
(Printable Word Doc List)
Because by Day 12 my life has started
to change for the better.
~ Terry Logan

Great, Terry!
Thank You for going to my Testimonial Page
and giving me your testimonial!

I Hope You Get A Chance to Read Through
The whole list of 105
at least once a day.

If not, then maybe just a page or two?
Reading them aloud can be Very Powerful.

Write to me it you like,
to let me know how it's going.
Happy Holidays!

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 16, 2004

John Vickers - Farnborough, Hants, UK * The Greatest Affirmation

Hi Sunny,
The greatest affirmation I know
is knowing someone cares enough
to share his affirmations to help others.

You're Very Welcome, John!

How Kind of You!
It's very gratifying to hear (read)
That You KNOW I Care.

Your expression of gratitude
Says A LOT about YOU, John.
Thank You!

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S - Albany, New York, USA * Affirmation #12 - Financial Freedom

I receive it..............
It is one of my personal desires.

I want financial freedom
and to help the hungry and poor.

Hi S!

It's wonderful that you can
embrace this idea (affirmation #12).
Many people cannot.
(because of guilt or other bad feelings)

Plus, having a specific desire
that's bigger than yourself
is KEY - that is Central - and empowering.

Start (or continue) Visualizing What You Want.
Be thinking of what value
you can give in exchange.

You might as well get LOTS of money.
You have some good ideas
of what to do with it!

Keep Up The Good Work.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 15, 2004

Spino - Pretoria, South Africa * Just The Right Affirmation

I cannot believe that I am in the 100th affirmation,
a lot has really happened.

Thank you for giving me a reason to live.
I have longingly looked forward to each day
and just the right affirmation would pop up.

Hi Spino,
Congratulations to YOU!
You've Done So Well!

You are Most Welcome.
I'm So Glad You've Enjoyed them.

I will try to keep You informed of new developments.
In the meantime keep up the good thinking!

Also, Spino ... feel free to sign up again.
You can start over from #1 again.
Simply sign up HERE

I've made some revisions of the pep talks.
The affirmations are the same.
This will make it easy to be in touch so you can learn
of the new affirmations I'm creating.

I'll be sending YOU Good Thoughts
and Lots of Love, Spino!

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S - Australia * Spiritual Crossroads

Greetings Sunny,
My name is S.
and I live in Australia.

I am at a spiritual crossroads
and your Sunny Thoughts have definitely given me
an extra little happiness in my day ...

Keep up the good work
The world needs people like you ...
Have a wonderful new year!

Hi S!
Thanks for writing and for expressing you kind,
supportive thoughts.

How exciting to be at a crossroads.
Nice metaphor.
What could lie ahead for you?
I'm not asking you to reply.
I'm simply wondering out loud.

How will you know the right path?
Maybe they're both right!
Certainly, whatever you choose - will be right for YOU!

Think Big.
Want A LOT for Yourself.
You deserve whatever You Desire.

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K - Norwood, Ontario, Canada * Lack of Confidence

Hi Sunny,
My name is K.B. and I live in Norwood, Ontario.
My interest are gardening and playing music on a keyboard.

I would like to play accompaniment
with our praise and worship team at our church.
I studied and played organ for about 3 years
in my mid twenties, then stopped for about 25 years.

I have started learning and playing the keyboard
about 3 years ago, and I'm throughly enjoying it.
I have resolved, never to quit again.

I was requested by my manager to learn and pass
as a "Certified Cisco Network Associate" about 6 month ago.
I started learning and then just stopped.

I suspect due to lack of confidence.
Shakespeare said:

Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win
by fearing the attempt.

That sounds like what happened.
So I'm hoping that your affirmations help.

That being said,
I have tried affirmations in the past
and they work temporarily,
a person has to truly believe that they are true
or they become meaningless.

Hi K,
Thank You for writing.
I know you can make progress
and I know you WILL ... both with keyboard/music
and with your learning Cisco systems.

Yes, it's natural
and we all - as human beings -
have inner voices of self-doubt and self criticism.

Noticing those voices is the first step
of getting past them.

You've done that.

Now ... try to do it each day.
Each hour ... each minute.

Step 2
... is to appreciate that negative voice
for "sharing" with you.
It's only trying to help you ...
and to keep you safe!
The problem is that it's misguided and uninformed.

So, try to have compassion for it
and "thank it for sharing."

Then, step 3
is to dismiss it.
- flush it down the toilet
- give it lead feet and drop it in the ocean
- make it stand in a corner
- send it in a rocket ship to the moon

Then, finally,
you can go on and move forward.

By the way, K ...
Many people have written to me to say they have used
the daily e-mails to work on big projects like yours

and they have succeeded
writing screenplays, books, etc.

Personally, I find my affirmation CD to be even more helpful.
(This is not a "sales pitch"
It's simply what really works for me
and I think it might help YOU, too.)

If you have any interest,
you can check it out HERE
if not ... that's fine, too.

By the way, I love the Shakespeare Quotation!
In my earlier years,
I also loved the keyboard playing
AND acted in many a Shakespearian Play.
Love the Bard!

Good Luck To You with Everything, K.
Keep Up!
You CAN do whatever you set your mind to ... and that's a fact!

PS... as to really believing ... YES,
what you say is true ... and ...
I've found that I also like UNBELIEVABLE goals the best.

How can this be?

Well ... even if they are at first "unbelievable"

I find that the more I dwell upon them
and play with them as being believable,
that in fact they become like old friends
and in the end they DO become believable.

And then they become reality.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 14, 2004

K - New Zealand * Celebrating Being Alive

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for helping me to make a difference.

I have been having a tough time of late
with the death of my best friend,
and it made me think that I need to work
on not having negative thoughts but good ones,
celebrating me being alive and carrying on.

Thank you!

Hi K!
You're Welcome and ... Thank You for writing.

Thank You for telling me I'm helping you.
It means a lot to me.
That's what we're here on earth for, isn't it?

You've been through so much ...
I can't imagine what it's like for you.
My heart and mind go out to you with much LOVE.

You sound so GOOD!
How admirable for you to be seeking
to reverse your negative thoughts.

Of course there's room for sadness ... AND
AND ... how wonderful that you are celebrating YOU!
You're a Beautiful Spirit, K.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 13, 2004

S - Waipukurau, New Zealand * Emotions Out Of Control

Hi Sunny,
Thank you so much for your affirmations.
I was pleased to find that you offer this service to the world.

As for myself, i am a mother of 7 children,
recently parted from my partner,
and with my youngest child of 5 weeks and 3 days of age
being 3 months premature and still in hospital
for premature babies.

The stress levels have gone way beyond plummeting,
and at times i have been out-of-control
with my emotions and temperament.

It just seems so unfair,
but i am here to tell you that
your affirmations warm my day,and bring joy and postitivity
to a dark and gloomy picture.
I hope i havnt taken up too much of your time.

As we say here in New Zealand,
"Ka kite ano, (untill we meet again)
Arohanui ( With great love )

Hi S,
You're Welcome and ...
Thank YOU for writing.

You've been through so MUCH!
It's only natural that your emotions would be on a "roller-coaster".
Thank You for your kind words.
My Heart and Mind are with YOU, S!
How Wonderful Of You To Be Seeking To Stay Positive
in such trying times.

Much Love to YOU!

Posted by Sunny at 09:32 AM | Comments (1)

B - New Dehli, India * Fear Of Public Speaking

Sunny Hi,

Thank you for greeting me with such motivating affirmations everyday!
It gives me pleasure to answer your questions.

Sunny's Questions:

1.Where do You live ?
2.What are You up to in life ?
3.What are some of Your interests ?
4.What kind of work do You do ?
5.What do You like about it?

6.What subjects or activities
might You Like Support With?
or perhaps ...
What Might You Hope to ACHIEVE
by being on my 105 affirmation list?

B's Answers to Sunny's 6 questions:

1.New Delhi,India
2.I am an Engineer by profession with an IT organisation.
3.Computers,reading,self improvement
4.I am a field Engineer and has to attend clients
and the problems reported by them f
or their PCs,Laptops and Servers.
5.Being associated with the IT ,
where the technology is fast changing ,
I have the opportunity to familiarise them.

6.Keep myself motivated and to keep my inner-energy level up.
I am currently taking treatment for
some stage-fear sort of problems
from a practicing hypnotherapist.

At certain stage in my professional life,
I know, I will have to make public speeches.
And so I have to get rid of this public speaking fear.

Would appreciate if you can help me
with your valuable advices and tips towards this direction.

warm regards,

Hi B,
You're Welcome.
Thanks for writing.

What a great career!
Challenging and Satisfying, I imagine, helping others, and keeping up with the changes.

I, too, still have a fear of speaking.
One think I've been asking myself lately
about fears or aversions
What's so bad about __________?
then I list
Bad thing A
Bad thing B
Bad thing C

Then I ask "what can I do later to make it better?"
then I list
Thing I can do later A
Thing I can do later B
Thing I can do later C

Then I think about the opposite ...
What's so bad about (the opposite of above)?
and then follow the same process.

It's been interesting
that now I often choose
to DO what I was avoiding.

Let me know if you try this Benny,
and how it works out.

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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

December 12, 2004

Sunny Goes Public

Hi! How Are Ya?
I hope Your Great!
I've decided to reach out in a new way
- THIS WAY - Writing To You On My Website,
With the ability to reach more people
than I have in the past.

I get SO MANY letters from people
that I simply cannot answer them all.

However ...
If I publish many of the ones I DO REPLY to
~Then More People will be able to benefit from
the Information, Reflections and Helpful Hints
that I have been giving out individually in the past.

Sometimes when I write to people 1-on-1
I'm not even sure my reply gets read.
This way ... it will be read by anyone
who has the curiosity or interest ...

So ... This is my 1st entry.
Experimental in nature,
and I hope to get the hang of this soon.

One feature that I hope to add soon
is the ability for YOU to Reply
and post a comment on any of my articles.

Another is
The ability for YOU to receive e-mail notifications
of new entries, if you wish.

is the ability to get these entries via RSS
= Real Simple Syndication

is probably the future of information transfer
on the internet.

It's An Alternative
to ... or a variation on e-mail
without the SPAM!

You may already know about it,
but if not,
I'll hope to give you some info about it
and how to set up Your Own Reader
So You Can get news and info
customized to YOU - without any possibility
of spam. It's cool.

Well, I'm rambling ...
So, let's consider this enough for a 1st entry.
Thanks for reading this!
(More coming soon)

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