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January 15, 2009

10 Affirmations About The Benefit Of Change - Jan 15, 2009

1 - I Like Change
2 - The Only Way To Get From Here To There Is By Change
3 - Change Is A Good Thing
4 - Others Fear Change, But I Welcome It
5 - I Actively Look For Possibilities Of Change All Around Me
6 - I Like To "Raise The Bar" And Seek To Go To New Higher Levels
7 - I Like To "Rock The Boat"
8 - I Like To Push Myself With Hard Work
9 - I Like Difficulties & Challenges, Because I Know They Can Lead To Success That Others Will Never Find
10 - I Like Change Because I Know It Creates New Opportunities
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Additional Comment -- From Sunny :)

-Read These Affirmations Silently To Yourself
-If You Have Time, Write Them Out In Your Own Handwriting
-Make ANY Changes To Any Or To All Of These Affirmations,
As YOU See Fit.
-Read Them Out Loud And Infuse Them With Some Feeling Of Sincerity
-Make Them Yours.

Other Options Include Writing Down Only 1 Or 2 Of Them,
And Then Posting Them On Your Computer,
Or Carrying Them In Your Pocket,
Or Using Any Other Method To Help You Think, Say & Feel
The Affirmations That Are Special For YOU,
Throughout The Entire Day.

-Why Not Read Them Aloud Again Before You Go To Sleep?
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Posted by Sunny at January 15, 2009 12:27 AM


This is the change which i want to c.
Love should b the universal currency & not money.
But i cant do it alone.
I need help, Bcos today i c so many distractions
mounting up like robbery, bankruptcy, dowry, harassment, etc.

Posted by: Aditya Kedia at January 14, 2009 06:35 PM

I agree with Aditya,
There is no place for love in this hatred world.
Only money speaks.
There is no care for human life too ...
You can't see people following "live and let live."
They've become greedy and selfish in their lives.

Posted by: Shravan at January 14, 2009 09:46 PM

Hello Sunny!
These thoughts are really helpful and very interesting.
They boost your energy make you feel positive.
Thanks for sharing them.

Posted by: AK at January 14, 2009 10:25 PM

Can you send me affirmations for quitting smoking and drinking.
Sandesh Vasudev Naik

Posted by: Sandesh Naik at January 14, 2009 10:27 PM

Hello Sunny,
Thank You very much
for theses powerful affirmations,
because I think they will help me
going forward and climb mountains.

Thank You once again,
and Happy New Year in 2009!

My postal address is:
09 bp911 Abidjan 09
Cote d Ivoire, West Africa.
Yours Sincerely,

Posted by: Raymond at January 15, 2009 07:36 AM

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